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on 6 May 2014
Don't know what I did before buying this screen, it's invaluable. Actually what I did was attempt to use my iPad as a second monitor but that was the wrong size, and very slow.

Good picture, great resolution and a good brightness level - the only downside is that it is slightly jerky on animations and cursor movement - more so when your computer is busy - don't watch a movie on it. It also eats your USB bandwidth for other peripherals - this is a very techy problem though, in a consumer environment it would never be noticed, but debugging over USB to an Android phone is not possible while it is connected.
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I bought this in addition to a small laptop to allow me to function as a mobile design engineer. I'm used to having two screens to work on and always feel a bit inefficient when using a single screen. This is probably one of the best purchases I have made. Absolutely brilliant!

Additionally, the screen has an orientation sensor to allow you to quickly flip between landscape and portrait mode. Need to read a PDF? You can literally hold it as you would an A4 document and read it.
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on 17 August 2014
A fantastic USB screen with a bright and detailed resolution that works fantastically well when travelling. I use the screen with both my 2010 Macbook Air, and a recent Mac Mini. The main problem for Macs is that the functions on the screen (most importantly the brightness, which is set to medium) don't work, but setting up on a windows machine once was enough to get it to work.

Now I can more than double my laptop screen space, which helps greatly when working while travelling - with a USB 2 connection it runs a little slow, with a frame rate of about 4/s, but is still very bright and clear. Even better, if I need some real power while travelling, I can run my Mac Mini using just this screen, just as long as I've set things up correctly before I leave. Since this is USB 3, it works just like a standard screen. Just brilliant. While auto-rotate doesn't work, the screen is great for rotating, using the mac settings, as you can pick it up and turn it easily. One final problem I had was with the USB cable, but buying a new one worked fine.
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on 12 August 2014
Been traveling a great deal for work, and having a full dual screen in my office means I really miss the screen real estate when I am away, took the plunge and bought this out of my own pocket when it was a comparable price to its retail in the US.

Got this just in time for a 2 week trip to India, now been away with it for about 6 weeks and ready for another 5 weeks soon, i just wish my current laptop had 1080p to match, I guess I need to spill some coffee on it on my last day...

I agree with the posters about the stand, Case is great, but I find it poor as a stand. Whilst it is not suitable for portrait, I really like the angle given my my Griffin Arrowhead that I already had for my tablet. So much so I purchased another (as they are only £3.50) to ensure I have one in both my work and personal bags.


I do notice my laptop tends to be burning up more processor time and fan when using, but I have a Gen3 i7, so I don't really see the performance hit truly. I did try this on my USB2 Personal machine, was pleased it did work, but agree the USB3 bandwidth does make for a smoother ride.
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on 10 August 2014
[ Summary ]

I would strongly urge you to read some of the more detailed reviews for this product if you work with graphics or video editing, or if you're planning to use this as your primary display. You should also be prepared to send the monitor back for a refund, because in my experience (two out of two times), you'll have pixels on the display that are significantly brighter than others.

[ Use case ]

I'm a freelance developer, so I do a lot of work on-site with my 14" laptop. Having a second monitor means I can have more windows open, and in my case, I can view things in resolutions that my laptop doesn't support.

[ Problems ]

This is the second time I've ordered this product from Amazon. The first time (April, 2014), I returned the monitor for a full refund because there were a few pixels that were clearly brighter than others, right in the middle of the screen. This only becomes apparent when you view anything white. Since I spend a lot of time working on web pages, this was a deal-breaker.

A few months passed (August 2014) and I decided to give Asus another chance.

I am very sad to say that I've just un-boxed and connected this new monitor to my laptop, and AGAIN there are a few super-bright pixels on the display. This time, they're near the bottom (about 1/2 an inch above the A in the 'ASUS' logo on the bevel), so I'm considering just living with it because there's no telling where the problem will be if I return this one and order another.

It has to be a manufacturing problem - on both occasions (April and August 2014), the unit came well packaged, and there was no indication in the packaging exterior that unit had suffered any kind of impact trauma.

