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3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars
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on 13 August 2013
This is a wonderful film if you like fast-paced serial killer-type films, mixed with a bit of Hard Candy. Within the first five minutes, you know you're going in to be in for a fast ride. In essence, a woman is abducted, tortured and finally branded by a maniac before escaping. Thinking she has found safety, she is in fact in his lair, where she and another woman attempt to the turn the tables but he is not going to be a willing victim. The female leads are excellent as well as photogenic and the whole film is just a ballet of violence, blood and carnage -- what more could you want from a horror film!

Valerie Aslynn by the way, played Alicia in The Big Bang Theory (The Dead Hooker Juxtaposition) but she's done other stuff too, as has her co-star, Alicia Leigh-Willis. And on this DVD, if you so wish, you can have it in French, or English with French subtitles, as well as plain old English and it's been transferred in a lovely widescreen print.
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on 28 December 2015
I really enjoyed this movie. If I had paid £15 for it then my review would be different but for £6 it was great. There is no female nudity so if that is what you are expecting then look elsewhere.

Hot girls tick
Lots of blood tick
Humour (later on) tick

Also the 3D was pretty good also. For blokes out there with a 3D TV I would recommend.
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on 14 October 2014
This really isn't such a bad low budget horror movie, there certainly is worse out there, it has a few good ideas and is quite entertaining but its just as shame it wasn't a bigger movie! Basically the movie starts with a guy and a girl on a date, the date goes bad when on the way back to her car she gets abducted by her date as he is a serial killer who stalks young women, then we get a surprise when the tables are turned and we find out she is a killer too! A very bizarre but quite original set up, then over the course of the movie they are trying to kill each other and are kind of getting off on it, it plays out quite well with plenty of torture and blood and violence so if that's all your after then its certainly worth a watch, there is a little back story to the girl but not enough to really feel she has any motive to be what she has become, still like I said its low budget cheesy slasher horror with all the right stuff to have fun with, its just not worth going back too much! Cast is not bad, Kevin Sorbo is a decent lead for the budget I guess and the actresses are pretty hot so that's enough! Ving Rhames fans will be disappointed as its only a 2 minute cameo at the end. The ending was rather a let down too I feel, if you like a good cheap splatter movie then go for it!

Blu-ray has a good picture quality (I wouldn't bother with the cheap gimmick 3D though)
No features.
92mins, 2011.
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WARNING: Don't watch the trailer or the main menu backdrops as they give all the twists away. This 2011 film noir horror slasher starts with `the stranger' [Kevin Sorbo] and Julia [Valerie Azlynn] having met on the internet, finally meeting in person. Things seem to go well but Julia suddenly leaves, only to be abducted and branded by her psycho date, but Julia is a tougher and more resourceful girl than we first imagine, but has she got what it takes to escape or will she manage to make that phone call, Will her sister come to the rescue or is there far more to this?
The film starts off rather laid back but within five minutes you know this is going to be better than you thought. It's full of dark humour [amongst all the gore and sadism] and Kevin Sorbo puts in a magnificent show as the detached sadistic serial killer, flitting from sadism to concern at the drop of a hat. Valerie Azlynn is equally good as the powerless victim, but then shows her skill and resourcefulness as it progresses. By the middle its becoming more `far out' and wacky as the real story takes hold and the ending is actually quite sad as the two main protagonists finally begin to `understand' one another.
The disc loads to a preview then goes to main menu offering, play, scenes, setup [2.0 or 5.1] and trailer. There was no language selection on mine. If its outright violence you want then this has it: face punching, stabbings, branding, bondage, sledge hammers,10 inch nails, wanton vandalism and more. The effects are realistic, turning to gore-fest over the top blood squirts at the end. With twists and turns, plus some background to Julia, it certainly keeps the attention. As does the 'industrial' soundtrack in the first part, which adds to the atmosphere. Ving Rhames makes a 2 minute cameo at the end in a weak ending that does little for the film. As a bloody, carnage filled horror it does it's job and the dark humour is a bonus making this a ***** view.
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on 24 September 2015
I thought it was OK, my second 3D film. Started well but it was like they lost the plot and it became a bit light hearted. If Kevin Sorbo punched me in the face with a chain wrapped round his fist I'd be out for days, but this 7 stone babe gets straight back up and hits him back. That said I really enjoyed the fast paced film in 3D.
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on 26 June 2014
Wow, I thought this was a brilliant, glossy, sexy, slasher movie. Really enjoyed it.

Would recommend to any slasher horror fans.
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on 17 October 2014
This really is a mess. Basically, when it's not being boring it's being ridiculous.
Packed to the brim with Tom and Jerry style violence it's an assault on the viewer's intelligence.
Prett-ish lead women and decent turn from Kevin Sorbo, but it's all very silly and not worth your consideration imo.
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on 8 April 2016
Well I bought this film as I couldn't believe the Price of the item and also the Reviews it sure looked and sounded my type of film, from looking at the Trailer I would say it looks abit of a twist between "Fifty Shades of Grey/I Spit On Your Grave" but after watching, its just plain stupid. Quality of the Bluray is VERY GOOD, the Movie itself just doesnt have much story to it, no famous actors/actresses, Low Budget Film, but better than most Low Budget films. I wonder if there will be a Julia Y ? hmmmm
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on 22 July 2016
I struggled with this film, despite giving it a couple of attempts. Primarily consists of the two leads alternating chasing duties with some cartoon level violence. Not hugely enjoyable in my opinion. Can't really criticise the actors, possibly just me but I wouldn't watch it again
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on 7 August 2015
Very bad film, worth watching if you like old school slasher films with poor special FX and far out scripts. Never going to woman Oscar but entertains which is what it is supposed to do.
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