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on 26 March 2014
Have been a fan of Celine for 20+ years.Paid nearly £300 to see her in concert 6 years ago but this is total rubbish.Learn Celine.Go back to David Foster and Humberto Gattica. Songs rubbish and so is recording
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on 13 November 2013
Have just received this today and haven't stopped playing it. What an excellent album, best Celine has released for ages. Every song is good, good variety, her voice as good as ever. Thoroughly recommended.
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on 20 November 2013
I have been a serious Celine Dion fan for 20 years & buy all of her albums so I know Celine's voice when I hear it, until now. This album is trying to make her sound current & it places her among all the other current (average) female singers of today.
I thought I had been sent a "Cher" album with a lot of the vocals being run though a vocal effects Machine, dont get me wrong there is nothing wrong with Cher but its not Celine Dion.
Totally Devastated.
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on 11 November 2013
Céline Dion is back with her eleventh English-language studio album LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE. After over 32 years in the music business and 47 albums under her belt, she has managed to reveal a quite different facet to her already wonderfully accomplished self.

Dion is currently residing with her Céline Show featuring 31 musicians, a full orchestra and band at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. That was also where she laid most of her vocals down for the album. She did so at the legendary Studios at the Palms in Las Vegas. She also travelled to Florida to work at the Echo Beach Studio. All of which under the watchful ear of John Mcl. Doelp, album's executive producer. Dion recorded fifteen songs for the album, some of them are new and written especially for her, and the other tracks are her versions of a well-known songs. She wanted to sound different but without drastic disconnection from her legacy. She was ready to take the risk but let's face it, Dion is Dion and her distinct and easily recognisable voice will always be her trademark. No matter how she decides to use it. Her husband, career mentor and a manager René Angélil, pulled all possible strings to make his wife's dream become a reality. He got her to record a duet with R&B star Ne-Yo and Soul legend Stevie Wonder. Diane Warren, Sia Furler and Eg White have all written for her and the legendary Kenny `Babyface' Edwards produced couple of songs too.

Céline Dion is very open about her happy existence and having the life she has always dreamed of: wonderful career and loving family. Dion is a master of music interpretation, she does not compose music, nor write lyrics, yet she sings them as they were `her' stories. She does make you feel like she has lived through them all. On this records she wanted to dig deeper into her soul, reaching there to find the Céline rebel and the Céline rock star, and to subsequently give them a new life. Stripped down from voice effects and complicated arrangements, she sounds refreshingly real, dry and powerful. And more importantly, with this album she has a great opportunity to reach wider audience and get connected with young listeners. She has never sounded more current. LOVED ME BACK TO LIFE is a fantastic cd which will be found by many under their Christmas trees this winter. Wonderful, they will cherish it for decades.

Loved Me Back To Life - is an opening track and first single from the album, it is a powerful ballad co-written for Dion by Sia Furler, who co-wrote (and sung on) David Guetta's Titanium and Rhianna's Diamonds. Lyrically, the track is not far from what Dion has recorded in the past. What's different and new is the way she delivers it. Her voice sounds darker and sexier. All of this with a wonderful addictive dubstep-y beat drop with an amazing vocal hook. Fresh and current.

Somebody Loves Somebody - here Dion moves to the dancefloor with this fantastically produced track by the Swedish Play Production. She is strong, sexy and yet again, very current.

Incredible - is a duet with Ne-Yo who also co-wrote it. This is album's second single and also a strong candidate for the upcoming Winter Olympics' theme. Despite being such different artists, Dion shows how versatile she can be and just how much there is for her to do with her voice. They sound beautifully entwined when they sing: whole world is watching us now, it's a little intimidating but since there's no way to calm down, let's give them something amazing.

Water & Flame - is Dion's first cover on the album of Daniel Merriweather's 2009 song with additional vocals from Adele. Dion delivers it in a lower registry with a deeper, haskier and sexier tone. A very powerful interpretation.

Breakaway - another Play Production is taking Dion's voice into a new territory to travel around the scale accompanied by dramatically growing musical tension. Classical yet very modern Dion.

Save Your Soul - another up-tempo track in which Dion sounds very fresh, poppy and super current. Terrific beat and arrangement. Danny Mercer, the guy behind will.i.am and Nicole Scherzinger's hits introduces Dion to the younger generation.

