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on 9 January 2017
Excellent bluray edition for a very original and fun movie. Great making of documentary too.
And this version is well worth it. Its better than the original for sure as the extra 20 minutes add a lot to the general result. Great stuff.
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At times this film is uncomfortable. At times it's laugh out loud funny. It also shows just how far CGI has come and what can be done on a very small budget. The cast also know that the premise of the film is ludicrous and play it in an appropriate style that will make this as cult classic in a similar way to Dark Star [1974] [DVD], which was another low budget film that took the mickey out of the scifi films of the time.

All it's really missing is Mel Brooks; as he has the ability to make really uncomfortable concepts funny: Springtime for Hitler (The Producers) being one.

At times the script is weak, at others thought provoking, intelligent and complex. I'm not sorry I bought this, and it will find a diehard corps of fans who recognise it for what it is: i.e. a low budget spoof that hits the mark at times and has genuinely funny and thought provoking moments that will eventually be recognised as a classic of it's genre.
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on 18 May 2017
Good value but a very strange film which probably has some truth to it - Nazi connection with ET and their technologies used to go to moon
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on 19 April 2017
Good fun spoof movie
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on 11 March 2017
so good
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on 28 May 2015
If you're looking for a movie that doesn't take itself too seriously to watch on a quiet night in this is well worth adding to your basket when you need to get to the £20 for free delivery.
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on 28 June 2012
After all that hype and those promising reviews and movie trailers I thought that nothing can go wrong with this one. Entertaining but intelligent trash with a touch of Tarantino. I was so wrong. "Iron Sky" does not deliver the expected. The jokes a shallow and in no way convincing. It entertains a little but the effect wears off fast. I will watch it a second time, later, to see if it was just my expectation that influences my review now, but sadly I think this is not the point...
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on 28 March 2015
As described
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on 26 February 2013
Okay, so Nazis in Space etc, its not exactly going to be cheese free, but my god! They could have made this as dark and as sinister as the Nazis were. I am fond collector of Nazis related films, its my favourate genre. Anything from "The Eagle Has Landed" to "Downfall" and "Outpost". The idea of setting it on the dark side of the moon and saying that the Nazis escaped in 1945 and set up a colony their is a great idea, but unfortunatley this film got so wound up in pointless comedy that it became silly. I thought the film was going fine until the German officer Adler and the American astrounaut returned to Earth. I mean to be fair, although it was silly I could understand that some of the more whacky German doctors in the way (i.e Josef Mengele) probably would have experimented on a black man to see if they could change his skin white.

The film has a sort of "Sky Captain and The World of Tomorrow" feel, and there is a scene which rips off the famous Hitler rant from "Downfall". I just think it all got too silly, the American female president is an awful character, and the way the whole story shifts to its conclusion was rather dissapointing. I think if they had stuck with the natural tone of the Nazis coming down and conquering it maybe would have been more than a bargain bin straight to DVD film, instead it's like a dark comedy where everything from the Nazis to the Americans and stereotypical black men are ripped on. I really tried to like this even when I started to cringe a little, but it got so ridiculous. With a setting like this they really failed to add anything great. A woeful 2 out of 5 from me, and the 2 stars are for the idea and the opening 10 minutes.
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I borrowed this from a work colleague before deciding to buy.

I'm not going to buy it yet but. . .I did enjoy it thoroughly as did my son (14) , the daughter (20) thought it was total rubbish, bloody twilight fan :)

Iron Sky is the story of the Nazi's realising they're defeated at the end of WW2. They've secretly built a rocket to escape earth and colonize/rebuild the empire on the dark side of the moon! Brilliant story. Cut to present day and a Sarah Palin-esque American president is losing in the ratings and is advised to send a black astronaut to the moon to boost her popularity. The sci-fi comedy that ensues from here on in is great in my opinion!

Iron Sky turned out to.be everything I was expecting. . .

Nazis in space Yes! B movies parody Yes! Tongue in cheek comedy including racism and anti Americanism Yes! Great spaceships and Nazi UFO's Yes! Terrible script with so bad its good acting Yes! Nazis speaking German with English subtitles in parts which just adds to the movie Yes! and to top it all off the 'Gotterdammerung' to be seen to be believed, wow! There's even a German scientist and a Downfall parody in there too!

Bluray-wise the picture quality is bang on for me. Crystal clear with vibrant colours, great detail on uniforms, German bikes with sidecars, shots of the moonbase and the UFO's and other craft! Nice and clear in darker scenes so all is good there. Audio isn't amazing but loads of bass so power your subwoofer up for the battle scenes folks!

Don't take it seriously, it is a comedy, loved the ending and will watch this again definitely!
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