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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 November 2015
This is the first book in Christina Lauren’s Wild Seasons series. Last Summer I read my first Christina Lauren novel – Beautiful Bastard. I absolutely loved the writing and was a bit taken aback when I found out that Christina Lauren was actually Christina AND Lauren. Their writing is seamless and it completely hooked me. I read an extract of Sweet Filthy Boy not long after Beautiful Bastard but for some reason never got round to buying it – could have something to do with reading Beautiful Player (Beautiful series book 3) over and over. So far I’ve found all of the novels to be worth their pricey ebook price including this one too.

The story is all about Mia and Ansel. The pair meet on a Vegas weekender with their friends and instead of what happened in Vegas staying in Vegas Mia decides to follow Ansel back to France.

Mia has graduated college and is ready to get on with the rest of her life, as her father expects her to, after one last weekend of freedom. Tension rolls off the pages every time Mia thinks about her future all mapped out for her and her sudden decision to follow Ansel to Paris seems like a bit of a last ditch attempt to rebel. Once you get to know more about Mia it’s a little easier to understand her impulsive decision to leave and also her apprehension to move on with her life. The narrative is solely from Mia’s POV but I felt like I could have looked back through the story and knew how Ansel was feeling throughout due to the usual high standard of writing I’ve come to expect.

Ansel is, well, Ansel is great. He is not without his faults and he is treading the same new relationship lines that Mia does throughout. He’s very passionate (come on, he’s French – stereotypes and all that) about Mia and making a go of their relationship. At every stage throughout you get the feeling that he only wants the best for Mia and that he has fallen well and truly in love with her.

Although the idea of running off to another country together is romantic and you can easily get swept up in it, the author keeps it realistic. Mia and Ansel shake off the easy-going Vegas comfort blanket as they start to face reality of being together when they know so little about each other. The awkwardness between them was palpable in parts but I liked how this showed that their relationship is not all hearts, flowers and nights of passion (there is plenty of passion, don’t get me wrong) but you go on the whole journey with this couple, through getting to know one another to real life catching up with them again.

I couldn’t put this book down once I had started it and felt invested in every moment of the story. I started Dirty Rowdy Thing straight away.
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on 4 October 2014
Thinking all day and night about what I could write on this review to do this book justice. Clearly it has lots of similarities in plot with Frenched by Melanie Harlow. Heroines have the same name, the go to Paris they have great sex etc etc. Similarities end really there.

I have a bit of a rule about how much I will spend on an ebook because they just don't seem tangible enough for me. SFB was a little over the price I would normally pay but it did not put me off, I just got the paperback instead so I properly own it!

What is not to like about Ansel - il est tres mignon (cute), tres beau (handsome) et je l'aime (I love him)?

My confession is that this is only the second Christina Lauren book that I have read although I have loved both of them - see above rule re ebook price. How do they do it? I just can't imagine how they work in tangent to write such a well put together book. It doesn't feel like Christina writes one bit and Lauren writes the next, the writing is cohesive and seamless.

My favourite quotes:

"But when you choose the adventure, it become real life."

"You've found your adventure, and you've got to chase it."

"Mia, you're going to need to up your game in order to bring sexy back."

"It always felt as though we were picking up where our souls left off a thread much further up the line."

"This isn't never. It's just now now."

"His blush, his dimple, a quiet laugh and the teeth pressing into his lip again and I'm done for."

and finally, this really made me fall in love with Ansel.

"I hate killing spiders because I think they're amazing but I'll do it for you if you're afraid of them."

Weak spider fearing girl here - come rescue me pretty boy.

