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on 17 October 2017
Sadly I wish I could be leaving a better rates review, with this being an Asus product that I thought was a trusted brand. I may need to reconsider this thinking...

I ordered this back in March so have had it for several months now... well had until it has just died and will no longer work.

My in built wireless adapter died in my gaming PC so I wanted something reliable with quick speeds to play games wirelessly (gaming PC upstairs, router downstairs). I ordered this, it was very easy you simply plug and play. I have had a rather unstable connection throughout the months I have used this, which I initially put down to our hopeless internet provider (dreaded TalkTalk). When it was connected the speed was very good for any of the games I threw at it (battlefield 1 to name one). However after my connection kept dropping any everyone else in the house stayed connected I realised it was my connection, my new Asus device.

The connection has slowly gotten worse until tonight where it has suddenly stopped working altogether. I have tested it in several of my USB ports and other PCs and still no power light on, and completely unresponsive.

Paying a fairly decent amount of money for something from a supposedly trusted brand I have been left extremely disappointed. I expected this to last a lot longer than 7 months, at least even a year ( obviously I want it to last longer than this).

Having ordered it so long ago from Amazon I think I may have to contact Asus directly so they can resolve this. I am having to leave this review on my phone because I currently have no way of connecting online on my PC!

I was considering leaving one star, but felt that two was fairer as what I said previously... when it did stay connected it worked well.
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on 29 August 2015
I bought this to give my laptop 5Ghz. It was too unstable on that. I read the reviews on Amazon.com (the American Amazon) and found someone recommended the Netgear A6210 instead (which doesn't use the same Realtek chip like most of these adapters, see http://www.amazon.com/gp/customer-reviews/R2SYNZ1E1IMRZM/ref=cm_cr_pr_rvw_ttl?ie=UTF8&ASIN=B00FB45USW) as better. I'm giving up on this product and buying that instead.

AP is a Cisco Small Business WAP371 (and my ASUS RT-AC68U has no issue with being a Media Bridge to it) so hardly cheap kit or due to a poor AP.

ASUS support couldn't give newer drivers or even explain what the options mean in Device Manager either.

The Amazon.com reviews for this product are quite telling. I've tried the Edimax drivers, I upgraded to Windows 10 tried the built in Windows 10 drivers.. it just has too much packet loss and doesn't work well on USB3 (Windows keeps reporting it has been disconnected from USB when it hasn't).. and probably never will.
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on 29 February 2016
I've had this quite a while and its been sitting in its cellophane wrapped box until now, however...

I've followed the installation instructions to the the letter, insert CD and let the software install and nothing happens, it doesn't matter whether I elect to install the USB 3 drivers or not (my system has full USB 3 capability) and nothing happens, reboot, insert the stick, nothing happens. No desktop link or anything, bar on one occasion when no matter what I did try to use the utility all Windows 10 says is insert the device before starting the utility (I HAVE! ARRGH!)

The device appears in the device manager, I disconnect the Ethernet cable to setup the wireless link, nothing. I cannot get Windows to use this Wi-Fi device that's correctly installed and showing in both the device manager and the internet connection settings.

I've reinserted the Ethernet cable and downloaded the latest software from Asus's site for this device and it still makes no difference, I've tried plugging it into all of my USB 3 ports and still no joy of wireless connectivity.

I don't know what options I have left other than to put it back in it's box and leave it there. Useless.

If you have Windows 10 Pro x64, don't buy this device as there aren't any Windows 10 specific drivers which maybe the issue for its complete lack of functionality.
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on 17 October 2015
Very disappointed with this. It is far too big to put in an ordinary laptop usb port, simply because it is so large. Of course it fits into the USB port, but is so big and long that it could easily get damaged, if you moved the laptop or brushed your arm or hand against it.

If you choose the option of using the cable and the dongle stand, combined with the aerial, that is also not practical as the lead is so thick, any movement of the laptop causes the stand and dongle to fall down. Would be OK for a desktop, but not for a laptop in my view.
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on 25 February 2017
Very fast usb wifi stick, but let down by frequent disconnects, and I mean proper disconnects disappears from device manager, I keep having to remove and re-insert into usb port to get working again a real pain, hope asus gets this fixed with a possible driver update soon! Im on Windows 7 64bit
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on 6 January 2017
The dongle is well made and has a modern looking texture. The package included an extension cable and a base, which means I can set it up at the top of my PC tower for better signal. It comes with a huge antenna (compare to the size of the dongle itself), which helped to boost the signal further. Hardware wise, I would like to give it 5 stars.

