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on 27 July 2013
Things i liked- Wide ranging, the battles and locations seem well researched, it doesnt do what a lot of American war novels do and pretend it was USA!! vs everyone else, some of the characters are ok and its generally fairly well written.
The Problems- ALL of the soldier characters come across like WW2 american army grunts, regardless of the army they are in. The Japanese army certainly wasnt like that, the British wasnt and the French had way more panache in their running away/surrendering! Also it drags incredibly slowly, you could easily cut half of the repeated visits to the Czech soldier as they are all pretty much identical. Ditto with the Soviet/Luftwaffe pilots.
Sorry to say i got rather bored.
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on 2 October 2014
An enjoyable read, very much in the author's usual, easy to read style. The only disappointment is that it does not seriously depart from what actually happened a year later than when the book is set, so it's similar to reading a novel based on reality. I would have preferred a few more departures and twists. It did have me hooked though!
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on 31 August 2013
As with HT's other alternative history books, a knowledge of what in reality happened is what makes HT's alternative history track enjoyable. Not just war stories, but politics and social matters as well. Hitler's War is the first in this series and after reading it, I have bought the rest of the series. it will take me time to finish them. It is probably better to read them all before giving a final opinion. However, it has started well and worth four stars. Enjoy!
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on 14 November 2015
Turtledove uses a tried formula to present a what if scenario. Using specific individuals set throughout the operational area, from a wide spectrum of society, he develops the overall strategic situation describing the individuals tactical situation. Works for me!
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on 6 November 2015
Very disappointing and tediously repetitive (as described by others). A series of 'personal perspective' stories from the various fictional characters embroiled in the (premature) Second World War, with insufficient presentation or analysis of the global, economic, military factors that might influence the overall outcome.
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on 28 January 2015
Author was recommended to me. This is the first I've read by Turtledove and so far I've found it hard to put down even though it's a 'what if' theme.
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on 30 June 2015
I've read a lot of Harry Turtledove and having read this novel I see my faith in his skill as an alternate history author is justified.
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on 20 August 2014
Really struggled with this one. It failed to excite and I've abandoned it after two events. Sorry but there are better books by Mr Turtledove. Read them first, any of them really. But don't start with this one.
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on 12 July 2014
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on 3 March 2010
It's already been mentioned that the characters are clichés, everyone of them talks and thinks like a modern American except for the odd "bloody", "Hai" or "Tovarisch" to give you yet another clue as to their nationality. As a wargamer with an interest in the Early part of WWII I was really (really really) looking forward to a good read (and ideas for games) and was still doing so by the time I reached the last page. Not enough about the war itself (the sweep and what was happening in the world), too much on the actual fighting (any of the battles could have been from any war novel) and Turtledove definitely needs much better reference books: for example the Me 109 didn't have a cannon in the nose until mid 1940, French tanks didn't have bow machine guns, the Henschel 123 was Hs 123 not He 123 (He was a Heinkel designation) and Wehrmacht is NOT German for "army" (it means "armed forces" i.e. the army (Heer) AND navy (Kriegsmarine) AND airforce (Luftwaffe)) etc. Too many jarring notes for me.
I may read the sequels, as and when I come across them, but they're not going to be on my "must get" list at any point.
Maybe I was expecting too much, but it was a "I've read it and so what?" read. Disappointing.
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