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on 7 January 2015
I bought this when it was very, very cheap, and took a chance thinking "I'll just give it to charity if it turns out to be rubbish." I was pleasantly surprised.

We have Maglites and LED Lensers in the house and cars, so I'm comparing this to torches which cost significantly more.


Very sturdy build. Nice aluminium body.
Very bright for one AA battery.
Beam adjustment works well, and is tactile.


Not built to the same standards as other big brand torches. Little things like the screw that holds the pocket clip on betray the fact that this was manufactured on a budget, but do not detract from functionality or usability.
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on 2 September 2014
I received one faulty, tried various times with alternative batteries and even upside down to check. Contacted seller to let them know and their response was that it was probably the battery and to try another. It may be cheap but it should be working and if not, replace it! I'd be more than happy to return the faulty one.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 5 February 2013
This is a compact torch, just 10cm long and weighs 81g (including battery). It's absolutely ideal to stick in your pocket or backpack and not notice its presence.

It takes an AA (1.5v) battery and has a fair amount of brightness with this battery. However, it comes into its own when used with the confusingly AA-sized 14500 3v rechargeable battery, when the brightness really steps up a couple of notches. Of course this 14500 battery requires a special charger which can add to the overall cost. But it's good to know that if the high power battery runs out you can always stick in a standard copper-top 1.5v AA battery and have a decent level of brightness.

Whatever you do, do not look into the lit bulb area - obvious advice perhaps, but these torches are bright and can easily cause temporary blindness or "spots" in front of your eyes that won't go away for a long time. Guess how I know this?

Apart from the special 14500 battery/charger paraphernalia (which is a one-off purchase, but I've knocked a star off for the inconvenience) this torch is ideal for night time nature walks or just finding your way from the pub back down the country road!

The brightness must be seen to be believed (with the special 14500 battery) - and you have a "zoom" on it too for adjusting from a spot to a flood (the latter is where you'll probably keep it, in reality). You may even decide that the brightness with a standard AA battery is good enough.

A note about night time nature walks: nocturnal animals can be easily blinded by such a high intensity torch. The general recommendation is to use a RED night time light (to which nocturnal animals are far less sensitive) so grab a small piece of red acrylic (or several red toffee papers) and place them inside the front of this torch. You still have a bright red light, easily enough to see by and you won't cause harm to any nocturnal animals you may encounter.

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on 24 April 2013
Seems to be quite good quality, and being a CREE light, much brighter than a traditional LED or bulb torch.

I have used it so far with 1 x AA battery. Having read that it also takes a 14500 3.7v rechargeable lithium battery and will be much brighter, I have also ordered.

Be aware that a 14500 battery and charger will cost about twice that of the torch itself, but we're not in Donald Trump territory.

I know that such rechargeable batteries suffer from quick drop-off, and given that 'the flame that burns twice as bright burns half as long' (thanks Ridley), I don't expect it to last amazingly either.

If I work out how to update a review I will add how the other battery performs when I get to play with it.

* * * UPDATE * * *

Recieved both the 1200mAh 3.7v batteries and the dedicated charger. Popped one of the batteries in. BLIMEY.

Much brighter. More comparable to my 3xC cell CREE torch available from 7dayshop. In first use, a definitely recommended upgrade. Time will tell if it lasts, but a definite 'show and tell' item for friends.

If I do have a gripe, I personally do not like the 100% / 50% / Strobing cycle of the switch, but my other CREE torch does the same so it seems the done thing. It may be a function for you!
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on 12 May 2016
From personal experience I cannot speak highly enough about this little flashlight. These really are fantastic wee torches for the money. I bought one a year or so ago and it's still performing without issue so I sourced Amazon for exactly the same brand (HWA/WYS Ultrafire with CREE LED) and ordered five of these in different colours. As for the lumens debate I see in the other reviewers comments, I cannot say. Here is how I judge this torch. Went out the back of the house in the dark and turned it on and the back garden was lit up. Slide the lens up and a perfect CREE chip spotlight appears and boy is it powerful. All the light I would ever need from a small torch.

