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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 4 April 2014
Released for the first time on the 'Blu-ray' format this 'Howard Hawks' offering see's
'Cole Thornton' (John Wayne) rides into 'El-Dorado' he's been offered a job by the
local land-baron 'Bart Jason'.....'Cole' is a Gunman of some repute.
In town he comes across the Sheriff, alcoholic 'J.P.Harrah' (Robert Mitchum) who he
used to ride with, 'J.P. tells 'Cole' a very different version of why his gun is required
by 'Jason'
'Cole' is convinced by his old pal to ride out to 'Jason's' ranch and withdraw his services.
Returning to 'El Dorado' 'Cole' has a run in with the 'Macdonald's' which results in him
shooting the youngest son, then being wounded himself at the hands of 'Joey Macdonald'
'Cole' decides to move on, ending up in a boarder town where he comes to the aid of
'Mississippi' (James Caan) and comes face to face with 'Nelse Mcleod' and his side-kicks,
'Cole' learns that they arei heading to 'El Dorado' as 'guns' for 'Jason' (The job 'Cole' had
turned down)
Well, 'Cole' decides his place is back in 'El Dorado' supporting his friend 'J.P' he is joined
by the Knife-Throwing 'Mississippi' (who can't use a gun....yet)
A range war is brewing back in 'El Dorado' ...'Bart Jason' plans to run the 'Macdonald's' off
their land, getting rid of the alcoholic Sheriff is also on his mind.
'Cole' will need 'J.P' sober for the challenge ahead.
Some great gun-play a little brawling and plenty of humour leading up to the climax.
Great performances from 'Robert Mitchum' and the usual 'cool' performance from the 'Duke'
Well worth viewing on the Blu-ray format....A decent HD upgrade.
Extra's -
* Commentary by 'Peter Bogdanovich'
* Commentary by film historian and critic 'Richard Schickel' and author 'Todd McCarthy'
* Ride, Boldly ride:-The journey to El Dorado.
* The artist and the American west.
* Behind the gates: 'A.C.Lyles' remembers 'John Wayne'
Currently available to order on Amazon direct from the U.S. (again, good news for those
interested buying this 'Classic -Western' the film is 'Multi-Region'
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 18 June 2017
Tucked between 1959's masterpiece Rio Bravo and his final, hugely underrated film Rio Lobo, this 1967 Howard Hawks movie is more of a true western than either, Bravo being as much a 'chamber comedy' as anything else, and Lobo a Civil War saga. But with El Dorado, you get just about every western trope throw into the mix, from the black-hatted baddie to the flirty goodtime gal, from the gamblers in the saloon to the boisterous shoot-out.
Yet it's all controlled with such relaxed assurance by the director, with a slew of superb performances from Wayne, Mitchum, Caan {as 'Mississippi'}, Paul Fix, Ed Asner {baddie in black hat}, Charlene Holt {goodtime gal}, Christopher George {an amaible scarred good-bad guy}, and Michele Carey as a sharp-shootin' wild-haired tomboy. The acting is so uniformly good that one forgets to even think about it. Of course, the whole thing is a partial remake of Rio Bravo, but at the same time it's a very different film, even though Wayne, Mitch, Caan and Arthur Hunnicutt {as grizzled old Bull} are holed up in the town gaol, Mitch {as J.P Harrah} is a hopeless drunk on a lengthy bender, Duke is an unsentimental friend, and Charlene Holt as Maudie {voluptuous shades of Ann-Margret in this actress} acts as both love interest and unfussy helper when things get tough.
Mitchum was a terrific actor if given a good script and director, and here he had both. Mitch knew all too well what it was like to be both drunk and hungover, but it's one thing to be drunk, another to act drunk. He never puts a foot wrong, you believe every moment. It's a wonderful feat of acting, so natural and so honest. Wayne is pitch perfect as ever, and James Caan, in his first major role, is a pint-sized ball of energy {and a lot more credible than Ricky Nelson's 'Colorado' in Rio Bravo}.
Hawks hit gold when he cast Holt & Carey as the two women, one a smart, worldly woman, the other an impetuous yet soulful girl. But then, Hawks liked the women in his movies ~ Bacall, Hepburn, Angie Dickinson, Jean Arthur, etc ~ to give as good as they get.
The plot is a little more convoluted than Rio Bravo's, but a town requires cleaning up, and rival factions need weeding out. That's about it, though the devil is in the details, of which Hawks was a master. Duke & Mitch are just great together {as were Duke & Martin in Bravo}, and the whole thing is two hours of frontier heaven. The final scene is hilarious, with Mitchum's final line a throwaway hoot.
At his best, nobody made better westerns than Hawks. But then, at his best no one made better films than Hawks.
This one's a good 'un!
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on 8 March 2016
I've had ElDorado for years in a rather mediocre 4/3 version recorded from TV. And it always looked as if it was recorded in 4/3, so it was a very nice surprise to find it in this 16/9 Blu-ray format, and it looks really good.
I love the dialogue in this film.
"Do you think it'll work?"
"Of course it'll work - given he's human."
"Oh, he's human all right. No other creature on earth would make such a fool of itself."
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on 18 November 2015
For me this is one of John Wayne's best western (Along with The Searches, Rio Brave), yes it was basically a remake of Rio Bravo but whereas in Rio Bravo, as great as that was also, the end is weak for me with the "badies" shuffled of to be arrested. In El Dorado they are all satisfyingly killed in the final shootout.Also there is the humour of Wayne and Mitchum going to the final shootout on crutches. Ok Mitchem as the alcoholic Sherriff is not as convincing as Dean Martin in Bravo (Mitchem had only been drinking for 2 months as opposed to Martin for 2 years in Bravo) but still overall I found it a more satisfying version of an almost identical story.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 March 2011
Directed by Howard Hawks and starring John Wayne & Robert Mitchum, it's safe to say that El Dorado comes with some pretty tough credentials. Thankfully the expectation that comes with such a teaming is well and truly met. The plot is a familiar one in the context of Wayne & Hawks, if you have seen Rio Bravo? And liked it? The chances are you will like this one too.

