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on 17 January 2014
I like the look of this 7-port hub, which in my opinion compliments the iMac very well. I have some issues however:

1. it fails to power correctly my iPad mini 2nd generation - I have to plug this direct in the iMac for it to charge - when I plug it into the powered hub, I get a message informing me it is not charging.
2. it would have been much tidier to have the power and main USB cables connecting at the back. Imagine when this is plugged in, it does not look as cool as in their photos, instead it has a power cable and USB cable sticking out each end of the device, taking up valuable desktop space and making it look untidy
3. it lights up everything - not an issue to use this during the day, my home office is on the same open-plan floor as my main bedroom - this means at night I can see a blue glow through the star is coming from around the corner in my home office - originating from this USB HUB. A way to turn off the light would be great. I don't want to have to cover this over or switch off my mac each time I go to bed.
4. Price - it is vastly more expensive in the UK than it is in the US. No idea how they justify the difference. I think I would not have complained about price if they had designed the power and main USB cables interface a bit better, i.e. have them sticking out the back instead of the sides plus had a way to disable the blue lights (no idea why I need these to be part of this gadget)

So, given the above issues, I would give 2.5 out of 5 starts, but as this is not possible with Amazon, I will go with 3, as i do still like it, even if I will replace it given the chance and a better designed USB 3.0 HUB.

A quick note about the failure to power the iPad mini - I have no issues with any other devices like external USB HDDs.

Update: 22 Jan 14: I have had to unplug this, as when it is plugged in my Keyboard drops connection - I believe this is a general USB 3.0 issue with HUBS, though not sure why this cannot be shielded so it does not interfere. If I cannot find a solution (I will check to see if I can buy shielding) I will have to ask Amazon to take it back as no use if it blocks my keyboard and I don't have room for a wide, wired keyboard.
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on 11 March 2017
Didn't work with iMac
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on 3 June 2015
Excellent - As advertised
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on 18 January 2014
I was delighted to find a 7 port USB3.0 hub for my new MacbookAir. I was disappointed to find that it does not work. The problem after some research is probably the USB3.0 implementation of the MacbookAir itself. Devices plugged in often do not show up and though there seems to be some increased reliability with certain device placements. The Apple external DVD/CD drive does not work at all plugged into the hub.
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on 21 February 2014
Plugged it into my iMac and connected some peripherals to test it and they worked without a hitch. It is annoying that there is no on/off switch which means you have to disconnect the hub at the point where it is plugged into the mains (this means crouching under a desk in my case). The blue indicator light remains on all the time unless it is switched off. I have attached the hub to the base of the stand supplied for for the iMac by using valcro and therefore it is not cluttering up the desk surface.

Considering the price, I am surprised that the hub cannot be used to charge gadgets such as phones, satnavs, etc. since it uses a mains supply. For this reason and because there is no on/off switch on the unit I give it four stars rather than five. It is a good looking piece of equipment which complements the iMac perfectly. Recommended.

Quick and efficient delivery from the supplier.
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on 17 January 2014
a perfect addition to your Mac product, I got this for my brother to go on his iMac and he was thrilled with it. A great combination of ergonomic design and function. It is USB3 supported so has an iimpressive bandwidth throughput and because it has its own power supply it doesn't overtax the USB port to draw power and maintains power integrity (fluctuations) when in use

I would recommend it for it's function as well it's ergonomic design
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on 9 July 2015
Quality and functions
The build quality of this product is very good, it’s designed iMac and MacBook very well. It’s made out of aluminum and it has a metallic silver finish. Satechi did a great thing to curve the USB hub for easy use. Speaking about easy use, it’s plug and play! You don’t need to install software or something else. It’s really easy to install the USB hub: plug and play! No need to install software or other stuff. Plug the cord into your socket and the cable into your computer and you are ready to go! The length of the power adapter and USB cable are fine if you want to place in underneath your iMac. This powerful hub is designed for accessing all of your devices like a external hard drive, USB flash drive, camera, keyboard, printers, scanners and all the things you can imagine that has a USB plug on it. If you want, you can connect all of your devices you need at once, and the USB hub doesn’t disconnect. This is one of the best USB hubs I’ve ever seen, because I had several other USB hubs from other brands, and they started to fail when having 3 out of 4 ports filled with devices. Satechi, you did a great job on this 7-port USB hub! :-)

Please note that a 2.4GHz wireless device may not work. You should connect the wireless device to a USB 2.0 port on your computer for a flawless experience. The blue indication light isn’t really disturbing for me. When the hub arrived at my house, I instantly knew this was a premium USB hub like I read on Amazon.

