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on 30 March 2013
I am not sure what moment of madness I had purchasing this movie, but boy what a major mistake. The movie does not even deserve to be classed as a 'B' movie, it is that bad it goes off the scale. Really I cannot write one thing that should even give you a consideration to purchase. So do not do it even if you have all the money in the world.
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on 4 June 2012
The first impressions of Iron Sky are all good. It's a wildly entertaining premise - ignore the science, just go with it, and the first laughs are all from the outrageous dialogue. Throughout, the special effects are very good, they really got their money's worth. The main characters are great as well, and it's just lots of fun with a Nazi theme. The sight of a Nazi waving an iPad and declaring with zis ve vill rule ze world, is a great bit of p*** taking at Apple's expense. The plot also starts taking some turns you might not expect, which keeps it interesting because at the hour mark you start to wonder where this is going. But, it gets yanked back on the course you were expecting, and if anything, here's where it runs out of steam. Up until now you wouldnt really know its been a small budget production. Everything has looked great, the effects are top notch, there's a nice variety of setting. But then they just don't have the money to make the final third come alive. Without giving the plot away, what happens is just too limited, leaving the final hope for the Nazis down to one ship and a couple of people. You just start to feel short changed that it's all over far too easily and there really wasn't much of a fight. In fairness, there clearly wasn't enough budget for another hour of action, which would have required a lot more plot, more effects and also, more characters to fill those things out. So it comes up short at the end, but really, this is a great B-movie. Approach it as a B-movie, expect some amusing but adult dialogue, expect lots of Nazis, get out the popcorn and just enjoy the parts that really are good.
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on 3 June 2012
Widely plugged as a serious sci-fi action movie previously it quickly becomes apparent that it is actually a comedy. However, it's a mediocre one at that. There's some nicely shot visuals and good sets but the story becomes increasingly preposterous. Set in 2018, a moon mission ostensibly to promote the incumbent presidents re-election campaign but actually to explore the dark side of the moon for valuable energy source Helium-3. However, they stumble on a mine just inside the dark side where fleeing Nazis settled in 1945. A lot of their technology is still very wartime in it's look - stormtroopers in space suits that are basically an SS uniform with a mask and oxygen tank, for example. Visually, then, it's quite clever as is the US president looking not unlike Sarah Palin. One of the astronauts is captured and a delegation is dispatched to Earth to pave the way for an invasion of Zeppelin shaped star cruisers but a wily election campaign manager diverts the envoys to her cause with the invasion announcements, thus making the president a war-time president - and a war-time president always gets re-elected. And then it just gets really daft with the US wanting to bag all the Helium-3 and the rest of the world wanting otherwise.

Other than the visuals and the Palin reference, though, there's not a lot to save it ultimately. Certainly not the plot, that's for sure. Digging into the credits we find that the producer is Samuli Torssonen, the Fin responsible for the completely unfunny (but visually delightful) Star Wreck. Iron Sky and Star Wreck also share a director-in-common so it's surprising that Iron Sky is funny at all from the track record, the laughs almost certainly being raised by the capabilities of the largely unknown cast and not from the skill of the writers and the director (Udo Kier aside, the only other "well-known" face - at least as far as I am concerned - is Goetz Otto, who played Stamper in Tomorrow Never Dies and the adjutant in Downfall).

One to rent rather than buy, I would say.
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on 17 September 2012
I love alternate histories about the Nazis so have been looking forward to this for ages. From the trailer I knew it was going to be a bit tongue in cheek but even taking that into consideration it fails on almost every level as a film and left me really disappointed.

What could have been an intriguing, exciting film has - as so often happens - been abandoned to the smutty puerility of the teenage boy market. If you think a Sarah Palin lookalike falling off a cross-trainer is funny or a battery running out of power, you might enjoy it but if you're looking for any substance, forget it. Even the plethora of references, everything from 'Star Wars' to 'Downfall', '2001' and Chaplin can't rescue this film.

The real shame is that there are some clever, satirical ideas in there but they're wasted. Even more bizarre is the ending which is solemn, even chilling... but feels as if it's wandered in from a different picture altogether. It only adds to the sense of confusion and confirms how poor the script is.

The only positives are the look of the thing - think Nazi Steampunk - and the special effects which are very impressive given the budget. For these and these alone it gets 1.5 stars. As usual I've rounded up.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERVINE VOICEon 27 August 2012
I'm up for a bit of guilty pleasure from time to time; I thought Hobo with a Shotgun [Blu-ray] was an absolute blast and Deathstalker 2 [DVD] [Region 2] is one of my all-time favourite movies. I therefore had reasonably high hopes for Iron Sky. But did it meet my expectations? Hmmm well just about, as I'm feeling generous on this Bank Holiday morning.

Firstly, the look and feel is great; imagine Starship Troopers meets Inglorious Basterds, with a hefty dose of Steampunk thrown in. The Nazi base looks terrific, as do those clunky great Zeppelin spacecraft. Blu-ray picture quality is excellent and surround sound is impeccable - especially in the battle sequences. There are some very funny (and occasionally clever) scenarios in here - I loved the reference to Chaplin's Great Dictator and the Nazis' bemusement when faced with mobile phone technology and the 'albinised' black guy bemused as to why the 'brothers' weren't receptive to his pleas was a great set piece. BUT (there's always a 'but' isn't there?), the film's never quite funny enough to work as a comedy. Furthermore, the political commentary could have been profound but was rather on the weak side. The Sarah Palin lookalike as Madame President and her irritatingly shrill PA were just annoying and the elements of satire felt clumsy and telegraphed.

