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on 30 March 2015
Great value and nice to have all these albums together, but could have been better. I mean for a start, why not have either a booklet going through all the albums or at least sleeve notes for each one? This is a shame. I also think a full tack listing would be good since these are the remastered versions with extra tracks, yet the packaging is faithful to the orignals so it only lists the original album content.
However, if you have one or two yYes albums, this a great way of expanding your collection. It contains some great prog rock, the albums from the arly 70's are the best but most albums are worth a listen and contain good stuff.
So all in all a good value set, but the packaging could have been better, the cardboard sleeves feel a bit cheap and will get damaged easily, and lack of sleeve notes or full tracklisting is just poor.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 21 June 2016
If you're looking at reviews of this item, it's an odds on bet that you already know Yes music, so I'll not attempt to outdo a few of the superbly written 5 star reviews which provide huge and useful amounts of information. (Check out Marcia's review). All I'll add to this opening comment is to say that the album titles are as follows in the order in which Amazon list them just in terms of numbers:


In this review I want to add detail and confirmation to the one main complaint that folks have about the abysmal packaging for a set that should warrant a LOT more care. Indeed, as I've tried to show in my attached and annotated photos, the packaging is so poor that you could easily end up damaging your CDs. The card cases do nothing to actually hold the CDs securely and if you are careless or just a little too quick, you can find yourself trying to juggle or catch the discs which come tumbling out. BE ESPECIALLY WARY WHEN YOU FIRST OPEN THE BOX WHICH CONTAINS THE CASES as this is when you and the discs are most at risk.

I've chosen to deduct just one star rather than 2 because a 3-star award would be an unfair penalty on what is a glorious archive of music. BUT, the appalling lack of care given to packaging and the total lack of any accompanying information or booklet is truly unforgivable. It detracts from the whole product.

I CAN, HOWEVER, OFFER A SOLUTION for the problem of slippage which I've illustrated in a 4th photograph.
I bought a pack of paper envelopes designed for CDs. These measured 126mm x 126mm. Other envelopes I found were slightly larger, but the 126x126 size is just right. That fact is critical.

Brand New. Compucessory CD Sleeve Envelopes Paper with Window W126xH126mm White Ref 442439 [Pack 50]

There are two ways to use them ... with some of the card cases, you can simply place the CD into the envelope and then fold the flap back TIGHT against the rim of the CD. For other covers, you will need to trim off about 2mm from the flapped side. BUT - whichever method proves necessary, the CDs will then fit inside the case and be much less likely to tumble out. Even if they do, they're still protected inside the envelope.

If you don't fancy that idea, another option would be to buy a set of spare CD cases. If I had gone for that solution, I would have bought a set of thin 'crystal' cases. Admittedly this would then give you a set of empty card cases but at least the discs would be safe and secure. When I buy cases like this for my own use for backup CDs and DVDs I use cases which are made by Verbatim as I find them to be of good quality:

Verbatim CD/DVD Slim Case, Assorted Colours, 25 /Pack by Dragon Trading®

However, for me, the paper envelope solution has been perfect. I now have the CDs stored safely inside the card cases. It's just that this sort of hunt for a solution shouldn't have ever been necessary if care and thought had been applied in the first place.

So ... great music but grim packaging.
Check out the photos to see what I've tried to describe, especially the one which illustrates my use of the paper envelopes. I hope this helps you.
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on 29 January 2017
For a relative newbie to the Yes portfolio this was a quick way to get into them and excellent value for money, especially considering the bonus tracks. Worth noting that the free mp3 version you get does not include the bonus tracks and if you opt to buy the mp3 version alone (at the time of writing, for about £20 more than the CD box), you don't get the bonus tracks either.
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Almost full marks for this set.

As a relative newcomer to Yes, it was a great way of buying a dozen albums in one hit.

The box is lovely, sturdy and hinges from the left and includes a fold-out poster. However, an informative booklet with all the track listings would have been more useful.

Each album comes in its own card sleeve - much better quality than the magazine cover mounts but not as good as some of the Japanese replicas which have the added inserts. That said, the detail is pretty good and we have min-replica gatefolds where necessary.

