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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 21 April 2014
Firstly, I must comment on the negative reviews of this product. Some people aren't actually leaving bad reviews of the product, as they have clearly not done enough homework before purchasing. Some are complaining about the product not controlling the hot water, some about installation problems and some about faulty units.
The Nest thermostat will work best with a combo boiler. Hot water control remains untouched as the boiler will fire when the hot tap is turned on. The Nest thermostat will replace any timer and existing thermostat you have currently connected to your boiler that controls your heating only.
I'm an electrician so i installed it myself, it took about an hour to replace my existing timer and thermostat, install Nest and get up and running. My only gripe is the Heat Link contains very small terminals, so doubling up cables on connection is a bit of a pain.
Setting up is easy on the Nest Thermostat, and settings can also be controlled either via phone app, tablet app or PC/laptop.
Had a small teething problem by when the screen of the Nest thermostat went off, it lost the connection to the router, as noted via the app on my iPhone. I simply reset the Nest thermostat and now have no problems.
The Nest thermostat looks cool on the chrome stand in the lounge and is really easy to use, build and quality are fantastic. Obviously it's a learning thermostat and the weather is now getting warmer so probably won't see the full benefit of the system unless it gets suddenly colder.
Please do your homework before purchasing.
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on 4 May 2016
Very early days yet, but this does everything and more that I could wish for in a 'Smart' room thermostat. Being the older model I will assume that stocks are dwindling so grab one quickly before they have all gone. This model is ideal if you have a Combi boiler. I installed it myself direct to the Gas boiler as I did not previously have any room thermostat at all. At first the response from the dial in selection mode seemed slow to respond but this cured itself by the time I had entered all the required details and set up an account with Nest (essential if you want to control your heating remotely). The Nest app for android works perfectly and so temperature control can be made from any smart phone as well as using the 'away from home' auto temperature reduction which you can easily pre-set.
When connected to the Internet it receives weather info for your post code and presumably make allowances for outside temperatures.
I am looking forward to the usage report too and hopefully saving some money!
I would highly recommend this unit for those who want to come back to a warm home after being away for any length of time.
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on 1 May 2014
Amazing bit of kit, set it where you spend your time and it learns very quickly when to heat and when not to. Control via laptop or android smart phone is easy allowing you to see the temperature and turn off/on heating or to set or change programming. Really pleased with it and definatley recommend it.
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on 4 March 2015
Our Nest worked perfectly until a few weeks ago. Then it started going offline and disconnecting from the boiler. What I didn't realise until now is that every time it disconnected, the boiler would keep running. I have no idea how often it disconnected, but my gas bill DOUBLED this month. I'm now completely paranoid, it's probably going to do it again and again and I can't afford these bills (I spent my money on the Nest!).
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on 7 May 2014
No problems with mine. Installers were available much sooner than I'd expected and although, on the day, they were about 15 minutes late they bothered to phone to let me know. I'm very impressed with the whole thing. My only complaint is that heating the house to a disgraceful, indulgent, tropical temperature that would make a polar bear cry was my treat while my wife was on a business trip. She can now remotely check on the house temperature and turn it down remotely. If Nest release a product that will tell her what's going in the black bin bag while she's away I will not be happy.
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First off, ignore the low review scores, they are mostly from people that bought that without investigating the product and their heating/hot water system fully. This is a learning thermostat for COMBI boilers, if you have a timer and hot water storage, this isn't going to work for you. If you have a combi boiler with separate circuits for heating and hot water, where the hot water is on-demand (when you turn the taps on), and the heating is controlled by a timer, or a room thermostat, then this should work for you. If in doubt, consult a qualified installer. I did the install myself, to an aging Worcester Bosch 35CDI-II RSF it's not hard if you are handy with stuff like that, and careful and confident when mains electricity, and have a basic understanding of how "call for heat" boiler wiring works. (it's basically a switched live). However unless you know what you are doing, installation is advisable. Nest offer this for a very reasonable price.

The product itself isn't cheap, but as soon as you unbox it, it oozes quality. It's hard to get excited about a room thermostat, but this does have a luxurious feel, and looks really smart on the optional base - much better than my 1980's looking Worcester wireless room thermostat, which is now confined to the bin.

