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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 12 July 2016
Have really enjoyed this book, it draws you in and you wanna know what's happening to the characters making it hard to put down. Anna is only 16 when her boyfriend is killed, and she is taken by his killer. Once free from him, she has a bodyguard for protection and of course falls in love with him, and the book is their journey from Anna's horrific past to their happy ever after. I did find the book dragged just slightly in the middle as it seemed to forget the horrible events Anna went through, and concentrated more on the romance part. BUT then it got going again taking you with it until the end. I would definitely recommend this book to everyone☺
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on 14 August 2015
I thought Kirsty Moseley's book The Boy Who Sneaks in My Bedroom Window had stolen my heart, now I'm not so sure!!!!
Anna is broken, after watching her boyfriend killed in front of her at the age of sixteen then being kidnapped by his murderer for 8 months she is traumatised and shuts herself away from everyone. Three years pass and after making several bodyguards quit when they try to protect her Ashton Taylor a newly qualified SWAT is given the assignment to keep her safe for 8 months, during which time the re trial of her boyfriends murderer and her kidnapper Carter is taking place. Ashton and Anna's story broke my heart I was an emotional wreck. Ashton protects her fiercely and tries to show her life is worth living and she can move forward if not totally forget the nightmare and guilt of what she went through.
Nothing left to lose is heart wrenching but also heartwarming and beautiful!!! So many emotions in one book that is nothing short of special. This book has my recommendation 100%.
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on 4 January 2015
AMAZING STORY, i loved this book its in my top 5 reads for 2014 it was beautiful, intense, heart melting. dramatic, moving, and emotional. I honestly could not put it down. When I look at the piles of books I have read over the past this is one which I will look at the cover and know what this novel did to me emotiomnally drawing you in and the cover just matches the feelings this book portrays. Ashton and Anna's story is such a wonderful love story and the way the story unfolds is just fantastic. I honestly would have given it more stars if I could it was so lovely. I know some of it was a bit far fetched at times but it did not deter from the story at all. I will read this again I know for sure asthe characters were great the story kept me interested and I just wanted to keep on reading on and on. I always think a good book is one when nothing else seems to matter but being able to get throught the next chapter undisturbed. I found myself hiding in places in the house so no one found me so i could read more and more. Thats the sign of a good book. Kirsty moseley is a fab author i so enjoyed "The book who sneaked in my bedroom window" it was adorable and now "Nothing left to lose" was just so moving and I found myself smiling to myself it was so lovely. Now starting "Always You" another of Kirstys novels.
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on 26 November 2013
Okay, I remember reading this book on Wattpad a few years ago when I was 16 and thinking it was so dramatic and Ashton was so sweet with Anna, but reading it again I've come to realise that it is actually awfully written. Every few sentences includes "pretty boy" or "baby girl", I'm sorry, who EVER solely calls someone after their 'nickname', and only calls someone by their name if they're mad at them? I did feel sympathy for Anna because this book deals with very serious topics, however the Author seemed oblivious to the obstacles in overcoming these issues and wrote this book in such a way that it dismissed them. It was not at all realistic, and I'm not talking about realism in terms of 'that would never happen in real life' or the imaginitive sense, I mean it was just childish. This seems to be quite a common theme with this Author, dealing with rape in such a way that it proves you need to meet 'the one' before you can overcome any issues. The only character I really liked was Nate, he was very funny and his story Enjoying the Chase was entertaining. Another issue I had was that a lot of the scenes from both of these books were literally the exact same scenes from the television show friends? Like when Nate is accused of not calling a girl back and he blames it on her not giving him her number, this is exactly the same as when Joey uses the excuse in friends? Or when Nate threatens to tell everyone about the time that Ashton was making out with a supposed girl when they were at a club that had suspiciously big hands and whatever, again; this is exactly as used in friends? The Author didn't even seem to be inspired by certain things, she just literally changed the situation to fit hers and used the idea with basically the same script. I'm sorry but Kirsty's books are for those who want to read cute stories, about overcoming 'serious' events (but dealt with in a childish, dismissive way) and they aren't at all enlightening in terms of character progression, the characters seem to suddenly evolve to a certain mindset when the 'hero' saves them, or someone. What I really want to say is the plot was thin, and the characters weren't very deep. Typical 'player turns adoring boyfriend' the second they set eyes on the girl, based on her beauty, even though she wears baggy clothes and no makeup (there is nothing wrong with that, just that supposed 'greek god look-alike players' who sleep with a different girl every day do not suddenly fall in love as soon as they set eyes on someone in this kind of attire before they even speak to them. If you're looking for a superficial, thin read then maybe this is for you. I just think there could have been something good here and it was ruined by the Authors style.
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on 18 February 2016
This may possibly be my favourite Kirsty Moseley book. It tells the tragic story of Annabelle Spencer who is ripped from her idyllic life on her 16th birthday, sees her boyfriend murdered and is forced to live with his murderer. After almost a year living with Carter she is rescued and has to be protected 24/7 by Swat agent Ashton Taylor. A wonderfully tragic story of love, lust, tragedy and complete and utter heartache. Loved Ashton with a passion. What a completely fantastic read.
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on 9 July 2014
I started this free book late at night for a 10 minute wind down before I went to sleep ... OMG!! Suffice to say I was very tired the next day ... at 1am I was still reading, I just couldn't put it down. The most gripping first chapter I have EVER read and finally a book long enough to really get to know and love the characters. Have bought more Kirsty Moseley books, you can tell she loves reading as much as writing.
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on 3 February 2014
A good storyline with well written characters, but at times the romance between them is over the top, st times there are pages of them declaring their love for one another- we get it, they love each other, get on with the story!
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on 12 April 2014
Nothing left to lose (contain graphic and sexual contents)