After 48 hours connected to my computer, the temperature is normal, it doesn’t heat up when doing heavy transfers or leaving your device in the hub all day long. I was resetting a iPhone for a friend and it did the job very well. It had a very stable connection and it didn’t disconnect.

On the box it says the USB hub can provide data rates up to 5.0Gbps! This is 10 times faster than an average USB 2.0 port. Transferring your data to a 3.0 external drive is done within a blink of an eye. Here you can find my speed tests made with ‘Blackmagic Disk Speed Test’:

USB 2.0 flash drive transferring a 1 GB file: 15.4MB/s write and 22.3MB/s read.
USB 2.0 flash drive transferring a 2 GB file: 14.6MB/s write and 21.4MB/s read.

USB 3.0 external hard drive (unpowered) transferring a 1GB file: 69.5MB/s write and 74.1MB/s read.
USB 3.0 external hard drive (unpowered) transferring a 2GB file: 74.4MB/s write and 76.8MB/s read.

USB 3.0 external hard drive (powered) transferring a 1GB file: 96.2MB/s write and 98.1MB/s read.
USB 3.0 external hard drive (powered) transferring a 2GB file: 99.2MB/s and 92.4MB/s read.

It does charge my mobile phone (iPhone 6).
It does not charge the iPad (iPad Mini 1st gen.) But it does sync the iPad.

The iPhone nor iPad didn’t disconnect when syncing with iTunes.
It all went very fast and I didn’t notice any difference when syncing it with the computer.

Indication light
I am using this product for 4 days now, but I have to say, the indication light doesn’t disturb me when I’m at work. I see many reviews where people are complaining about the blue light, but for me, it isn’t disturbing.

Nice 45 degrees angle for quickly accessing the ports on the hub.
It’s made out of aluminum, no cheap material were found in this product!
The hub stays on even when your computer is in sleep mode, this is my biggest pro on this product.
Apple lovers will love this product for sure, it’s amazing to stand on your desk. This is a real eye catcher!
It can handle different hard drives at the same time without disconnecting or losing a lot of speed.
When having a lot if cable laying back and forward plugged in the hub, it stays stable!
Transfer speeds are very fast! It’s also backwards compatible with USB 2.0.
Can be used all around the world since you van replace the power cord which goes into the socket and than to the adapter.
Available with a black or white plate.

For me it isn’t such a huge deal, but maybe for the next version Satechi can replace the USB and ‘power-in’ ports at the back for the hub.

Design 10/10
Quality 10/10
Performance 10/10

Overall rating: 10+

I can definitely recommend his product to everyone looking for an extremely good USB 3.0 hub. This is a beast when it comes to hubs and it’s the best I have ever seen in this price and design range. If you are looking for a very good hub, this is the one you need to have! Buy it today!!!
review image review image review image review image
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on 18 January 2014
No problems at all with ordering or delivery to Belgium, great piece of kit! love that you can plug in 7 usb keys side by side no matter what their shape. As has been stated in other remarks having the power and control USB at either side makes it a bit space consuming, would like to see the option to plug them in the back or side. Am using it on a windows machine with out problem.
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on 29 January 2014
This is a great addition to my iMac, looks stylish blends in well with iMac. Agree power could come from back to make it even better.
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on 1 November 2014
If you you're a Mac owner and looking for something that won't look out of place on your desk then this is for you.

The built quality is very good, the brushed aluminium surrounding the heavy duty white plastic USB sockets is finished to a very high standard and will match your macbook perfectly. The supplied power supply is a white lead and small brick affair with plenty of cable so it can be left down the back of your desk or on the floor. The power cable plugs into the side of the hub which will give off an unobtrusive blue light to indicate the power, however this can be slightly annoying at night if you sleep in the same room so I ended up disconnecting the power or covering up the light with a cloth.

The only thing I'm not keen on is because of its angled design when you have a lot of usb devices connected to the hub it does look a little messy, the cables tend to point upwards toward the sky, however with some arranging on my desk with the hub pointing away from me solved that.

One thing to note it would not power my Apple USB Superdrive, the Mac complained it needs to be plugged into an Apple USB port, to remedy this I had to plug in the Superdrive to the left USB port on my Macbook Pro and have the hub on the right hand side port then with all my devices coming off the Satechi Hub, which worked a treat.

All in all this is a very good product, the angled design can make it a little messy on your desk but if you are in the market for a well designed USB 3.0 hub to work well with your Apple products this is one to think about.
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