In summary, this flashlight is designed to be a small EDC pocket torch with a nice wee pocket clip. The light it emits is IMHO more than sufficient for EDC purposes and much more (again, it's a powerful wee torch). If you really need something brighter still then I would recommend the following model 2000 Lumens CREE XML T6 LED Zoomable Flashlight Torch Skid Proof Fit AAA 18650 which is also a fantastic flashlight for the money, also by UltraFire. Love these wee torches :-) IMHO the Best Small EDC Flashlight you can buy. If you found this review helpful then please tick the YES box below. Thanks.
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on 23 February 2014
Working in security, we have big torches we carry around, but don't always have them to hand due to weight and size. This is perfect to attach to any vest, uniform. Small and compact.... there for when you need a torch but didn't anticipate you'd need one. Uses one AA battery. Uses LED bulb. Decent level of light. Perfect for close range i.e 4-5 meters Anythin beyond that, the light dissipates. To switch on, you press the switch. to change to the strobe option, you just need to press half way down. Looks cool, feels sturdy. I've been wearing mine on my overt stab vest under my jacket and therefore it hasn't seen rain yet. I've been carrying it around on me for around 4 months and have only had occasion to use it 3-5 times for periods no longer than a minute each time. Still working on the original AA battery. These are no where near the 'Surefire' standard (which I have owned) but a great practical piece of kit. Compared to the LED Lenser P3BM (£10.99) which I also bought from Amazon, it's not too far off from the P3BM standard but not as good. Due to the price, I will probably be going to get one for the car glove compartment, another for home a swell.
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on 3 January 2013
I just got this today so I cannot comment on the overall reliability but first impressions are very good. I went straight for a 14500 battery and the brightness is immense. It has 2 brightness settings and a strobe setting which could be handy in an emergency situation. The clip is very handy for belt/ pocket storage and it is small enough to easily fit in any pocket. The metal casing and threading seems well made and sturdy with rubber o-rings to keep it at the very least water resistant, I doubt that it would last long completely submerged because of the focus movement of the lens end which I think would be a weak spot for water to get in. For all of the potential weaknesses of the torch I doubt they would ever be a problem for most users and with a price of around £4 you cant get better. I have owned several led lenser torches which while very good were quite expensive in comparison nor did they even attempt to be water proof so this one is a definite winner in my book.
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on 17 October 2014
I am trying to write this review half blind because I was stupid and looked at the reflection of this torch on a glazed monitor.

Anyways... this tiny torch is unbelievably bright. I have torches that are literally x20 times the price of this one and are not even half as bright as the Q5.

I paid under £2 and that included postage for this unit and I am delighted with it and has to be one of the best bargains I have ever got.

The Q5 is very robustly built with a metal case which has different deep grips all over it so there is no way this thing is going to slip out of your hand even when wet. I am not sure if it's waterproof but I stuck it under a shower for 5 minutes and it didn't skip a beat just kept going.

The unit is focused by pulling the top half out and in for a wider or more focused light. For it's size it gives a very impressive wide angle of light which is very bright and then when focused it's unbelievably bright literally like someone has set of a flash bang in the room. Please don't be stupid like me and look at the torch light directly when it's on or even as a reflection because it really does effect your eye sight for a good ten minutes afterwards. If you shine this torch in someone's eyes in the dark it is going to stop them in their tracks so perhaps a nice security side effect?

The Q5 takes one AA battery which makes the whole unit including battery extremely light and with the included belt clip you wouldn't even notice you are carrying this.

All in all a excellent product that is very solidly built, extremely bright, light and an absolute bargain. This really is a no brainer and I will be buying a few more to keep in the household's cars and around the house in case of a power cut.
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on 5 September 2012
I have lost my jetbeam mini torch, a gift from my boyfriend :( Found this one at very attractive price. It is very bright as a torch but not bright enough to be a defensive weapon. With its adjustable head, the angle of the beam can change from a small but very bright spot to a larger but dim cast. The size is a little fatter and has a little clip, which makes it easy to grab. Strong full metal body with small holes around at the rear that can tie strings through.
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on 9 September 2014
these are amazing

they come in a very unsuspecting white cardboard tube that is just the same size of the torch its self
it is small and takes 1 AA battery..
the 1 LED seems like it will not work as it says but i was very wrong

you have to bare in mind the type of batteries that you use.. the cheap ones from poundland and even good quality duracell batteries produce a dull light
however if you put a high power rechargeable battery in then you are laughing.. its very bright and lasts a very long time

there are 2 modes.. press the button once then its a solid beam but if you turn it back off then on very quickly it will turn into a strobe light which is ideal for an emergency which will be seen from miles away

i bought 4 of these on the off chance as they were only £2.50 ish each and im glad that i did.. 1 in each car and 1 in my bedroom
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