However the software does not quite work. First, the ASUS util does not work on windows 10. So don't bother to looking for the shortcut to launch it after you install the driver. Anyway you don't need the asus utils. Once you install the driver and plug-in the dongle, windows will set it up "correctly". However if you stops here, it works exactly like a 802.11n dongle with 2.4hz band. It requires further setup to make it fully functional as 802.11ac dual band. It frustrates me that ASUS didn't mention any of that in its support manual.

Here is what you need to do:
1. Open "Network Connections"
2. Open "Properties" of the WiFi connection
3. Click "Configure" -> "Advance" tab
4. Set up the properties as below:
LdpcCap: LDPC Disable
Prefered Band: 5G first
StbcCap: Disable
Wireless Mode: IEEE 802.11ac

My connection speed improved from 150Mbps to 570Mbps. My router (Apple Time capsule) was set up in a different room. You might get better speed if your router is closer. (Disclaimer: I do not want to pretend I am a networking expert, these are my own configuration which helped me to improve my connection speed. Try at your own risk.)

Overall, it is a great dongle but completely useless unless you know what need to be done. Hence the 3 stars review.
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on 21 February 2018
Hello guys,

I've recently bought this item. I have it for 2 days. Currently I did what did the manually said in the first place, I have installed first the drivers than connected the device and rebooted. I'm a windows 10 user, 64bits. On my first connection, for like 10 minutes it started to disconnect by it self. However this is not a new thing to me. I had a similar issue with my tc4u wireless adapter from tp link. However, I've changed it to another USB 3.0 and currently works very smoothly both in games and streaming videos youtube, Netflix, etc. The 5.0 ghz signal is very powerful currently due to the external antennas. With my old adapter, I barely had a 120mb signal from my room, the connection wasn't stable in games and the streaming was also affected. Right now all of my issues are gone. I think i will repost in 1 week or 2. Right now my signal from my wif fi it is around 360 mb, I know it's not much but keep in mind that, I leave in a house with 5 people with mobiles phones p.c's etc. The load on the router it self it's heavy. I'm very happy despite of the bad ratings and warning comments. I've bought many adapters during the last years, cheap ones and I think this purchase it is by far the best one.Worth every peny! :). For those who are searching for something high end, this product for sure is one, at least in my opinion.
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on 14 September 2016
Does not actually support linux as it only works with a very old version of the kernel. Look for an intel chipset if you need linux support.
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on 28 February 2017
99% of people won;t care about what I am going to say - sorry. There are two variants of this device - the type 1 and the type 2. Simplistically, the type 1 is USB2.0, type 2 is USB 3.0. They look the same they have the same name. BUT only type one will work with a Panasonic DVX200. The one shipped to me does NOT work.

As a result of ASUS support trying to blame me for their errors, I am downgrading the original 3 star rating to 1 star(See comments below for details)
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on 28 October 2016
First pleasant surprise - the product is a lot more solid than I anticipated from the photos. The arms (and the rest) are very well built and stable. I half expected to find it easy to knock over and susceptible to easy breakages.

Second pleasant surprise - it was very easy to set up and connect. Despite all the promises from many items, I have generally found any wifi or router products to take more IT knowledge than I have to actually get them set up.

As expected - it is powerful and fast. I can tell the difference between its speed and a cable but it really is good - even on large downloads like films or games.

Third - and not pleasant - surprise. The wifi kept dropping out and taking some time and often manual intervention to come back up. I should say I on WIndows 10 which isn't supported yet but which, as other reviewers have said, does seem to work fine. My wifi on several other products works fine and was not dropping at the same time so the router isn't the issue.

I tried searching for solutions to the problem - nothing I could find on this specific product but plenty on other usb wifi receivers. Unfortunately for me, I really can't get my head round most of the suggestions since my IT literacy simply isn't good enough.

Anyway, I am a few days in and the problem seems to be reducing so fingers crossed it will be OK. Assuming that is so, it is a very good product.
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