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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 11 December 2009
I really love the Carpathian 'Dark Series' by Christine Feehan, and I am reviewing this on my second time round. In this book, it's the first time the first time the hero and heroine are equally matched with thier powers - albeit very differnt powers, but whereas other reviews have found this a plus, I am not sure I do. I quite like the battles between non-Carpathian or newly converted Carpathian women as they struggle not to come to terms with the change, I still don't know which way round I prefer things.

What draws me to this book is there is lots of interaction with other Carpathian's when previous books have been very much centred around a couple. Don't get me wrong this is the story of Julian Savage and his lifemate Desari. But as Desaria is one of six long-lost Carpathian children she does come with her family unit.

This is'nt one of my favorite stories, as I love the Dazatranaoff (sp) brothers, of which, Darius in this book is one as we fond out. But it's certainly a great read and has all the things we love about the Carpathian series.
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on 31 August 2017
Love Christine Feehan her books always keep me enthralled. Dark Challenge is one of her best
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on 10 September 2017
Cannot stop reading these books! Fab!
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on 26 July 2017
Excellent series
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on 18 June 2001
I bought all the dark series in one go as they were on my "recommended" list. I have mixed feelings about the series as a whole but not about this book. My major complaint about the others revolved around the massive difference in age and ability of the hero and heroine in the others. I just don't find that sort of uneven paring believable even in fiction. That said the books were well written and a good read but left me feeling just a bit frustrated. Dark Challenge was different. For the first time Ms Feehan paired an ancient female with one of her "dark" heros. Here the heroine was as powerful and skilled as the male and the result was a much more even relationship and a much more enjoyable read. I look forward to her next installment - hopefully it will be more in the same vein
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on 7 September 2001
This is a great book and a MUST read. A big plus that in this book the heroine (Dasari) is just as powerfull as as our hero (Julian) but in their own unique ways and it's makes for a truly intresting and dynamic relationship between the two. The book also introduces some new and VERY intresting characters to the series, in particular Darius....Gregori's younger brother.
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on 1 November 2000
Dark Challenge is the 5th book in Christine's immensely popular "Dark" Series. In the 3rd book we had the pleasure of reading Aidan's story, now we have Julian's (Aidan's twin) story.
Desari and her travelling band have been living for hundreds and hundreds of years believing that they were the only Carpathians left on the earth, as others they have come across have been vampire and intent on harming and destroying them. It is a shock to realise that there are other Carpathians roaming the earth. Desari has much to learn about her culture, as though she knows the basics of being a Carpathian she is unaware of the concept of a lifemate and that finding a lifemate represents hope to the male Carpathians who are in danger of succumbing to darkness. While she was under the protection and guidance of her brother Darius, the leader of the band, Desari had a fair degree of freedom and independence. However as Desari becomes Julian's lifemate (albeit unknowingly), she realises that are new rules she has to heed, and new dangers to face. However she is not without her own powers and is more than capable of aiding her lifemate. Julian has his own demons to fight literally and figuratively, and these demons have become more of a threat then ever as Julian realises that his one vulnerability is Desari. However together with his new found friends, he is more than equipped to deal with any evil that threaten him and Desari.
Christine has yet to disappoint, though at the rate her fan club is growing, I doubt this lady is capable of disappointing anyone! Dark Challenge is an enthralling read, beautifully written and best of all it reveals a little more to Carpathian history and yet more intriguing characters. For those fans out there mourning the loss of Gregori (to Savannah), fear not; as another has arrived! He is just as deadly, just as gorgeous and just as dangerous and furthermore he is still available!. I shall not give any more away, go and get the book!
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on 1 December 2000
I have read all of the Dark Series books, and this is yet another superb addition to this truly addictive writer. Christine Feehan has managed to amaze me yet again with the breath-taking talent she displays for our enjoyment. This book is the much antipicated tale of Julian and his unusual life-mate Desari, but also introduces a host of new characters. The most notable of these is Darius, whose tale will continue in Dark Fire a book that is already on my MUST BUY list.
I am sure that her many fans will agree that NOBODY does vampires like Christine Feehan, and I cannot overemphasise the depth of her talent.
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on 8 January 2004
At long last we meet the lost children. Julian one of the golden twins has found his lifemate Desari. She is travelling with her family & there is something about Darius, her brother that is very intruiging. He reminds Julian of Gregori, the healer. When he realised who they all are he contacts Gregori, who is very pleased his brother & sister are still alive. He tells Julian they will all meet up later.
Julian is the 1st carpathian to find an ancient as a lifemate which will prove very interesting. All the others have been young & inexperienced.
This is a fantastic continuation of this series & one which I will continue to reread everytime a new one comes out.
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on 7 September 2010
...and getting a bit repetitive. Dark challenge follows the same basic story as the others but this time the female is powerful in her own right. So i'm thinking fab - she's not gonna be a total pushover, she will kick Julian into touch - but no. She fights him for all of 5 minutes then puts up with an overbearing and frankly insulting attitude towards women because he is irresistable. Not likely - I can't relate to that. I hate this pushover women thing I mean Desari snipes at Julian when he's overbearing but that's it(better than nothing i suppose). Secondly men who are arrogant on the scale of the Carpathian men are NOT attractive.
(So far we have a pathetic female lead I cant relate too and a lead male I wouldn't find attractive in a book where I consider these things fairly important.) Its not going well.
Lastly a big deal was made about the vampire in julians past and as another reviewer pointed out the battle with him was over in 4 pages at the end of the book and to be honest by the end i was only scan reading and i don't really remember that part. I took a while to get through this book and was tired of it by the end.

The positives are that the female is stronger than the others have been previously but is not a slut (a mistake too many authors make). Also many other characters are around and i'm interested in their stories. (like barack and syndil - the next book is about darius so i hope these two are still around).

I will read Dark magic because as I have already got the entire series i hope it gets better. (I want a more kickass female or far less arrogant man. This is fantasy - go wild)
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