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on 13 June 2014
Good idea, bought 2 devices, i will buy a further 2 and put 1 in the office and the other somewhere secret.
Software is a little erratic at times. its not a replacement for backups but it certainly replaces dropbox very well.
Defiantly worth a buy if you have lots of data but don't want to pay the premium then buy two (not 1) of these.
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on 30 October 2014
Great device though had some trouble getting it up and running as this was a preloved device and had not been cleared off correctly so difficulty registering it
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on 2 April 2015
Purchased for my son who is very happy with it.
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on 8 April 2014
I purchased 2 of the Sync devices to replace our company Dropbox accounts which not only were they costing us $40 a month in fees and we were soon going to run up against the 100Gb limit so more space was also needed. Buying the Transporters would be a one off cost hit but from then on any additional users/space after a year would essentially be free (excluding electricity of course)

We essentially use the service as a shared server folder. Storing all projects folders consisting of web development files but also video and audio.

- Setup was straightforward and similar to Dropbox
- Like with Dropbox, Transporter syncs just one folder. We were fine with this having used DB for over 3 years. It does not sync of the Library folders but I don't need this.
- In last 3 months I've not had any issues
- This is only the beginning and I expect regular iterations to improve an already good product.

- It was slow to sync up initially but this is likely to be my bandwidth. Much of the initial sync was done on the same network so this save a lot of time.
- Access to the transporter is limited by the up speed of my connection which being in rural UK isn't great. Transporter bandwidth can be capped though so it won't flood your entire connection.
- Software isn't as pretty as other Mac software or indeed Dropbox's
- No web view option. While not essential it has been useful at times. There is an iOS version though which helps

It would be nice to have an activity log to identify bottlenecks if bandwidth is limited but again not essential

All in I do like the transporter and the simplicity of a very complex task of syncing our company data between machines is awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend.
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on 28 December 2013
This doesn't have any library capability yet, it only provides a sync copy, and the iOS software crashes frequently. It's not too bad, but I was hoping for more, and I'll probably have to replace it with something more businesslike.
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on 29 December 2013
Definitely curates egg at the moment i.e. good in parts

* Installation is straightforward within half an hour it was working on two laptops, Nexus 5 and ipad
* It does what it says on the tin, files are backed up to the "cloud" and then available across multiple devices
* I think it can be located anywhere there is broadband so can act as an offsite backup - not tested this yet.
* The main shortcomings should be addressable by s/w changes

Not so good
* From a PC there is no browser access (a la dropbox) you have to locally cache, oddly this is the functionality on Android and IOS so a web app should be easy. Browser access would dramatically improve the functionality.
* Takes a long time to do the first backup - about 24 hrs per 1tb
* You have to share the transporter folder but not an existing folder (it does do special folders My Docs, My video etc so you can do stuff with this but it is a faf - hopefully this will be addressed by the planned upgrade for libraries [...]

I can make it do what I want but it is a bit of a faf - unless you have an urgent need I would suggest you wait for a couple of iterations of the software. The concept is excellent, the implimentation is just a bit clunky at the moment.
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on 26 December 2013
It's great to see when a company responds to customer feedback - well done Transporter!

This product's firmware has been updated and now allows you store remotely (on the hard drive connected to the transporter) i.e. this is now a personal cloud storage device.

This product is fantastic for those whom are paranoid about having someone else in another country store your sensitive data.

I now know who has access rights and administrator rights to my data. I can control data shredding and transfer of information between storage devices (and I can buy storage at a competitive price). All of which you have no control over with cloud service provider.

With some improvements:
- Improved web interface akin to Box or Google Drive;
- Ability to stream;
- Preview of files or thumbnail view on mobile app (android);
- A bit more marketing that preys on the paranoid/aware (like me)
this has potential to be the market leader.

A great product at a great price filling a market gap.

Looking forward to future updates from Transporter and updating this review

***** Previous Review ******
This is not a fully functioning cloud storage device. It does not allow remote storage.

Any files you wish to store on the hard drive connected to the Transporter must be duplicated on your local hard drive - so my investment in a 2TB drive for the transporter is somewhat wasted.

There is also no capability to stream. And when accessing the files from a mobile device there no icons, so working out which picture to view is difficult.

I will be returning this device, it does no perform the functionality it describes or what I want. I wanted real Cloud Storage with the capability to decide and manage the hard drive storage.
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