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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
Elvis Presley- The Perfect Elvis Soundtracks
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£36.99+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 8 January 2014
This boxset contains original EP and LP soundtrack albums released during Elvis' (scripted) movie career and, apart from the absence of the 'Love Me Tender' and 'Easy Come, Easy Go' EP's, I would say it's pretty definitive. The sound quality on each CD is excellent with the remasters taken from the lavish (and in some ways exclusive) 'Complete Elvis Presley Masters' boxset released in 2010 and features the original album mixes and album sequencing (three albums of which have never been released in that manner since their original vinyl counterparts!) Only one track 'Blue River' on the 'Double Trouble' CD falls below par with a strange distortion on the left hand channel.
As for performance and quality of music, well I'm afraid that's really for the individual to decide, starting from disc 1 to disc 20 there is a noticeable decline in quality songs long before the halfway mark and many of these albums are not really what made Elvis great. However, there's still a few gems to be discovered for the uninitiated and as for an avid like myself, well, I've waited a long time to be able to play a handful of these albums in their original sequence and it's nice to finally listen to them that way again.
The box itself is sturdy and each disc is housed in a mini card facsimile of (mostly) the original artwork, it also comes complete with a booklet containing an essay on Elvis celluloid career, a synopsis of each movie included in the box and album tracklistings with accompanying credits for each disc. There are one or two errors on the tracklistings on the CD covers that in some cases depict a lot more tracks than are actually on the CD, so it's best to stick with the booklet, though even that has one track 'A Whistling Tune' from the 'Follow That Dream' soundtrack that doesn't appear on the CD. (It wasn't included in the movie anyway, so I'll give 'em that!)
Overall, despite a few small niggling errors, I'll give it 5 stars - for presentation, sound quality and the fact that 'Kissin Cousins', 'Double Trouble' and 'Speedway' finally have their CD debut as complete albums as originally intended.
Now where was I? Oh yes... 'Rock-a-hula, rock, rock -a-hula...
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on 18 October 2014
Wow This Is A Fantastic Box Set That Compliments THE 20 ORIGINAL ALBUMS Box Set Perfectly ,
Although Some Of The Movies Were Quite Poor, There Are Still Some Great Songs In The Films,
I Am Really Delighted With This Set , I Have Seen All Of The Movies Of Course Some Were Fantastic
And Some Really Are Awful , There Are Of Course Another Eight Movies That Are Not Included
In This Set That Has A Total Of 36 Tracks On Them, Could Have Easily Been Added To This Set
To Make It Up To The Complete Movie Soundtracks.
I Am Sure There Are Some New Elvis Fans Who Have Not Heard Some Of The Tracks Before
i.e; DOMINIC ( from stay away joe 1968) , ALMOST, VIOLET, SIGNS OF THE ZODIAC (from ,the trouble with girls 1969)
Which I Think That All Elvis New Fans Would Love To Hear And Could Have Made It Onto This Fantastic Set.
But Apart From That, This Is A Truly Brilliant Item To Have And I Very Pleased To Have Bought It....And You Will Be To.
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on 24 November 2016
The best
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on 11 February 2014
Really good box set. For years I've been collecting bits and pieces of Elvis's soundtrack recordings and so far this is the most comprehensive collection. I had quite a bit of this already but what I didn't have amounted to more than half of the 20 cd's included so this was a no-brainer.

As most Elvis fans know; his movies declined dramatically in quality as the years progressed but that didn't neccessarily mean that the songs were all poor. There are quite a few gems scattered about here and even some albums as a whole that aren't too shabby at all. Particularly enjoyable here is that "Clambake" (an all around very solid soundtrack), "Double Trouble", "Spinout" and "Speedway" are as originally released and I can't remember having ever seen them sold individually. Another great bonus here is that we get all the original artwork as well (well mostly; I doubt that "Loving You" and "Double Trouble" looked like that from the get go) and that's a treat for collectors.

