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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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Dolls is a great film with some great special effects and the sound of the dolls when they attacked was really creepy, but what I loved about this film was the old couple and their old creepy house which was so atmospheric, and its such a shame there was never sequel. But I have to say the Blu-ray transfer is very nice it gets a 4/5. But sadly you don't get many bonus features but you can watch the film with commentary but you don't get subtitles.
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on 20 May 2017
ADORE this movie. So glad its on blu ray. Good old fashioned horror. Good special effects for its time. Creepy, atmospheric old house. Good story. Decent acting.
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on 11 April 2006
This is a nifty little fantasy horror flick from 'Reanimator' director Stuart Gordon, one of the great lost talents of horror cinema. Following 'Reanimator' and 'From Beyond' Gordon seemed destined for Sam Raimi/George Romero style cult adulation, but lost his way badly. 'Dolls' is probably his last worthwhile feature.
It's simultaneously formulaic and surprising. Lost travellers, creepy house, evil slasher dolls -- you know the score. But Gordon directs with such pace that you don't have time to groan at the clichés, and the eponymous mini-monsters are realized with marvellous glee and wit. It's a bit like 'Toy Story' written by Rob Zombie and directed by Jan Svankmajer. Well, maybe not as deranged as that would be, but pretty good anyway.
I wouldn't pay a lot for what's basically a sassy B-movie, but if you can pick up 'Dolls' cheap I'm sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. Watch it back-to-back with 'Reanimator' and wonder what the hell happened to Stuart Gordon's talent. A crying shame.
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on 7 October 2014
This always stood out in my mind ever since I first rented the VHS from the rental store in the late 80's where age certification meant nothing and a 12 year old could quite happily walk into the rental store and hire an 18 film!!!

THe basic story is centered around an old couple who take in a few guests on one windy, wet night....only the guests are about to find out that they are in for the night of their lives!!!! not in a good way either!!!

Creepy dolls, blood and decent acting...make this a great film.

THe blu ray picture quality and audio is a big improvement on the previous dvd release.
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on 17 October 2007
And I was, thanks to this film back in 87' I was afraid of my Barbie and her pink Cadillac, Ken stop laughing at me. After viewing this again it turn out to be comedic. Dolls starts out with the Bower family - David (Ian Patrick Williams), Rosemary (Carolyn Purdy-Gordon) and Judy (Carrie Lorraine) - headed out for a vacation that none of them really wants to take. They get lost and stuck in the middle of the woods when a really bad storm falls upon them. They are in luck however; as they stumble across an old mansion which they assume is abandoned. Fortunately for them (or unfortunately depending on how you look at it) it is not abandoned at all but instead inhabited by an aging toy maker and his wife - Gabriel (Guy Rolfe) and Hilary Hartwicke (Hilary Mason) as well as a few other small guests.

As the night wears on, the Bower family is joined by Ralph Morris (Stephen Lee) who has picked up a couple of punk looking hitchhikers - Isabel (Bunt Bailey) and Enid (Cassie Stuart). It appears that they will all be spending the night. Quite possibly the longest night ever according to young Judy and Mr. Hartwicke.