I totally adore Maroon 5. I can't get the song I Won't Go Home Without You out of my head it screams Ansel and Mia at me

I asked her to stay but she wouldn't listen
And she left before I had the chance to say
The words that would mend the things that were broken
But now it's far too late she's gone away

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?
Hard to believe that

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you

The taste of her breath, I'll never get over
And the noises that she made kept me awake
The weight of the things that remain unspoken
Built up so much, it crushed us every day

Every night you cry yourself to sleep
Thinking, why does this happen to me?
Why does every moment have to be so hard?
Hard to believe that

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you


It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you


Of all the things I've felt I've never really showed
Perhaps the worst is that I never let you go
I should not ever let you go

It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you


It's not over tonight
Just give me one more chance to make it right
I may not make it through the night
I won't go home without you
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on 14 May 2014
This was even better than I'd hoped for - sweet, sexy but balanced with some real emotion, I devoured this in one sitting yet didn't want it to end.
Mia meets Ansel in Vegas where she's enjoying a wild weekend with her friends before starting business school. Fast forward a few hours later and things have moved REALLY fast...It's not the first time I've read this particular plot twist, but that didn't matter to me, the execution was totally new and I loved it.
The Beautiful Bastard series is one of my fave series for the stories that give me happy tingles, the gorgeous - dirty mouthed - males, the hot sex scenes and the witty banter and this story had all of that yet it was better written I think. It wasn't just a long sequence of sex scenes. My belly was tingling so many times reading this, I loved Mia and Ansel together, the chemistry was amazing and I'm happy to say the sex was *really* hawt.
I also loved the Paris setting, I feel like I've spent some time there.
There is just the right amount of drama there too, it's not all fluff. I wish I enjoyed everything I read was as good as this. Very highly recommended.
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on 3 June 2015
I finally finished it!

That makes it sound bad, but it wasn't, it was actually pretty good--it just took me 11 days to read. I just have to be in a particular mood to read erotica.

3 star for the erotica/sex scenes/dirty talk/play acting
5 star for the romance/trips around Paris/sexual tension

Eventual 4 star rating

It still has the usual hot and heavy Christina Lauren style to it but I didn't enjoy this as much as Beautiful Bastard.
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on 17 June 2014
Sweet Filthy Boy (Wild Seasons #1) by Christina Lauren
5 stars!!

“What you feel, Cerise? I feel it, too. F***, Mia, I feel everything for you.”

To say I loved this book is an understatement as much as I absolutely loved the “Beautiful” series I have to say I think that this one topped them and that is saying something!

Mia Holland has just left college and will soon be on her way to business school in a few weeks. Her two best friends manage to persuade to her to go to Las Vegas for the weekend, a final blow out before they embark on the next stage of their education. Three girls…Las Vegas…what could possibly go wrong? Yes there are some “clichés” in here, but it all made for some very interesting and seriously sexy reading…extremely hot, extremely addictive, extremely Ansel!

Mia Holland has some serious hang ups, she was a born worrier, she worried about everything. None more so than what her parents thought of her, specifically her dad, she was being coerced into a career that she never really wanted, her life was dancing, but her dad passed this off as some “artistic nonsense.” She was always aiming to please, trying to be the perfect daughter; would Vegas open her eyes to being Mia?

Ansel was out celebrating with the lads, he was a typical French man, he had a way with words, looks that could decimate even the strongest of wills, he was romantic, he was impulsive, and he was super sexy and seriously, seriously swoon worthy. I was captivated by this character from the get go, he wasn’t over the top, he was genuine, he was just so perfect.

One night stands were supposed to be just that…one night stands…but when a drunken Mia and Ansel stumble across each other for the second time in the same night, it seems fate has other ideas. After one night of fantastic, mind blowing sex and lots of other shenanigans, these two soon realise that one night will never be enough. These two have an attraction, they were like magnets and could not keep away from each other, yes this was a instalust/love kind of book, but it was believable, their story drew me in, captivated me, I wanted them to succeed, I wanted them to win, I wanted them to be together, but they had the biggest obstacles in their way…Mia lived in America, Ansel lived in France.

“You just implied you’re banging me tonight.” His grin gets bigger as his hands snake around my waist.
“Play your cards right.”
“I forgot my cards.” His smile wilts dramatically. “But I did bring my penis.”
“I’ll try not to break it this time.”
“In fact, I think you should try your hardest.”