Didn't Know Love - another love story but with a new edge to Dion's repertoire; her voice sounds bare and rough when she delivers the words: it's a blessing, it's a curse, you know you've found it when it hurts. It can drive you off a cliff, but it's worth it.

Thank you - written by Shaffer Smith aka Ne-Yo, who also sings background on the record. It's a beautifully and delicately delivered THANK YOU message to the one who loved you, because he/she didn't have to...

Overjoyed - another duet, this time with Steve Wonder, who released this song originally in 1985. Their voices seem as they were created to sing together in this refreshed version of Wonder's song. Great execution from the production trio: Tricky Stewart, Aaron Pearce and Kuk Harrell.

Thankful - is a wonderful classical Dion to words and music by Dana Parish & Andrew Hollander. Simple yet powerful arrangements and soring vocals from Céline, she seems in absolute control of her instrument and a diva-like when accompanied by the choir at the end of the song.

At Seventeen - is a cover of Janis Ian's 1975 song which Dion sings during her Céline Show in Las Vegas. It's a reflection song in a new, a slightly Spanish and summery arrangement.

Always Be Your Girl - a song written by husband-and-wife song-writing duo Dana Parish and Andrew Hollander. They watched Céline on Oprah's Next Chapter and were so moved and inspired by Dion's personality, that they sat down and penned Always Be Your Girl for her. It's one of the most important songs of Dion's career as it's capturing her real persona. A great ballad.

Unfinished Song - is another jewel from Diane Warren who is well known for her extraordinary skills for ballad writing. But this is not a tears squeezer buy yet another up-tempo track on the album. It's a get-up and keep-going kind of song: `cause we're all unfinished songs waiting for the best part to come along. Very positive and truly encouraging tune. Unfinished Song was included on the Song for Marion's soundtrack.

How Do You Keep The Music Playing - is Michel Legrand's composition to the lyrics by Alan and Marilyn Bergman for the 1982 film Best Friends. Dion sings this track during her Céline Show in Las Vegas. Although the song has been recorded by many great artists, such as Tony Bennett, George Benson, Frank Sinatra or Barbra Streisand, Dion gives it a new dimension and breaths a new life into it.

Lullabye (Goodnight, My Angel) - is a closing track and cover of Billy Joel's from his 1993 album River of Dreams. Beautifully simple and delicate production from Kenny `Babyface' Edmonds.

Loved Me Back To Life (UK 11th November 2013)
Label: Columbia
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon 13 November 2013
'Celine' almost certainly remains one of todays ''Greats'' with her
terrific and unmistakable vocal range, that many of us have continued
to admire down the years.
On this, her latest album she has changed her style a little as suggested
during her recent interview on the 'Jonathon Ross' show.
Many of the songs on-board could easily 'Chart'
Obviously the title track 'Loved Me Back To Life' is among the stand-out
numbers on-board (released as a single)
Another superb track 'Breakaway' (I could easily see that being considered
among her 'all time classics' in the not to distant future)
'Save Your Soul' another song that is among the many stand-out songs
included on the album.
I also love her virtual duet with 'Stevie Wonder' (performed during her
show in 'Vegas'

'Thankful' another great track that explores her vocal range beautifully.
'Unfinished Songs' has to be another song worthy of highlighting.
To be honest, for me, I quite simply loved all the numbers on board, I
can say with confidence, if you like 'Celine's' songs down the years you
would have no regrets by adding this album to your collection.
On a recent visit to L.A. I was taken on a 12-day road trip which winded
up in 'Vegas' for a couple of nights, where it was my good fortune and
indeed privilege to see 'Celine' perform her 2-hour show at the 'Colosseum'
in 'Caesars Palace' during which she did perform some of the numbers of
what was then her 'forthcoming album' 'Loved Me Back To Life'
The Experience, certainly a significant highlight of journey i'd been on.
The Lady is a confident performer who's vocals on stage are pretty much
what we hear on her 'CD's' (not all artists can do that in truth)
If I was to describe 'Celine' with one word it would be 'Quality'
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 23 November 2013
It's not that often in the music industry that success and talent come together and it amazes me how someone can do an endless stint at Vegas, tour, record in both French and English and be a mother! How does she do it all? And this new album does not disappoint. I remember looking at the original version of this album a year ago when it was called 'Water and a flame' and thinking 'what the hell'! Lots of covers and 'climb every mountain'! Now I wish that song was included. Only about 5 songs are included from the previous version now called 'Loved me back to life' plus 2 more on the deluxe edition. I suppose those missing songs will come out eventually, maybe as bonus tracks on her next 'Live' album. We can only hope!

