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Customer reviews

3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 May 2017
What can I say; thoroughly enjoyed this film. Maybe I shouldn't judging by the reviews on Amazon. But I thought this film was funny, well acted and had plenty of action and pace. I especially found the young girl (slaters partner) to be good. It also seemed different to most action films, and the and point of it? apart from it being fun, watch it properly thru to the end and you will get the end. Also sometimes it is good to have a voice over in this kind of film, makes it interesting. Suffice to say, in light of some of these reviews It may be best to rent first then decide whether to buy. I for one shall be watching again.
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on 15 April 2017
Christian Slater and Gary Oldman, it should have been better, I had it on while i was working , at no time during the duration of the feature, was I drawn in, until the last 15 minutes. Not even the appearance of the female assassin (poorly used in the plot) improved the general viewing.
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on 17 August 2016
Definitely strange. It wasn't a bad film, but then it wasn't good either. Some of it was quite clever and amusing, but even at the end when all was revealed, you weren't quite sure what the story was about.
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on 22 March 2017
Ok for a laugh with plenty of action.
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on 23 October 2014
yeah enjoyed it
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on 25 July 2014
This 2011 (or according to IMDb 2012) released movie stars Christian Slater as John Smith who takes part in an Elvis Presley competition (after his wallet is stolen by a call girl) in a casino at an Native American reservation run by The Chief, he then gets to play poker with the other Elvis impersonators which includes Gary Oldman who's known as Elvis.

The next day John Smith gets woken up on the table by the Casino owners henchmen who accuse him of stealing this sacred Native American mask, they stick him in the boot of his car and they drive him in the middle of the desert, later John Smith manages to rip through the back seat, the both henchmen are shot dead, he manages to make it at a small town then suddenly everyone he meets (including some of those Elvis impersonators) try to kill him for the mask due to the reward money offered, not to give anymore away this movie has so many twists and turns along the way.

As for the other characters they appear in the movie sporadically especially the Gary Oldman one, the names that are given seem like they are poking fun of the movies made by Tarantino, like The Blonde, The Rancher, The Indian to name but a few, in regards to the performances real life martial artist Helena Mattsson as The Blonde steals the movie, she comes across as Lara Croft with the skin tight clothes, cleavage with two guns strapped behind plus she reads poetry before she assassinates someone, Christian Slater is cool as usual, the supporting actors give weight and conviction, if you want to see a good Quentin Tarantino movie that he never made I highly recommemd this.
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on 27 August 2015
I can't recall if this was recommended or if I found it on a search for Helena Mattsson. Her appearance in the opening sequence was certainly enough to grab my attention.

After the titles I wasn't sure for a few minutes where it was going to go but as the captions for each new arrival got sillier I could see it was going to be fun. I haven't really watched much Tarantino but the violence here almost became like a circus as the (apparently) innocent hero finds things spiralling out of control. All the stuff about Politically Correct terminology was pretty much aimed at just one joke later in the film. Some people have said the acting wasn't particularly good but something as over-the-top as this is hardly Shakespeare. The characters aren't meant to be believable so if an actor did make you believe in them they wouldn't be doing their job right.

Not a film that will win awards but good for a few laughs on a quiet night. Definitely worth every penny of the nothing it cost me to watch on Amazon Prime but I'd possibly even consider buying it sometime in the future because I like to have physical media.
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on 10 November 2014
A watchable b class movie. The film is just weird enough, just violent enough, just silly enough (without being completely stupid) to keep my interest. The biggest clue I can give about the film is everything is connected. It is one of these movies that tries to be clever then it is. If not enthralling it is a movie you can watch with just enough interest not to change channels or wonder what else is on.

Christian Slater plays John Smith, a man visiting an Indian casino who becomes embroiled in a plot to steal an ancient Apache war mask. Like him the other thieves were dressed as Elvis impersonators. Lots of resist slurs/stereotypes, f-bombs and a whole bunch of wacky assassins. I really did not understand Helena Mattsson characters reason for quoting Po before killing someone but it was weird enough with the other ingredients to keep the films moving and interesting.
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on 14 April 2014
This is a wannabe grindhouse. It has all the style, but not the substance. John Smith (Christian Slater) is at an Indian casino and participates in an Elvis impersonator contest. One of the contestants steals a rare mask from the casino which culminates into a hunt for Elvis impersonators.

"The Blonde" (Helena Mattsson) recites Edgar Allen Poe poetry and rather badly as she too hunts for the mask. This grindhouse aspect of Poe reading was done rather well by Daryl Hannah in "Eldorado 3D." The fact is that they stole the idea and could not improve upon it.

Be warned that Christian Slater performed as well in this one as he did in "Hatfields and McCoys: Bad Blood" and "Soldiers of Fortune."

The film has some twists, but lacks any serious clues, so don't look for any. The dialogue and jokes become stale as we get a constant barrage of Native American vs. Indian or midget Elvis vs. little person Elvis humor. The Asian listing the stereotypes wasn't funny either. It is a film for those who will watch anything grindhouse, even those that don't measure up. Wayne Gretzy's daughter Paulina has a minor role as "the deputy."

Parental Guide: F-bomb, sex, nudity (Heather Roop).
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on 12 September 2014
Similar to Smokin Aces but with more humour enjoyable movie I wasn't expecting too much but was surprised plenty of twists and turns, recommended as a good watch
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