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on 18 December 2013
"Dolls" is a children's fantasy horror movie with a scary atmosphere, black humour, and great effects. But the real star in this movie was the young girl Carrie Lorraine, nominated as "Best Young Actress in a Horror Motion Picture", an award that she really deserved! She was an absolute delight. A lovable kid surrounded by some nasty characters, who are all killed. Her innocence (and that of the other protagonist - a young man) are a big contrast of the rest of the evil visitors. The only disappointing thing in this movie was the two punk/new-wave chicks, 2 unwatchable characters, but luckily they have not a main role in this movie. "Dolls" is a really splendid horror-fantasy, sometimes hilarious comic, sometimes really horrifying and sometimes really cute. Another interesting character was the dollmaker: grandfatherly and mysterious. I really loved this movie. If you still have the child in you, "Dolls" is an unforgettable experience. This gem is definitely the best work of Stuart Gordon!!! (rating **** excellent)
However, I won't buy this Blu-ray because there are no English subtitles. I'll wait for the American release.
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on 18 February 2014
This is a very cool little horror film from the 80s, directed and produced by the people responsible for the re-animator movies, and Charles band who's classic for puppet master etc., As usual killer dolls are the theme of this film and they are very well done with creepy effects, the story is short but has a great build up with some eerie music and good sets, the cast is great too especially credit to the little girl who is an amazing little actress in this film. This is really worth checking out for its low price, good quality Blu-ray, shame there is no features but a commentary, classic creepy well made horror.
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on 30 April 2014
An enjoyable little horror film that has plenty of scares and gore to keep you interested, it's very dated now but, that shouldn't stop you from enjoying this movie for what it is, a cheesy low budgeted horror gem.
The blu ray transfer for this film was very good. Nice detail to the picture and good colours the sound was also good. The picture was a little soft at times but I think for a low budget horror movie that dolls looks great on blu ray. All in all this is an enjoyable horror film with a very good blu ray transfer.
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on 21 January 2014
Let's get one thing straight it's not gonna win any oscars, or any other awards probably, but where this movie is a winner is the performances from the actors who clearly loved making this gem of a movie. The setting in a big old scary house is perfect and...oh I could go on it's obvious I love this film flaws and all. If you like your horror on the cheesy classic 80s side you can't go wrong with this, but if you like all this torture porn that's become the fashion stay away it's probably too sophisticated for you.
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on 5 July 2013
love this film got this on vhs and now got it on dvd and its best horror alot better then some realy cheesy horror and rubish acting and some have camras following the actors and actress around there are the ones fit for the bin i wish they did the dolls 2 as another famlie got stuck in the mud and judy got a ride with ralph but i gest know no one is going to do it as been so long. but why do other sellers put the high prices they should be struck off as do they belive peole will buy a dvd for over 100 pounds or 33 onwards thats a joke thats why people by bootleg films or wait for a cheeper price or download it so was pleased i got mine cheaper a bit a go know its 33pounds pluss postaged it dosent deseved 1 or 2 3 stars rating. can other customers stop putting spoliers about films people have bought or about to buy
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on 21 June 2016
Dolls.. it was kinda weird fun... humans turned into dolls.. first time watching that.. worth along my collection.. my kids like it think was funny... shout factory A region version.. UK got no english subtitle on their cheap version , this high Quaitly US does....
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 17 July 2014
I’ve been watching ‘Dolls’ every few years since I first saw it near its original release in the eighties. It’s fair to say that it’s a classic (for what it is). That doesn’t mean that everything about it is perfect, but it does do the job if you’re looking for something short, sweet and pretty scary.

As a guy, I’ve – obviously! – had very little interest in children’s (or should I say girls’?) dolls. I always did find their blank, staring expressions, their perfectly-powered rosy cheeks and their overly-chiselled cheekbones a little unsettling. Perhaps that makes me the perfect demographic to get the most out of this film?

Basically, during one of those types of storms you only really get in horror movies, various strangers all seek refuge in one of those creepy old mansions in the middle of nowhere (that also always seem to turn up in horror movies). There, they encounter more than they bargain for when they meet the occupants. And I’m not talking about the softly-spoken, perfectly polite old English couple who live there. It’s their murderous ‘creations’ who cause the problems. And guess what they create? (Clue: there’s a hint in the title)

So, what you’re left with is a quite a short film that charts the survival of the humans as they taken on a whole swarm of Barbie’s evil cousins. If you like the sound of that, you’ll probably enjoy it. As I mentioned, it’s not perfect. Some of the actors’ performances are pretty atrocious and others seem to try and over-act as if to compensate.

But we don’t really watch horror films for great acting performances, do we? It’s the dolls who steal the show. And they do it well, even without any formal acting lessons behind them. The gore flows nicely, as you’d expect from an eighties B-movie and everything rolls along nicely.

Special mention to the human ‘villains,’ who, despite creating hordes of evil, murderous dolls, seem to be strangely likeable – a rarity in any film, let alone a horror film.
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on 20 May 2017
ADORE this movie. So glad its on blu ray. Good old fashioned horror. Good special effects for its time. Creepy, atmospheric old house. Good story. Decent acting.
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on 28 December 2016
Great price for a classic horror film the bluray picture quality is amazing and there is also a Directors commnetary on this bluray which is worth listening to if you get tthis product.
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on 27 June 2007
I think it's fair to say that "Dolls" is the sort of horror film that you can laugh at, but it probably won't scare you.

The plot, the script and the acting are barely average (that's being polite), and it's a good two-thirds of the way through before you really get to see any of the killer dolls in action. The special effects and gore were probably good at the time - and even looked pretty good 10 years ago when I last saw this film - but unsuprisingly, they look very dated compared to the gore-fests we are used to seeing nowadays. Ok, it's not a fair comparison, but even for the 80's, the film feels low-budget and is 'atmospheric' at best.

Another reviewer said that this film is like a modern day Grim's Fairytale - and I must admit, that made me see the film in a slightly different light, because that's exactly what it is...

If you want a laugh, or you saw this film when you were a kid and you want to check it out again, go for it, but just don't expect too much!!
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