The monitor is good enough for my purposes. Yes, the color is definitely too warm and you can only control the brightness. And on my system, it this monitor displays at 60Hz (1920x1080 @ 32 bit color), so it's quite tiring on the eyes after just half an hour of use. I also had some USB issues when I installed the drivers, and consequently I'm connecting via a USB2 port (it's OK, but definitely a little jarring when moving windows around).
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on 4 June 2014
Just bought one of these, and I absolutely love it. I'm a consultant, and spent a lot of time on client site, with only what I can carry to use for work. This screen in its sleeve fits comfortably into my rucksack alongside my laptop - it's slightly bigger than my Dell Latitude E7440 full-size ultrabook, as a reference. The simplicity of just plugging it into a USB port, with no separate power required, is fantastic.

Only two minor quibbles - and I'd stress neither really bothers me much and I feel that 4/5 stars is even a bit of a harsh review.
1. it's not quite as bright as my laptop screen, when both are turned up to maximum brightness. The specs explain - my laptop has a maximum brightness of 342cd/m², while the Asus MB168B+ has a maximum brightness of 250cd/m². It's still perfectly readable and completely useful - I only really notice the difference side by side, but perhaps Asus can look at making a future version somewhat brighter?
2. The supplied smart case (sleeve) converts into a stand, which is a clever idea and is welcome, but the it takes up rather a lot of desktop space when folded as a stand, and doesn't seem especially stable - it holds the monitor at an angle too close to vertical, perhaps 80 or 85 degrees from the surface it stands on. Sitting on a desk, this is a little too vertical for viewing, for me personally, and I prefer to have it incline back a little more to view the screen more 'straight on'. For this I bought an Anker® Multi-Angle Portable Stand, and that seems a lovely solution. Job done.

Added bonus - all my work colleagues have been making excuses to come have a look at the shiny new toy. This product really is innovative, simple, well executed and absolutely worth the money.
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on 14 September 2015
There's a newer version of this monitor - the MB169B+ which is an IPS screen operating at 1080p HD (1920 x 1080) or 1366 x 768. The brightness controls work with my 13" MacBook Air (2013) with no problems and it needs just one USB cable. It's very good indeed - no lag, clear, sharp display, light as a feather. It also works from my Parallels virtual Windows machine on the MacBook so it really does cover all the bases. Highly recommended but note that it can be bought a lot cheaper than the price shown here if you shop around.
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on 3 September 2015
Drivers install automatically, with some optional drivers available (NOT YET ON WINDOWS 10) to allow screen rotation etc.
If you want to use this for anything other than watching videos, I would personally not recommend it because of the lag. It's very noticable.
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on 28 April 2015
For this both as a second monitor when I am using my laptop away from home and also as a presentation tool allowing me to share my screen with other people. Quality seems really good. It is amazingly light, which is great when you have to carry it around with the laptop. I have a 15 inch Apple Mac and the size of the monitor in the case is no larger than the footprint of the Mac. Very easy to set up. I don't have a CD player on my Mac so just downloaded the driver from their website. I read the comments regarding the fact that the screen brightness can't be adjusted when connected to an Mac – this is true but I was able to overcome it by changing the display settings. The case that came with it is good for providing protection but pretty useless for standing the screen up during use. There is little or no adjustment. When I brought the monitor I also brought a Sunvito Multi-Angle Portable Stand for it. The supplier states that this is designed for phones and iPads but because this monitor is so light it works perfectly. As it is made out of metal is a little bit heavy (depending how light you want to travel) but this means it is more robust. You can also adjust the angle which is what I wanted. Overall very happy.
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on 24 April 2015
Clear and bright picture. Has a solid look and feel, yet is light enough to carry with me when on the road. My only snag, which is related to the Surface Pro 3 not having enough power output on the USB 3 port to drive the display. I bought a USB 3 Y-cable to provide additional power via the power adapter. This means it's not entirely portable, however, this is not a fault of the monitor.
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