A book like no other that I have ever read. Annabelle Spencer a sweet young girl out on a date with her childhood sweetheart Jack on her 16th Birthday, everything should have been perfect, though Carter Thomas, a vile evil man who takes a shine to Annabelle makes it his personal mission to take her, make her his and kill anyone that gets in his way. Carter kills Jack in front of Annabelle and imprisons her in his life of abuse, cruelty and murder – until Annabelle is found and rescued 10 months later.

Three years later, Anna is still a broken mess living in the darkness with her broken spirit and painful heart is struggling to get back to any sort of living. Her parents are worried that they can’t get close to her to help, no one can. Anna pushes those she loves away, scared that they too will be taken from her, and that sort of pain is too much. She also won’t let anyone touch her. Just existing in a life that she doesn’t want to live, Anna shows she will take no s*** off no one, defensive, bitchy, feisty she gives everyone a run for their money.

After being expelled from several schools and having a record for making her near guards quit from four days in to a max of three months, Ashton has his work cut out for him. After graduating top of his class as a SWAT agent, his first assignment is to be Annabelle Spencer’s near guard. Handpicked by Annabelle’s father Senator Spencer, pegged to be the next President, Ashton has eight months to keep Annabelle safe, in School and able to cope with the retrial of Carter Thomas in eight months’ time.

Having to pose as Annabelle’s boyfriend so he can keep close and protect her from others that may harmlessly take a shine to her, Ashton and Annabelle have to get close and learn to trust each other.

A cracking story, both written in Anna’s and Ashton’s POV, The characters are loveable (except Carter and his mob) and the story was just amazing. Highly recommended!

Kirsty Moseley has also written ‘Enjoying the Chase’ a book about Nate, a character from this story, which sounds great too and will read!

Other books by Kirsty
Always You
Free Falling
The boy who sneaks in my bedroom – I have read and also thorough enjoyed and recommend!
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on 27 February 2014
After the first few chapters of this book I became quite bored and frustrated with the incessant repetition of Anna's ongoing emotional battles with Ashton, the same description of her emotional unavailability, and the constant endless sexual tension descriptive where the word "whimpered" to name but one of many was overused to the point of significant annoyance. A fairly good concept for a storyline but could probably be less than half the length.
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on 17 April 2014
3.5 Stars in my Sky!

Anna is a survivor, she survived seeing her boyfriend being murdered and then being held prisoner for 10 months. Anna faced a horrifying ordeal at the hands of psychotic gangster Carter, so when Ashton is sent to be her new bodyguard she's pretty much closed off from everybody.

Like most of Kirsty Moseley's male leads, Ashton seems to come with endless patience, caring and dedication. Anna doesn't make it easy for him to like/love her but he puts in the effort and risks everything for her.

Anna has almost immeasurable strength and although she finds everything a struggle, she continues to battles against her demons (and herself) to find a way through her issues. The parts where she remembered Jack were both charming yet heartbreaking for her and Ashton.

I'm in two minds about Nothing Left to Lose because although I enjoyed Anna and Ashton's story I felt a certain disconnect between the character voices. In particular I felt the male voice (Ashton's) didn't really seem like a guy. I think this was a similar concern when I read Always You and The Boy Who Sneaks (also by Kirsty Moseley). The problem with this is the dialogue sometimes seems a bit immature and I found Ashton too good to be true (maybe it's just me be cynical). BUT for me this was only small thing and I actually liked Ashton for his uber niceness wrapped up in his badass agent body.
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