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on 6 November 2015
For years i've only had the awful VHS of this film, so it's nice to finally get the Blu-ray. It was worth the wait as the film is still as enjoyable as it was when i first saw it way back in the 80's!

The picture is pretty good, a bit grainy in places but otherwise good for a film of this age. For anyone who hasn't seen it, it's a very funny Zombie film, featuring fast Zombies that can also hold a conversation (and use a Police radio!) The film also has some really good performances from a cast of familiar faces and unknowns.

The documentary 'More Brains' which is feature length really makes this worth getting. It's informative and very funny and features nearly all the cast in very entertaining interviews. They all have wild memories of making the film.

So well worth getting and at a great price too!
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on 29 January 2017
In my opinion this zombie flick stands out as a cut above the rest. Its gory, graphic, doesn't hold back with it's nudity and somehow manages to even feature a reasonably attractive female zombie!.
The visual effects are amazing not only for the time but even compared to much of the rubbery look that hangs off most monsters etc in almost all films these days that even bother to opt out from using CGI and use good old fashioned appliances and so on with the actors.
The film boasts a great cast, well acted and has that classic 80's feel about it from start to finish and with a great soundtrack to boot.

Couldn't get a better zombie film! Brain craving monsters, flesh in it's abundance and it's a rib tickler from start to finish!
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on 15 October 2017
As far as I'm aware, this is the best release available and it's such a great film that it deserves such great audio and visual quality and a plethora of extra features.

This is a superb comedy-horror and all fans of the film should buy this release instead, or as well as, the ones they already own. It is a hugely enjoyable film and this is release with hours of extra features and great sound and picture quality.
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on 21 June 2013
I have been waiting for this film to receive a proper edition to own. Fortunately that edition has finally come. With the original soundtrack, the outstanding "More Brains! A Return to the Living Dead" documentary, and several other outstanding extras on top of a well designed Steelbook packaging, this purchase was a must for me and any fan of the series. I only hope more horror films of the era receive a similar respectful treatment in the future.
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on 20 July 2011
Freddy has just started a new job at a medical storage warehouse, he's being trained up by Frank. Frank ends up telling Freddy about how the events that were depicted in Night Of The Living Dead were real, and some of the corpses are in canisters down in the basement. When they go down to take a look, Frank manages to break the seal on one of the canisters which releases a gas. The vapours that have been released causes the dead to re-animate, suddenly the adjacent graveyard becomes extremely lively.

Thom Matthews who played Tommy Jarvis in Friday The 13th part 6 is very likeable as Freddy, James Karen is brilliantly over the top as the very emotional Frank. Clu Gulager is excellent as Burt, the owner of the warehouse. His character offers a bit of calm to Frank and Freddy's manic characters. Don Calfa is hilarious as Ernie, just as he was hilarious as Paulie the hitman in Weekend At Bernie's, he works in the crematorium next to the graveyard. There's many moments where it's alluded to that he has a nazi past. He and Burt have been friends for years, so obviously Burt, Frank and Freddy go to Ernie for help. Most of the other main characters are friends of Freddy's, they were waiting for him to finish work and decided to wait in the cemetery.

It was written and directed by Dan O'Bannon, this was his directorial debut and he only directed one more after this, the 1992 film, The Ressurrected. O'Bannon was an excellent writer having wrote the screenplays for Dark Star, Alien, Dead And Buried, Life Force, Total Recall and Screamers. There's plenty of gore and nudity, Linnea Quigley became quite famous in the '80s for a string of nude scenes in horror films, and why not as she had a fantastic body. There's one of the best zombies ever put on film, affectionately known as Tarman to fans of the film. The only zombie that looked better that I can think of is in Creepshow, the zombie played by John Amplas in the Father's Day segment.

Unlike most zombie films, the zombies in ROTLD can talk. I'd hate it if they spoke in a serious film, but it just makes this film even funnier and some of the best moments come from the zombies. The band Send More Paramedics got their name from a zombie quote in this, and the revelation that they eat brains to relieve the pain of death was fantastic. The soundtrack is awesome, great '80s cheesy punk and rock songs that compliment the film hugely. Unlike many '80s horror films that are unintentionally funny, this film is funny on purpose and it really works. Some people didn't like the ending, I felt it was a great way to finish. The zombies in this also run, many believe that trend started with 28 Days Later, but this along with the Italian exploitation classic Nightmare City did it long before that film.

The Blu-ray is superb. The steelbook is outstanding and it also has an 18 page booklet that's full of interesting information and cool pictures. The picture quality to be truthful isn't fantastic, for those who have watched the film for years on VHS and DVD, then it is a clear improvement. I don't think this film is ever going to look like Avatar and nor should it, the purpose of Blu-ray is to show the film how the director intended it to be seen, and in that regard the picture quality is excellent. It's got better sound, the colours are more vibrant than they've ever been before, there's definitely a lot less scratches and blemishes, and the detail and clarity in certain scenes is fantastic. Overall I think this is exactly how the film should look, and I was delighted with the upgrade. The real reason I wanted this, and I'm sure it's the same for most people, is for the extras. The phenomenal two hour documentary More Brains: A Return To The Living Dead is on the disc, that's followed by More Brains: 2 Hours Of Bonus Features which has more interviews and goes into decent detail about parts 2 and 3. A few more extras are on the disc which in total adds up to about five hours. The option is available to watch the film with the original or newer soundtrack, another big selling point for some people. The only thing missing from this is a commentary from Dan O'Bannon as he passed away in 2009, but it's something that I'm happy to not have with the amount of information given in the More Brains extras. It has no subtitles which came as a bit of a shock, strange that such a fantastic release doesn't have something as basic as subtitles.
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on 26 October 2015
I have loved this film since the 80s so was horrified when I bought this on DVD to find that several scenes had been ruined by soundtrack changes - zombie voices were changed and songs were moved or removed, most unforgivably Roky Erickson's Burn The Flames was faded out during a cremation scene.

Second Sight's UK blu ray restores the soundtrack and contains hours of special features so it's a real no-brainer if you're thinking about buying it.
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on 24 August 2017
This is an absolute classic movie, I'm surprised it's only a 15 certificate as it used to be 18 on DVD and VHS. This blu ray is absolutley packed with bonus feaures, including a 2 hour documentary which is very frank and honest about the problems that happened behind the scenes. You also get featurettes on the second and third movies which was fun to see.
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on 15 September 2014
This movie is as fresh today as it was when it first came out. The mix of horror and comedy works very well in this movie which spawned a number of sub standard sequels but this is the best by a mile.The disc itself has very good picture and sound oh by the way it has the original soundtrack put back on. As for the story i wont go into it to much as i dont want to spoil it for you so all i will say an accident lets the living dead loose and all hell breaks out.On the extra front there is over 4 hours.So if you enjoy this movie get this disc as you wont see it better than this
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on 12 November 2014
I have fond memories of this film. My circle of friends all saw this and I still have the soundtrack on vinyl, it used to play at parties. Do you wanna party? It's party time! People forget, this was the first big film with fast moving Zombies trying to eat people's brains. Although it's a comedy, It spooks me every time I pass a cemetery in the rain, brrrrr. I don't like the repackaging, it's crap and misrepresents the film which was actually an important catalyst in the evolution of the cinematic zombie.
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on 7 March 2014
I first saw this movie a lot of years ago and I just had to buy it again.It was just as good as I remember.The storyline is crazy and although the title conjures up a picture of monstrous gore and horror,parts of it are just too funny not to laugh.You do need a sense of humour and a strong stomache but the film is a classic and the music throughout is pretty good too.They don't make em like they used to.Watch and enjoy.
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