So, whilst Iron Sky looks good and its playful lunacy should just about hold your interest for 1hr 45mins, its jack(boot?)-of-all-trades approach means it is ultimately a near-miss in terms of sci-fi, comedy and satire.
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VINE VOICEon 4 July 2012
Where do you begin?! There are times when the production betrays its `participatory cinema' origins and lurches crazily from one impressive set piece to another with only the merest wisp of cohesive plotting, but there's much to enjoy. It's a giddy, violent, Steampunk fever-dream of a film, with eye-sizzling visuals and imaginative direction. It also manages, mostly, to be funny in the right places, mocking everyone on all sides at any given moment and providing several knowing winks to other films.
Some nice performances help jolly the clunkier bits of dialogue along, with the four leading actors all playing their parts to the hilt: Julia Dietze's glamorous and plucky heroine, Christopher Kirby's perpetually put-upon black astronaut, Götz Otto's scenery-chewing wannabe Führer and Peta Sergeant playing a crazed spin doctor halfway between that chap in Downfall (the name escapes me; Adolf something-or-other) and Diana from the Eighties version of V.
Certainly there were a few points that didn't make any sense, even within the film's insane internal logic, but when you're dealing with a film about Nazi descendants leaving their secret Moon base in flying saucers to invade Earth in the year 2018, with a Wagnerian soundtrack by Laibach... you have to just hang your brain cells by the door and sit back for a couple of hours.
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on 28 July 2012
This is a film that revels in knowing that its idea is silly, its concept is almost 'grindhouse' bad-taste, and its performances are strictly tongue-in-cheek. As a result it adopts a deliberately over the top approach that says to the viewr 'you know this is ridiculous and so do we - let's just have fun'. It should really just be called "Moon Nazis Must Die!" to match the style.
Although moderately low-budget (for more on its novel 'crowd-funded' financing check the web) it looks 'economical' in places, but never bad. The effects can be unexpectedly good in many places, including the space work.
The story revolves around how a bad-taste effort to boost election popularity by a Sarah Palin-alike President by sending a black model along to the moon (check out the dodgy banners) goes awry when they stumble upon a hidden Nazi Moon-base.
Taken captive by the Nazis, model Washington (played with game willingness by Christopher Kirby) becomes a pawn as ambitious Nazi Adler sets off as an emissary to prepare Earth for the Nazi plans. Adler's played with humour by Gotz Otto - probably most familiar to British fans for his role as psycho-henchman 'Stamper' in Bond movie 'Tomorrow Never Dies'. Julia Dietze is fun as an adorably naive teacher who has been brought up to believe the Nazis are helpful liberators, and Stephanie Paul plays the President with a razor sharp cutting verve that must have had Palin's lawyers twitchily reaching for the cellphones.
The action is quite frequent, the time and culture-clash gags are too (and often boundary-stretching in a way some viewers may find offensive) and the humour biting and sarcastic.
The film can be viewed as two things - a fun and silly beers-and-mates flick with giant spaceships and crazed moon-Nazis, or a bitingly vicious satire about how the film-makers feel the United States is slipping into being a fascist state. How you choose to watch it is up to you. But watch it.
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on 11 November 2012
I wasn't drunk, honest.

Read the packaging for the description.

And giggle yourself into a stupor. The Sarah Palin-esque President. The second Generation NAZIs thinking they bring peace. The United Nations spoof. So many figures and caricatures lampooned.

Doctor Strangelove for a new generation, perhaps ? I know, not in that league for satire, "Gentlemen; you can't fight in here. This is the war room !" will not be beaten but this is truly, amazingly funny, albeit heavy handed. Sometimes I don't see the satire others do in movies; maybe this is just heavy handed enough to get through my Brummie skull, but it's a long time since I laughed this much.

I don't know what to say really, I've never seen anything funnier-except perhaps positive reviews for "Titanic".

I don't know how many times it will have to be watched to get all the gags; like "Airplane", there is so much on show, so many sly howlers.

Another example of how CGI can let a team with a brilliant concept and little money put a work of sheer genius out. While with ***t like Transformers, no idea and buckets of cash produces only poo.

A bad taste classic.

The extended version adds a few enjoyable bits, but the main reason to get it is to reward the sheer nerve that called it the "Dictator's Cut".
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 October 2012
Iron Sky started out as simply a movie trailer. However, so many people enjoyed the look of it, many different studios clubbed together and funded the whole film to be made. The result is a story about Nazis who escaped at the end of the second world war and have been living on the moon in preparation to return to Earth and finish the global takeover.

Yes, it's daft, but at least it knows it. I didn't find it particularly funny (in a laugh out loud kind of way), but at least it knew it wasn't anything other than light entertainment. Plus it does tackle so bigger issues such as race, Nazis and the general political climate of the Western governments of the world.

The special effects are pretty good too. Most has been filmed against a blue screen and then added later and the space battles near the end almost rival anything George Lucas could do.

Anything involving Nazis and rocket ships is never going to be taken seriously. It's either something you can suspend your disbelief long enough to enjoy or just think it's too silly to even bother with.
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on 12 July 2014
Fabulously produced, funny sci-fi film which plays it straight to great effect.
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