We find that most of the visitors to the Hartwicke home do not have the best of intentions at heart. The punk girls just want to rob the Hartwickes of their antiques and David and Rosemary are continually plotting to get rid of David's day dreaming pain of a daughter so they can get down to some real vacationing. You probably don't need to be told anymore but the special effects are good no strings or sticks attached, given the year of production. Because we aren't tortured into believing in super-dolls and because their movements are kept to a subtle minimum, the film's sobriety is enhanced. These dolls are viscous as they slice and dice their way through the guests, with your standard killing utensils, as well as using some unconventional murderous techniques. The characters remain simple and common; the adults are evil, the younglings are nice and the ones that are over the hill are simply in between. From the get go, you'll know who will survive and who won't. The development is predictable but never boring. The finale where a large quantity of puppets is annihilated is stunning. What we learn during Dolls is that if you are not a child or at the very least a child at heart, you probably would fair better out in the storm than in the Hartwicke mansion. I over came my fears within a year and looking again at this film also made me realize how cute (the irony) of a film it is. Again with good effects and a lesson to be learned for bad people everywhere - stay away from toy making witches and warlocks lest you become a toy yourself!
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on 9 January 2008
Forget the teddybear picnic. These dolls kick ass big time. Sure the quality is grainy by todays standards, but watching a bunch of no-gooders getting it big time by a house full of porcelain dollies and Mr Punch guarantees a laugh. Most memorable moment (without spoiling it) is watching two dollies cutting off someones leg with a saw, while she is standing in a hallway, the look on her face when she looks down and sees them grinning at her while they saw away!! Just buy it - its cheaper than a twenty pack of ciggies.
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on 11 November 2015
Classic horror film from 1987, fairy tale-like story in the old dark house, this was a film that I had seen in 1987 at the time, growing up, I particularly like Guy Rolfe as the mysterious toy maker, Gabriel Hardwicke and also the very hot Bunty Bailey from Hot Gossip ('Kenny Everett's Video Show' and on the BBC 'Television Show') as one of the two New Wave Punk girl's ,she, for me stood out above the other character's, like Toyah or Kim Wilde would, although Cleo Rococos was very good as well, back to the film, Mr Punch is marvellous when he come's to life, but creepiest, eeriest and best of all are those Victorian porcelain dolls, great idea that the dolls are actually people inside, this film speak's for itself in very memorable scene's on the screen, it had been a rare film for quite some time, great that it finally got an official UK DVD release, well worth the price, with the quality to boot, it's a true genre piece.
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on 12 February 2009
I first saw this film many years ago and still have an overwhelming fear of dolls. Its not that this is a great film as it isn't but the way the dolls move is just sooo creepy!
The part i will always remember is where they are all lined up on a mantlepiece with their eyes closed, then the lightning flashes again and their eyes are open, then when the next lightning flash comes they are all gone!!! Absolutely sends shivers down my spine.

Definately worth watching,
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on 18 February 2014
This is a very cool little horror film from the 80s, directed and produced by the people responsible for the re-animator movies, and Charles band who's classic for puppet master etc., As usual killer dolls are the theme of this film and they are very well done with creepy effects, the story is short but has a great build up with some eerie music and good sets, the cast is great too especially credit to the little girl who is an amazing little actress in this film. This is really worth checking out for its low price, good quality Blu-ray, shame there is no features but a commentary, classic creepy well made horror.
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I’ve been watching ‘Dolls’ every few years since I first saw it near its original release in the eighties. It’s fair to say that it’s a classic (for what it is). That doesn’t mean that everything about it is perfect, but it does do the job if you’re looking for something short, sweet and pretty scary.

As a guy, I’ve – obviously! – had very little interest in children’s (or should I say girls’?) dolls. I always did find their blank, staring expressions, their perfectly-powered rosy cheeks and their overly-chiselled cheekbones a little unsettling. Perhaps that makes me the perfect demographic to get the most out of this film?

Basically, during one of those types of storms you only really get in horror movies, various strangers all seek refuge in one of those creepy old mansions in the middle of nowhere (that also always seem to turn up in horror movies). There, they encounter more than they bargain for when they meet the occupants. And I’m not talking about the softly-spoken, perfectly polite old English couple who live there. It’s their murderous ‘creations’ who cause the problems. And guess what they create? (Clue: there’s a hint in the title)

So, what you’re left with is a quite a short film that charts the survival of the humans as they taken on a whole swarm of Barbie’s evil cousins. If you like the sound of that, you’ll probably enjoy it. As I mentioned, it’s not perfect. Some of the actors’ performances are pretty atrocious and others seem to try and over-act as if to compensate.

But we don’t really watch horror films for great acting performances, do we? It’s the dolls who steal the show. And they do it well, even without any formal acting lessons behind them. The gore flows nicely, as you’d expect from an eighties B-movie and everything rolls along nicely.

Special mention to the human ‘villains,’ who, despite creating hordes of evil, murderous dolls, seem to be strangely likeable – a rarity in any film, let alone a horror film.
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