The unit itself measures room temperature, humidity, knows how long your house will take to get up to temp, and from it's internet connection (which it needs) what the outside weather and temperature is (from online weather forecasts), what your usage patterns are, when you are around (there is a proximity sensor). Another nice touch is ability to lock the thermostat with a PIN code to stop little hands adjusting things. It can even be locked and unlocked remotely, infact pretty much anything that can be set on the device locally can also be done remotely.

With all this data, it can build a plan of when to heat and when to not heat the house. It's all very clever stuff, but all that complexity is hidden away, the unit itself is very easy to use, wind the dial clockwise to turn the temp up, anti-clockwise to turn it down. It glows orange when heating your house.

There are features like auto-away, so if you are on holiday, it knows and adjusts the temp accordingly. In addition to all this, there are smartphone apps (iOS and Android), we web interface to control the heating and get reports on energy savings.

It all sounds very space age and complicated, but its not at all, it's all done in a very intuitive way. For something that's close to two hundred pounds for something as trivial as a room thermometer to get a 5 star rating from me, I must be impressed, and I am.
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on 25 April 2017
I really wouldn't recommend anybody to buy this product. The automated features don't seem thought out. eg, it would cleverly turn itself off when we left the house, leaving it freezing cold when we returned home. That might be ok if you've got a one bed flat which can heat up fast, but not if you have a 5 bedroom house to heat and its 2 degrees outside.

And, four months in, it is hit-or-miss whether the water heating turns on at all. In the last week it has failed to do so on four occasions, for no apparent reasons. We have had regular talks with Next and they seek to be very helpful but they seem completely unable to fix the bugs.

Based on our experience, i would say the product is simply too unreliable.
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on 14 October 2015
Im not overly sure about this product.

I mean it works.... turn my heating on and off and i can do it from my phone as well.... however its reading the average temp of where it is at 18oc.... and its not.

I put another thermometer beside it and the temp is closer to 13oc so im not sure why its reading so high
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on 23 April 2014
Its a programmable thermostat that controls your heating. It just happens to to this way better than any other device I have used to do that before and something that people notice and comment on positively.

I had a programmable thermostat before but the interface was very poor. Everything about this is on higher level. Really simple - I have not looked at any documentation as everything is really obvious, very flexible, works well, supports mobile devices, looks good and even feels like a quality product and not a piece of plastic. For example turn the device to increase / decrease the temperature verses press a number of small buttons.

The simplest way to consider this is remember all those early MP3 players that where not intuitive to use, iPod came along and although did the same general job it dominated the market. This to me is exactly the same and not surprising if you know the history of the company.

Can you get the same general functionality for much less cash - yes but with a poor interface. I am a very happy customer. Its not by accident that google paid $3.2bn to buy this company, so although £170 is not cheep I believe its excellent value.
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on 26 November 2015
This is a difficult product to review. When it works it's great and has definitely saved me money off my heating bill so would be worth a five star review but.....

Once a problem occurs the customer support is really poor and basically users are left to fend for themselves.

Recently (17th Nov 15) Nest released a software update to improve various features but this has basically broken the pre-heating function, in November is not ideal. Their response so far is that they will be able to fix it 'in a few weeks'.

Last year in the UK their buggy software caused an issue with the clocks change at the end of October which messed user schedules up. This took about three weeks to fix.

In respect of it's features:
- preheating: until it recently broke this was brilliant, set your heating to a target temperature and Nest works out how long it will take to achieve this
- auto away: works out when you're out and turns the heating down, again this used to be excellent but recently it became a bit too over keen and was refusing to come out of auto away when it should
- auto schedule: This learns your heating habits and works out a schedule for you. I found this to be a bit of a gimmick as I have fairly fixed times when I'm in, others may have use for it.
- mobile app: this is really good, it's great to be able to switch heating on & off / up & down while out and about. Occasionally it loses touch with your Nest rendering it useless but this hasn't been too much of an issue for me.

In summary you will probably save money with this device and when it works properly, it is very good but this should be balanced with software update issues and poor customer support if things go wrong.
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