This album has a different feel to previous albums and shows that she is still evolving as a singer. But she should beware that often female singers when they reach a certain age lose the younger audiences and are reduced to singing 'standards', that's probably why the album was changed! The record company said 'not yet'!

I wasn't sure about the title track and single at first, it's different for Celine but it grows on you. 'Breakaway' is a favourite of mine, a typical Celine ballad but with a 1960's feel. The 2 covers that remain from 'Water and a flame' are a little strange. 'Overjoyed' doesn't really do anything for me, I was never a Stevie Wonder fan and 'At Seventeen' loses some of it's emotional complexity. Often when Celine covers a song she makes it her own, as with 'All By Myself' or 'The power of love'. But 'At seventeen' was a brilliant song by Janis Ian and Celine doesn't quite get the phrasing right. That said, 'Always be your girl' is perfection and 'Unfinished songs' would have been a single at any other point in Celine's career!

The 2 bonus tracks are nice editions on this deluxe version. She sounds very like 'Streisand' on the Bergman/Legend 'How do you keep the music playing' and Billy Joel's 'Lullaby' sounds like Celine is singing this for her children.

A great album again Celine, I look forward to many more!
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VINE VOICEon 15 November 2013
Well, after a very poor display on the X-Factor (saved only by the car crash that was Robbie Williams), I was concerned about this album. After all, this is the greatest female singer of my lifetime, and all I could hear was an array of "effects". Which is not what you want from a Celine Dion album. Now, I know that people don't sing anymore, but when you have someone who can sing, why would you do that?

And my fears were justified. The first half of this album is very poor indeed. Evenmore "effects", a plethora of Rihanna vocal trills and a serious lack of good songwriting. It made me very sad indeed. The title track and lead single `Loved Me Back To Life' tries to be dramatic and fails. `Somebody Loves Somebody' is just rubbish, as you would expect from someone whose biggest credit seems to be a Susan Boyle album track.

The duet with Ne-Yo, `Incredible', is even duller. Things are almost saved with `Water And A Flame', which is a cover of a Daniel Merriweather song. It's the first time they leave the voice untouched and it's all the better for it. Finally things kick into place with `Breakaway' which is almost untouched by computer. I wasn't fussy for the Stevie Wonder duet. I didn't think it was a special song first time around, and nothing here changes my mind.

`Thank You' and `Thankful' are ballads by numbers, but at least you can hear Celine Dion sing. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed `At Seventeen'. Another song I wasn't fussy for first time around, but you can tell that's one that means a lot to Celine, and she sings here heart out on it. Things end with `Always Be Your Girl', a song written for and about Celine, and `Unfinished Songs', a ballad from Diane Warren that won't be one that's remembered.

So. Half a good album. Which, when we've waited this long is a real shame. There was no need to try and make Celine "current", and whoever decided that the Dion voice needed "treatment" should be beaten within an inch of their life, and never allowed near her again. For shame.
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on 13 December 2013
I preferred the old method of dowloading music to my computer. I used to be able to send music to my friends as an attachment accompanying my emails. Buying this mp3 download was a waste of my money, because I can't use the music for the purpose I intended. I wish I'd been warned of the new change. I shall never buy another mp3 download from Amazon. I wish I'd bought the CD.
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on 11 November 2013
From the first track you just know it is going something special. Every track just makes you want to get up and sing your heart out. I love it!!
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on 25 February 2016
Fantastic. Love this album to bits. Celine has trended towards shouting her way through a lot of her works recently. This album once again the clarity and purity of her voice, because she sings again. Up until I saw this CD and bought it on the offchance, I had stopped following her career and had even given some of her albums away. This shows a change of track again. "Power" ballads do not have to be shouted, just sung strongly, but Celine had lost her way I think. Lets have more of the older style back.
I had also lost some interest and had even left her fan club due to her pre-occupation with Vegas. She has still forgotten her ordinary fans such as myself, who can never afford Vegas fares, hotel costs and ticket prices. Maybe this album shows a change of direction not only in singing but also towards us older less flash fans. This album has "Loved Me Back To Life"
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