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on 11 January 2014
Very pleased with this after having trouble with other keyboards in the past. I prefer "crunchy" keys having been trained as a touch typist in the 1960s on a manual typewriter. This still retains the crunchiness with a modern feel. Keys are nicely spaced so no less chance of hitting the wrong one. I love the key underlighting which has three strengths. The only downside is the little legs underneath which prop it up are tiny, so this may present a problem if you are typing all day. Otherwise pretty much perfect.
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on 30 March 2016
I've been using this keyboard daily now for several months and I'm confident that I can now give a full review.

Small and compact
Good grip to most surfaces
Just the right amount of back lighting
Relatively quiet keys with a nice action

Keyboard didn't sit flat out of the box and took some heavy bending and time to get it to warp into a flat position
USB has limited use
Only slightly adjustable by one level
No sleep hotkey, very little thing here but something I really miss compared to my old keyboard

All in all a good product but not something I can give five stars to.

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on 25 January 2015
I love this keyboard to bits, very nice to type on, and very nice LED's but the only reason why I'm voting it a 3 star is because the keyboard is 'Bent'.
I'm not too sure if this is a common fault but the top left where the number pad is located is raised more than the other three corners, so when I type it always moves, so I had to find myself a cup place-mat to put it under the extended leg of the keyboard.

Other than this issue, I would rate the keyboard a solid 8/10.
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on 29 February 2016
Trouble is that it's quite expensive but it's definitely worth the expense. Bought the full size one a while ago for £24.99 and the small one for £17.99 more recently. They are both really good with really nice feeling keys. It's durable too, I've spilled so many things on mine and all you have to do is unplug it, rinse it under the tap, wait for it to dry for a couple of days then plug it back in and it's all good. It's also super thin, meaning that you don't need a wrist rest and it looks pretty nice too. In my opinion it's better than the Apple keyboard, it's got more travel and more height at the back.

The backlight isn't that strong though; the keys aren't very transparent so they block most of the light. I'd also like to have volume control. The USB port on the hub is upside down which isn't amazing but it's a product of the design of the insides.
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on 11 January 2015
I bought this keyboard and felt quite disappointed with my purchase. The build quality leaves something to be desired as various, but not all keys catch on the chassis when pressed. Some keys also suffer from not registering the key press unless pressed squarely in the middle. You can in fact bottom out some keys by pressing on the corner to no avail. The brightness of the key illumination varies very little, but at any level in a darkened room this is very useful when doing things like editing photos. The cable is nice and long. The worst thing about this keyboard is that mine arrived warped. I hope over time that this flattens. At the time of purchase this was the cheapest illuminated keyboard. If illumination was not a feature I needed then I probably would have chosen differently.
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on 20 February 2015
Some of the keys stick which is really annoying and the space bar needs to be pressed right in the middle. The light works really well and that’s why I bought it.
Value for money? I guess compared to other options that are back lit yes.
Is this a gaming keyboard no not even with Disney's imagination.
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on 29 August 2014
Firstly when the packaging arrived I was a little concerned as it had a cheap look about it. However, I need not have worried as the keyboard is excellent being compact as promised and very light.
My only complaint is that the back lighting leaks from below the keys and at the position I type I can see the LEDs that are under the keyboard. If lower this wouldn't be an issue but still not a 5*.
The keyboard is indeed UK and the hidden USB port on the left is excellent and handy for those USB stick moments.
It does take a while to adjust to the number pad being absent as I am used to typing only on the left 2/3 of the keyboard. But the excellent feel and quality finish is top notch.
There are 4 light settings and the light can be turned off if wanted.
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on 24 May 2017
Unit arrived a bit warped as other reviews have suggested meaning it rocks a little on the desk but not really noticeable during typing.
Some of the keys catch a little when pressed but may wear in a little with some use.
The feet on the back could do with being a little longer to give a little more rake on the keyboard.
And I only have one backlighting level - None at all, it doesn't work :(

Not bad for a cheapie I suppose but I expected better if I'm honest
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 13 September 2015
My last Back lit keyboard a Logitech was way in front of this regarding the back light and programability of the F keys..but I chose this due to the much lesser cost, and it shows...Both stars lost are due to the next to useless USB hub which will not even power a flash drive...whatever you plug in has to have it's own power supply....and the other star lost was the back light itself bleeds from under the keys and not much shine through the keys and numbers themselves..Another small gripe (but I have't took a star off for this)...the keys are NOT silent...they do click...Not loud but they are certainly not silent as advertised...but this is not a problem for me personally.

Well that's the negatives out the way...as to the positives...It is well made as keyboards go and although one of my gripes I actually liked the nice key feeling when pressed and that subtle click.There was a good length to the cable and it was very easy to set up ( I'm using Windows 10)..I somewhat liked the pre set F buttons but the email did not open my email..it opened another internet page...apart from that it opened everything else as needed...I don't think you can alter what the F buttons do, so if anyone who reads this knows if this is possible let me know.

For £26 I got what I paid for...I can see this now....so my negatives are due to the cost,and the points I made...but I really didn't want to spend any more then this amount, and if it lasts me a couple of years I'll be happy...if longer then that will be a bonus...Cheers
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on 12 October 2015
I just upgraded to this brilliant keyboard after using the Perixx mini non-backlit keyboard for a couple of years.
I was more than happy with the previous keyboard, but as I often work in darkness, I was missing some light. This fulfills that need perfectly. There is a choice of light levels and it is very even and pleasing.
A huge bonus is the quiet keys. There is hardly any sound when pressing them and they is a great, firm response. Feels solid, well built and looks great.
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