There's always room for nitpicking if one wants to take that route; here it's mostly that I would have loved to have the rest compiled like the "Kid Galahad/Follow That Dream/Flaming Star cd here; there are quite a few soundtrack recordings not here but I think they were never released as an EP even to begin with. For instance; "Stay Away, Joe" had a few tracks but never got an EP release but one track ("Goin' Home") from that film pops up as a bonus song on "Speedway".

To sum up; what's here is great; it sounds great; it looks great and there's even an informative booklet included (and in fact quite neccessary as some tracklistings aren't as they appear on the vinyl replica sleeves).

Highly recommended.
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on 7 July 2015
Not just for Elvis fans,this is great stuff for all from a good deal of his movies,im sure theres a few tunes in there that people are going to recognise even if youre not a fan,well,im a fan,have most individually but did not stop me from buying a dainty little box set full of musical treasures.A must have for anyone,a lovely set.However ni bonus tracks,but you do get the added"bonus tracks"that were originally included on the original albums and not included on the "double features" cds.I realised how i miss the old LP artwork,which is included here.Another thing is if they could include "Flaming Star Kid Galahad and Follow That Dream"and"Viva Las Vegas"which was never an LP,but 2 EPs,why not then include "Easy Come Easy Go!",but I suppose its down to numbers of discs to include etc etc.Maybe a small box set with the remainder of the movies soundtracks,or an EP set???..4stars,as its good,borders on very good but just misses out for the reasons as pointed out.
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on 29 April 2017
I have added my two penny worth previously regarding criticism of Elvis who perhaps would not have chosen to record numerous songs
especially during the "filmfest" imposed upon him by his mentors and the bogus manager Elvis trusted. Being a singer myself (God forbid
some may gasp) not an impersonator I quickly add - those guys who dress in a similar garb to the Las Vegas days and pretend they are
Elvis by pelvic thrusts (which are nothing like the original) are a mockery. A singer who likes to sing Elvis songs - because most were good,
very good, I have attempted to sing some of the not so liked numbers, and do you know, to make even a passable rendition is ultra difficult,
if you don't believe my try. Elvis made a superb job out of what my Mother would say "that song sounds like it was made up" we are all
aware every song is "made up" but I think you know what she meant. So those people who are great critics over matters like content on sleeve
or colour of reproduced artwork realize most of the recordings were done on block over a short period of time and rushed through to a hungry
youth. The first Long Player (album to you youngsters) which was simply called Elvis had to be pressed by His Masters Voice since RCA
didn't have the capacity one would guess. My first Elvis LP since the first Heartbreak Hotel single, and might I add perhaps the best ever
recording showing this then young mans talent, the numbers cobbled together by two guitars and a slap bass with a rather dated echo chamber.
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on 15 March 2017
well happy super
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on 12 September 2017
Bought this as a xmas present for my father. He is a big Elvis fan, and although he hates the movies he loves the music from them. 5*****s
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on 1 June 2016
Elvis Presley Made A Total Of 33 Movies During His Lengthy Hollywood Film Career. This Lavish 20 CD Box Set Takes in Most If Not All Every Musical Moment From The Films. Each Film soundtrack comes complete in its original Album cover just as it was when The soundtrack LP was first released. some like Follow That Dream and Kid Galahad were only few songs were featured in The actual movie are spread on one Disc. The classic Presley Movies Blue Hawaii GI Blues & Viva Las Vegas are all well represented of course some songs from The Films went onto million seller records Themselves for Elvis Return To Sender From Girl's Girl's Girl's & One Broken Heart For Sale From It Happened At The Worlds Fair To name a few. My Favourite from The collection is Roustabout everything just seemed To work well for Elvis in This one A Good Film and all of The songs were of a very High standard and again are well represented in This collection. The whole collection comes with a nice little booklet Detailing The Film soundtracks really This collection is excellent value for your money From a Time When Elvis was in The Movies Taking The Industry By Storm Enjoy.
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on 15 February 2014
great box set good value and also great sound .the biggest mistake on this box set is the double trouble cd case on the flip side has got the back of the follow that dream release stating original album plus unreleased takes but still good set j.lansley
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