Our impulsive Ansel asks Mia to spend the remainder of her summer in France with him, his impulsiveness finally rubbing off on Mia; she agrees to go, much to her parent’s anger and dismay. With a different country, different language and a constantly working Ansel, Mia struggles living in France, but will their love be enough? Can they continue going forward? Mia has to go back to University, but Ansel is settled in France working as a lawyer. Will their pasts interfere with their future? There is so much that this couple do not know about each other, they have only just met, but is what they have strong enough to stand the test of time? You will be rooting for these two from the start, I couldn’t help not.

There are some major twists and turns that will leave you reeling, but this just adds to the enjoyment, I would have liked more at the end but as this series will be continued with Mia and Ansel’s friends I am sure that we will see these two a lot more going forward. As always with this duo, the book is a perfect blend of humour, angst, romance and hot and sweaties…these two seriously know how to write a love scene. If you want a read that will have you laughing, crying and swooning then this is definitely the book for you.

“Give me a little show, Cerise. Break me.”

Once again I can see this series becoming a major hit for the girls who are Christina Lauren; I can’t wait to read more about my Sweet Filthy Boy and his friends.
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on 13 January 2015
The words 'sweet' and 'cute' come to my mind first when I think of this book. It really is a coming of age tale in many ways.
Mia is a great female character. I loved her independence. And Ansil is perfect- truly. The authors navigated the line of a male character who is good looking, successful, controlling at the right times, yet is sweet and caring and sensitive. He made the story for me.
Great fun read! Looking forward to the next one.
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on 15 August 2015
Well they say that Christina Lauren's books are full of kissing...and many other things of a sexual nature. The story is quite sweet and I like the way that in the end it got beyond the sex but brace yourself for an erotic ride. A healthy 3 star rating. Phew!
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on 28 May 2014
Originally published at Rookie Romance.

I'm honestly a bit shocked that I've gone this long without reading anything by Christina Lauren, but I finally had my chance with Sweet Filthy Boy. I wasn't disappointed! It's sweet and funny, but also super sexy and all about taking those wild leaps in life.

Mia has her future all mapped out, and after graduating college she heads to Vegas with her best friends to blow off some steam before she heads into her planned life. Things take an unexpected turn when she locks eyes with a gorgeous Frenchman across a crowded bar. Mia is so sweet and shy, but around Ansel she positively blossoms and they have an immediate connection. I also loved the confidence and strength she develops through the book.
Ansel is pretty darn amazing. He's gorgeous and such a sweetheart. He's funny and considerate, but he also has a slightly mysterious, serious side that goes oh so well with the dominant side that comes out in the bedroom *swoon*. He's the type of guy who just finds so much joy in life, and it's totally infectious.

This could have been a rather predictable story, but the authors keep things original and unexpected throughout. I loved that their relationship isn't perfect to begin with, they have to work at it and find their stride. Mia makes the wildly impulsive decision to join Ansel in France, following his equally spontaneous invitation, and they have a rather awkward start to their new adventure. Soon though the intense connection between them is back in tip top condition, and the awesomeness can commence. I'm mostly thinking in the bedroom here because Mia and Ansel have some crazy hot chemistry between them. Their love slowly grows and surprises them. They were never meant to fall in love and it's complicated, but it was also inevitable and incredible.

Overall, a thoroughly enjoyable romance that ticks all the boxes. It's fairly light hearted for most of the book and I was loving the chemistry between Mia and Ansel. Plus, I was just loving Ansel in general. That man is one charming son of a gun.

*I received a review copy from the publisher, for my honest opinion. Thank you!
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on 8 March 2015
This book is brilliant! The characters are great. No one is overly perfect. The story is well thought out and described and best of all believable. I was really hoping for a happy ending for Mia and Ansel. This book is well worth the money. Loved it!
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on 3 May 2015
Didn't expect much at all from this book apart from a very light American romance. Nearly gave up after the first few pages which seemed very teenage to me, but then I perservered and found myself really enjoying the story and the romance (and the erotica!).
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