Wayne is Cole Thornton, a hired gun who is asked to come on the payroll of El Dorado landowner Bart Jason (Ed Asner), who is involved with a land struggle with the MacDonald family. But Cole finds his old friend J.P. Harrah (Mitchum) is sheriff of the town, and J.P. advises his old pal that any involvement with Jason will result in J.P. enforcing the law. As it transpires, circumstances between the MacDonald's and Cole lead to Cole taking arms against Jason and his thug followers. So the sheriff, an old Indian fighter called Bull Harris (Arthur Hunnicutt) & a young gambler, who's handy with a knife, called Alan Bourdillion 'Mississippi' Traherne (James Caan), aim to bring down the might of Jason together.

Adapted from the book The Stars in Their Courses by Harry Brown, this was the second to last film that Howard Hawks would direct. And coming as it did in the late 60s it appears to be somewhat undervalued on the great director's CV. Probably due in no small part to the regard that Rio Bravo is held, of which this is pretty much a remake of. Yet, and I whisper it quietly, El Dorado is arguably the better film in terms of performances and the telling of Hawksian themes.

Given that Wayne & Mitchum were good friends away from the screen, it's no great surprise to find the chemistry between them is top dollar. They feed of each others' machismo to deliver a tough picture, yet one that's still joyously fun. The end result is a pic that manages to deftly portray many themes, such as loyalty, togetherness, forgiveness, respect and professionalism. The two principal stars are aided by both Caan and Hunnicutt, who offer a notable young & old side of the mythical West, with age, and ageing, a prominent point of note played out by the knowing director.

El Dorado looks to be a film where all involved are comfortable in what they are making. Nothing feels forced or hindered by pointless filler. It's true that the film is more in favour of dialogue over bravado action; though what action there is is adroitly handled by the old hands and the youthful Caan with his sawn off shotgun. This is a story without gimmicks, one which isn't ambling along as an excuse for a shoot out come the end. There's a lot to be said for good old fashioned story telling, and we get that here. Intelligence and sincerity throughout, and it's damn funny to boot, El Dorado is a fine movie that holds up very well in each and every decade that passes. 8/10
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on 13 April 2017
One of the great Westerns with a top notch cast and a touch of humour about it yes you could pick holes in it but why bother just sit back and watch it and enjoy recommended
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on 10 October 2017
Corny,cheesy?We all know the fare we expect from a JW film,but fifty years on we have the benefit of the great critic that is time.The mark of a truly great work is that we can look at the canvas over and over and not tire of it and with this fantastic Howard Hawks creation we have tour de force if not to say a masterwork.Prove me wrong.Remember, this is Wayne and a great ensemble at work around him.Ps. look out for the in jokes.Enjoy.
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on 20 August 2017
A real good Film, great cast, not shown much on "free" TV these days....nice to have my own copy and enjoy some old fashioned "good v bad"
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on 18 March 2018
Excellent film by so many well known actors John Wayne Robert mitchum and James carne
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on 8 February 2015
It's a great film. Mitchum has a fun in his role and is spot on with Wayne being Wayne throughout and working well with Mitchum. Caan does a good job cutting himself a slice alongside these 2 screen stealer titans. BEWARE: Amazon Instant Video version has an Asian language subtitle that you cannot remove.
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