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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 26 July 2015
These are exactly the episodes that I used to watch on a nearly worn out VHS as a child from the birthday girl losing her dolly to Ted's 'leave it with me' song I was transported back to my parents 1980s living room and my 2 year old was entranced.

For anyone used to the SDS all singing all dancing Pat this will be different. The Postman Pat of the original series is a honest and gentle do-gooder who wants to help out his community as much as possible whether it be taking a bag of shopping to the elderly lady who lives up the hill alone or stopping the Reverand from making an unnecessary journey to London.
The stories are idealised snapshots of day to day idealised middle class life in an idealised rural community but they speak of problem solving, team work, kindness and community which are great social lessons for young children.

As other reviewers have said, it's the later credits but I'm guessing from the transfer of the actual episodes the 1981 credits were either destroyed previously or damaged beyond recovery or a combination of both.
Also the new and very loud and peppy 'what's in his bag' song was a shocker the first time and it did jar with the gentle nature of the early series where Pat was running little errands to help people out and perhaps more suited to the motorbike riding, Helicopter piloting, action delivery man of the modern series and so the nostalgic part of me wants to keep them separate.
The brainwashed mummy side of me ended up singing the song complete with Jess's noises to the dog whilst cooking dinner.

In all 3 hours of non violent nor perilous stories about friendship and cooperation for preschoolers is pretty good!
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on 30 June 2016
Purchased this & series 2 for my 18 month old, he loves Postman Pat. We're not in to the SDS so was pleased to find the original series on DVD & at a brilliant price! Brought back memories for me.
People have complained about the opening title & credit music, I don't think this affects anything really. Yes, the credit music doesn't quiet fit with what's on screen (singing about Pats mail bag & what's inside when you're just seeing the van driving around.) but it's the credits, not the actual programme so it's fine.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 5 February 2014
Post Man Pat – Series 1

I have been waiting for this DVD for so long. I loved the old Postman Pat. Much better than the special delivery that is on TV at the moment. I was brought up in the 90's and am used to stop-motion and the classic kids TV.

Episode 1 – Postman Pat's Finding Day, from 18 September 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 2 – Postman Pat And The Magpie Hen, from 25 September 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 3 – Postman Pat's Birthday, from 2 October 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 4 – Pat's Rainy Day, from 9 October 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 5 – The Sheep In The Clover Field, from 16 October 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 6 – Pat's Tractor Express, from 23 October 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 7 – Pat's Thirsty Day, from 30 October 1981 (15mins long)
Episode 8* – Pat's Windy Day, from 6 November 1981 (15mins long)*
Episode 9* – Pat's Foggy Day, from 13 November 1981 (15mins long)*
Episode 10* – Pat's Difficult Day, from 20 November 1981 (15mins long)*
Episode 11* – Pat Goes Sledging, from 27 November 1981 (15mins long)*
Episode 12* – Letters On Ice, from 4 December 1981 (15mins long)*
Episode 13* – Pat Takes A Message, 11 December 1981 (15mins long)*

The Royal Mail logo was not used in this series. But the starting titles & ending credits have been updated to include the logo. As for the main episodes no Royal Mail logo is used apart from when I have marked it with a *.
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on 13 December 2017
what can you say about postman pat the 1st and best great stories the kids liked this better than the newer version and worth every penny over 3 hours complete 1st series put this on for the kids me and my husband and his brother who only popped in to drop something off ended up watching entire series with the kids in one sitting great picture and sound which is good for something that's nearly 40 years old in a few years great series for all the family
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on 10 November 2016
Classic episodes from the very first series of Postman Pat from back in 1981. Be aware though the opening and end credits have been replaced with modern equivalents so if you're hoping to revisit your youth then you might be a little disappointed. However the episodes remain untouched and the quality of the film is pretty good for its age. I bought this as my two year old had started getting into the more recent Postman Pat: Special Delivery Service. I was worried she might not enjoy the slower pace of the original (very little happens each episode compared to the modern version). However she really enjoyed it.
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on 11 January 2017
Lovely watching the originals with my little one!! He actually sits still for a few minutes lol!! After reading the reviews saying that the music is different, I was disapppointed but decided to buy it anyway. The music at the start of the episode is exactly as I remember and it's only at the end that it's different, but it's bearable :) I was thinking it was going to loud and animmated, but it's not and doesn't last long.
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on 29 December 2017
Much better than the new version, this original version has all the charm that I remember as a child, and now I can pass it onto my niece and nephew. They love it! They prefer to the current series on television!
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on 28 August 2015
With my son being a big fan of the new Postman Pat programmes (all bells and whistles, style-over-substance if you ask me), I was keen to show him the Postman Pat of Mummy's youth (before that brat Julian came along). I was very pleased to find he loves it! It seems to hold his attention in a way that the modern stories don't - I suspect due to it's gentler pace. I'd forgotten that the episodes are narrated too which, yes, does date it a little, but not enough to put my boy off. Really lovely piece of nostalgia for me to share with him.
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on 16 February 2018
Slow, meandering and totally innocent. These stories are timeless and a relief from the relentless pace of children's TV today.
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on 18 August 2014
I bought this for my one year old but I think I enjoy it more! It's fabulous nostalgia & I still remember many of the episodes! It's so much better than the modern postman pat & wonderful for my daughter & I to watch together. It's as charming now as it ever was. Ok so as other reviews state it has changed the end song which seems a shame but everything else is the same. Thoroughly recommended & thoroughly enjoyable for any fan of the original :-)
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