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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 March 2010
I suspected I had cat fleas in my house, and by the time I was sure it was too late. I have one cat, and a very clean house, but the fleas were a nightmare to get rid of. I tried Bob Martins Spot On on the cat and flea powder and sprays around the house, but to no avail. They would seem to be gone for a few days then appear again. This went on for months and was extremely frustrating.

I finally solved it by putting Frontline on the cat, and spraying the whole house with Indorex spray, concentrating on the edges of the rooms. The spray is the only one I found that seems to do what it claims and kill any unhatched fleas in the carpet.

Since then I have put Frontline on the cat as often as recommended on the pack, and they haven't come back. I have Indorex in the cupboard just incase!
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Reason for buying:
I decided to buy this product because I had tried several different flea control methods which were ineffective (Frontline, Spot On, Advocate, Flea powders and flea collars).

Product description:
The product contains 3 different chemicals which are effective at killing all life stages of fleas which are Adults, Fleas, Larvae and Eggs.

Where do the fleas hide?:
The fleas are found all over your home, especially near your pet and in the depth of the carpet fibres. I found that hovering the carpet before spraying is more effective. I spray cracks, crevices and anything that is relatively soft (carpets, rugs, pet bedding, curtains and sofas etc). There is no requirement to spray wood or leather. To date I have found that the spray does not damage any materials.

Although my vet said that 2 bottles would be sufficient to cover our 2 bedroom house, in my experience I found that you will need more than that, probably 3. The spray is quite powerful when you first spray it however it losses it's power after 1-2 seconds. Shaking it vigorously every few seconds solves the problem. Although it is meant to be more effective when you hold it 50cm away from you (approx as long as your arm), I found that the spray is not powerful enough and you need to hold it about the length of a ruler (25cm) away from you.

After covering the whole house with spray which took about 3 hours and leaving it to dry for several hours, no traces of fleas could be seen the following day when we inspected the house which showed that the product worked very well. With 7 cats, 2 Ferrets and 4 dogs that we look after from time to time, I was very surprised that it was that effective. I do not believe that there is a requirement to use anything extra on your pet. Although the manufacturer states that it is only effective for 12 months, I have found that it's effective for about 18 months.

The first time I used the spray, I did not use any safety protection and ended up partially paralysing my hand temporarily due to the coldness of the spray and the fumes of the spray blowing back on my hand and having slight breathing problems (I'm asthmatic). Wearing a face-mask and washing up rubber gloves solves the problem.

Verdict: Highly Recommended - It's very effective at killing all fleas but make sure that you wear rubber gloves and a face mask.
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on 15 October 2009
This product has done what I hoped it would do and that was the removal of infestation of fleas in my house.
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on 8 March 2016
This is by far the best product we've used for flea control on carpets etc. and I highly recommend it. We have a small 3 bedroom house and 1 can is enough to treat it once. This is also an excellent price, as my Vet charges £21 for this!
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on 29 January 2016
This was an a necessary purchase after I was kindly given two new kittens about 1.5 ago. Flea ridden kittens. And two weeks later turning my house into a flea ridden house.

With my old cats we never seemed to have problems with fleas - I always used to treat them with the spot on treatment and they had a free run of the house. But these cats only live downstairs - and I had the flea problem upstairs - despite treating the cats with the spot on. Maybe I was blaming them wrongly - sorry kitties - maybe it was me who brought the fleas to my house??

I hate absolutely hate anything creepy pests including fleas. So Ive gone into overdrive trying to find a really good product to gas them, kill them, exterminate them.

Virbac flea spray got excellent reviews - when sprayed around the house - it will protect it for many months to come so if any fleas hatch it will get them too. I've managed to get hold of the problem and touch wood I had no flea visitors since 1.5 ago when I treated the house. It's ok writing about it now - but back then I was freaking out - if I'm honest.

A good tip: hoovering house - will pick up some eggs and larvae - so please empty your vacuum bag straight away outside. But what hoovering also does is provide warmth and vibrations and the fleas are likely to hatch. If the house is treated - they will die. Treat the cats too at the same time - let them run around - fleas love anything warm moving around - and it's better if they jump on treated cats rather than you! Trust me - I have flea bites to prove it.

This spray was the only one that was up for sale at my local vets and they recommend it - I got it on Amazon much cheaper - well worth every penny.
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on 1 October 2013
Tried sooo many products and was at the end of my tether with the flea infestation. Sprayed the whole house with indorex and no more fleas! BUY THIS PRODUCT!!
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on 18 April 2016
Spray as instructed, almost instant results. Within an hour, the bulk of the infestation had withered away. Within 24 hours all the fleas were gone. I tried numerous solutions and this was by far and away the most instant and effective.
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on 19 July 2016
I would recommend this stuff. Moved into a big house. The previous owners had seven cats which, besides from peeing up all the walls and staining the carpets, also left us the gift of a flea infestation. We only discovered it a few days after moving in, presumably because the hungry fleas were tired of waiting for the cats to come back so started attacking us. Horrible little things. I sprayed the stuff four days ago, all over the house. We have a 5/6 bedroom place, and I got through three 500ml cans in covering the entire house. Don't leave yourself with too little. You then have to vacuum the house every day for seven days to make sure the many eggs/larvae in the carpet are brought to life (by the vibrations etc) and then killed by the stuff you sprayed. There's no point just spraying the stuff and forgetting - you also have to follow through with the vacuuming. Otherwise the eggs will hatch much later and you have your problem all over again. We're also using DEET on our legs for the next 30 days, to prevent any stragglers getting a meal out of us. Fleas can't lay eggs until they've had a blood meal. We've not seen a single flea since we sprayed the Indorex (before spraying, we only had to walk into a room to get two or three fleas on us within a few minutes). The full instructions for the Indorex can be found by putting these four search terms into Google together: indorex leaflet instructions flea. It's the top result which is a pdf. Read pages 3 and 4 as they are very useful. Good luck!
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on 8 August 2016
Does what it says on the tin, no harsh smell and no residue, we had used frontline spray and spot on...absolute rubbish compared to this stuff. Advocate spot on and indorex spray, we were overrun by fleas and after using this we haven't seen one in weeks!
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on 13 July 2011
Bought this along with Frontline for the dog, worked well. The dog's fleas have gone and I've stopped itching!!
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