The real treat here is that the releases each contain all the bonus tracks which is terrific.

As for the music, well - I guess if you are buying this, then you will have some ideas what to expect. Some out and out classics, a few near misses but all in all, a wonderful overview of a very special and highly talented prog rock band.
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on 1 July 2015
I bought this after the sad loss of Chris Squire at the weekend, I still cant believe hes gone. Ive had the privilege of seeing them a few times including the classic lineup on the 35th anniversary tour and the amazing union show in the round at Wembley arena in 1991. This, for me, was the best concert ive ever seen.

I have most of these lps on vinyl and tape and a couple on cd, relayer and fragile haven't left my car audio this week. Its great value box set at this price and I love the replica sleeves although the cds are a bit loose in some of them.

Looking forward to tales from topographic oceans as I only know the ritual from this album. My all time favourite is relayers epic Gates of Delirium followed closely by Awaken from going for the one.
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on 19 December 2015
Great value way to add the re-mastered Yes albums to your collection if like me you only have the LPs. Nice packaging too if you like the cardboard sleeve replicas (LPs for Hobbits). You don't get the inner sleeves to make the replicas authentic but they would be pretty illegible but it would have been sensible to put the CDs in anti static sleeves to keep them safe in the cardboard (would dock half a star for that but at £31 I can't really gripe)
The albums are all well documented but The Yes Album, Fragile, Close To The Edge and Going For The One make this set a winner even before you get into the other CDs. 90125 and Big Generator were good bounceback by the Cinema line-up and in the year we lost Chris Squire it's good to listen to his playing again. The only answer to..... "should I buy this boxset?"....... is just say Yes.
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on 19 June 2015
Sublime Edition! I did have entire collection on vinyl, but hadn't played disc's for nearly 2 decades. played these through from start to finish, and I had forgotten just how brilliant they each were as individual musicians. Very futuristic then, and even today there can't be many groups to touch them for sheer brilliance. Yes, The Yes Album, Fragile, and Close to the Edge have to be among'st the greatest rock albums ever. Can't stop listening to them. Plus absolutely loads of bonus tracks. You will not be disappointed. and the price makes the 12 Albums (13 CD's) much less than £3.00 each. Go on treat yourself, you know you are worth it.
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on 9 May 2014
First of all the minuses:
Like most of the 'original album' style box sets to have come out in recent years, this box has the cds packaged in basic carboard style recreations of the original lp covers - I say recreations because, unlike most other such boxes, they are not an actual copy of the original covers, note the inclusion of 2003 copyright datings and roger dean's website! The company which printed the covers also did not do a very good job - some do not fold properly and the solution they came up with to resolve the problem of getting the discs out of the covers has left them so loose that the cds just drop out all over the place, so be carefull. The main box itself is also not very sturdy. No details of the actual contents of the discs, no booklet - basically nothing bar a little poster.

Now the pluses:
You get all the studio albums issued by Atlantic, remastered and with addition bonus tracks, all for an amazing price! A bargain for sure - just remember to go onto wikepedia to find out the track details as the correct listings only appear on the cds themselves which you cannot read whilst playing!
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on 22 August 2016
It's great to get all of the studio albums in one box at an affordable price. Yes is a fabulous band and it's monumental track "Awaken" on the "Going for the One" album is arguably the epitome of prog-rock excess. The only reason this box set gets four instead of five stars, is that all of the CDs also include previously unreleased or alternative versions of album tracks. Interesting though they are, they're an intrusion if all you wanted was to listen to the original, well-crafted album and you accidentally find yourself wandering into the scrapyard of discarded attempts. It would be so much better if the extra, academically interesting tracks were consigned to a separate disc.
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on 10 April 2014
I'm happy with the overall quality of the package, format and price. This is phenomenal value. Contrary to some others on here I like the retro feel and design to the inner jackets for the CDs. They are really reminiscent of the vinyl albums, some of which I have from those days long ago. Right, they don't have inner sleeves in the covers as would a vinyl LP, but surely with something like this which is extra special you are going to be careful with it, well aren't you?
Mine arrived from Amazon in excellent condition and I'm currently enjoying listening to each album in order.
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