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on 9 May 2014
Fantastic look and feel; tried it out with streaming videos, gaming and music so far and all are brilliant quality. Online Asus registration took a few tries before success but didn't cause any issues so hardly worth mentioning.
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on 15 February 2014
In the need of a new laptop within a specific budget, I searched between Asus and Toshiba which options I had. Eventually I've found this laptop with a graphics card that, combined with the i7 4500, would run heavy games (Moded Skyrim, Tomb Raider, Crysis engine, etc) and any 2D image editing software such as Photoshop, InDesign... And that would allow me to keep me going for the next two years. Importantly also, it would have to have an excellent sound as well.

In the end I'm very happy with my purchase; sound has a great quality, really impressed by it, touch screen is a plus, although I don't have the need to use it maybe because I'm used to the old windows. I'm aware there aren't many people happy with the windows 8 as it doesn't come with the Start bar anymore, however I didn't find that hard to get used to it, whilst before we had a Start bar now we have what we could call a Start page, the load time is instant now, we don't need to wait for the Start bar to load all the programs anymore. What I did to help me is to create Tile programs (the widows 8 icons on the Start page) and by clicking on it I have access to everything I need. I would say it’s a question of thinking which programs/applications we use more often and placing their Tiles on the Start page. After getting used to it, you’ll realize that now the load time and looking up programs is much quicker than with the old Start bar, which in turn makes you do your tasks quicker. Even for someone that prefers the Start bar there are third party developers in the market that offer you that option after a download.

The only down side of this laptop would be the drive disc that comes only with 5400rpm, a bit slow for a laptop with such a good processor and graphics. But, you can always upgrade for an SSD Hybrid 7400rpm for less than £70. I don't feel the need to do it at the moment though, the laptop is fast enough when starting, shutting down and doing it's tasks, maybe in six to twelve months I'll upgrade it to a faster hard drive, maybe an SSD.

I won’t mention the battery life as this is a laptop to stay on the desk, not to travel with me, it’s big, a bit on the heavy side, and you will loose the sound quality by having the sub-woofer unplugged. You will have better options if you prefer a laptop to carry around with you.

In conclusion,

Great for:
. Games
. Image Editing
. Video Editing
. Looks great, minimalistic, steel finish feels amazing
. Don't expect it to get really hot while you are playing, as the steel casing helps prevent the laptop from overheating, keeping your fingers/hands at a natural temperature.
. The best sound from a laptop I've ever had.
. Keyboard has that squishy feeling that we all like.

Less great for:

. Drive disk (compared to the advanced CPU, graphics and sound, the disk is slow (only 5400rpm), easily replaced though, also helps to keep the market price of this laptop on the lower side - a positive side).
. Windows 8 (Start bar can be solved).
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on 10 February 2014
What I needed laptop for:
Coding, Image Editing, Gaming Occasionally

Good Points:
- Sturdy, aluminium build
- Responsive touch screen
- Fast enough for most tasks
- Can play even the latest games
- Battery life is really good, lasting something like 6 hours for me with average use.
- Gestures on the keypad very useful
- High sound quality for a laptop, comes with a base speaker to plug in.

Bad Points:
- Running Windows 8, I just don't like how Microsoft has unified all their platforms (My Opinion)
- One of the keys came popped out, easy enough to pop it back in though
- Touch pad has the left and right click buttons built in, this is a good feature as it makes the touch pad bigger but I'm use to resting my finger on the left click button so sometimes the mouse would jump a little but that's my fault.
- Lots of applications comes with it that run on start-up so i had to remove them from the start-up list to speed up start-up time..

Overall i am very happy with this product, despite it's minor flaws, the laptop it at good build quality and has a nice feel to it while typing which is important as i type a lot. The touch screen is good as the screen doesn't move while using it and it has a responsive feel to it.

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on 31 March 2014
Admittedly I am moving on from a Dell netbook that is 4 years old, but it doesnt detract from the fact that this is great laptop. Once I have uninstalled some of the preloaded apps and programs, it is really quick to start up and runs really fast even with me installing loads of games on it.

The only issues I have had with it are all to do Windows 8.1 (the please wait blue screen is particularly annoying, so well done Micrsoft) and are easy enough to fix from checking on the internet.

It is a bit too heavy to be taking it on the move but I didnt buy it for that, it is a good desktop replacement that doesnt take up much space and has great sound. I also found that it was fairly good value for money for the spec it has too.
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on 28 October 2014
Very impressed, very efficient use of energy with this laptop. Battery lasts a long time and the laptop resumes instantly if you go back to it within 4 hours or takes a small moment to resume from deep sleep if it's after this time.

Overall very good plus I can play most of my games on med to high settings using nvidia optimus (switches automatically from high powered performance graphics to low powered energy efficiency graphics depending on what program you use) default is energy efficient graphics which are good for most everyday use such as writing documents and surfing the Web.
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on 27 August 2014
After 6 months the touch screen and USB ports have stopped working. ASUS instructed me to refresh PC in order to fix it - a REFRESH is a total re-install but you get to keep your data. I now have to re-install all my apps along with Windows 8.1 - but on plus side the touch screen and USB are working now, just nothing else :-)

You really need to think twice before you buy one of these
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on 5 April 2014
A really impressive spec, a nice design and quite light for a laptop of this kind but why oh why include a screen resolution of 1366x768? It has a Blu Ray optical drive which will never be able to fulfill its capability on such a poor screen. Considering the price would it really have been unreasonable to expect a full 1920 x 1080p resolution for a laptop branded as a 'Multimedia' PC?
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on 22 January 2015
Not a terrible laptop, does everything I need it to do quick enough.
Biggest complaint is that the trackpad occasionaly just stops working, but it's easily fixed by sleeping the laptop.
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on 3 May 2014
Problem with graphic card. It has conflict with most of photo and video editing software. I had to disable nvidia and worked since only on HD integral Intel card :(
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on 17 July 2014
A few months into this laptop and I'm ready to trade it in for an old one. The laptop is almost as slow as my 8 year old Dell, it freezes regularly, the sound takes a few seconds to kick in on video and it's generally just clunky. It looks good but the beuty is only skin deep.

Windows 8 and 8.1 are quite possibly the biggest step in the wrong direction that Microsoft have ever made. It tries to be a tablet and tries to be a traditional desktop and sadly, the combination is an awful, unintuitive, poorly thought out, Frankenstein of failure.
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