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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 28 February 2014
A rare thing here; a 28 year old male fan of Sir Cliff! BUT I don't play to social norms, and am happy to say I'm a fan of Cliff's music. I've got about 6 of his albums, a meer dusting of his 100 strong catalogue, but they include 'Cliff At The Movies' and 'My Kinda Life' which is my favourite.

Well, it WAS my favourite until this little gem was released.

Firstly, most of the 1 star reviews here can be dismissed as people who didn't understand what this album was all about. It's a covers album, and Cliff has been open about this. It's an album of his favourite rock and roll songs from the 50s that helped influence him into making music, and so he has re-visited them and given them his own take to honour and salute the decade he started in. That's it.

Anyone expecting new material will be disappointed, but even this material is new-ish, as Cliff makes the songs his own with a few new arrangements and melodies, but always staying faithful to the source material.

Every song sounds fresh, energetic and full of passion as Cliff obviously is having fun recording these, from the toe-tapping 'Rip It Up', through to the fantastic 'Stood Up', 'Dream Lover' and the iconic 'Johnny B Goode'.

This will please all lovers of the rock 'n roll era as well a Cliff followers. It's real music, real fun and a real bargain price. This album shows Cliff is still firing on all cylinders 50 years later from 'Move It', and long may we have more of this real musical genius.
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on 14 November 2013
Wasn't sure if we would still like Cliff after over 50 years of listening. Particularly concerned after some of his recent rather syrupy and market lead stuff over the last decade or so. After listening to the samples on Amazon we decided to order and OMG what a complete transformation back to his best years. Crisp, clean, skillful, fun and really impossible not to sing along with - BUY IT.
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What a remarkable career this guy's had, even after 55 years he's still
got the appetite to keep entertaining and recording, not too many can
say that in truth.
Back in 58' he broke onto the scene with 'Move It' which topped the chart,
since when he achieved Thirteen more chart toppers, that of course being
only part of the story overall he's released 146 singles which includes
a number one in each decade 50's 60's 70's 80's 90's 00's a feat no other
artist can boast, out of the 146 single releases One Hundred and seventeen
figured in the U.K top 40, sixty five of which made the top 10........
'Cliff' has no equal here in the U.K.
His chart success in the U.S has been a little patchy however, for some
reason his music didn't excite music fans the other side of the 'pond'
only nineteen releases made the Billboard Top 100, out of which just three
made the U.S top 10.
Love him or hate him, his success down the years cannot be argued against.
For me this album has more to do with the landmark 100th album release, in
fact ...memorabilia.
The album has 'Cliff's' versions of some of the classic 'Rock/Pop numbers from
way back when, including 'The Everly' number 'Wake up little Susie' 'Johnny
Burnette's' 'Dream Lover' 'Johnny Tillotson's' 'Poetry in Motion' 'Bryan
Hyland's' 'Sealed With a Kiss' 'Chuck Berry's' 'Johnny B Goode' and 'Elvis's'
'Stuck on You' among the Fifteen tracks on board.
The guy is a music-legend, for me the album celebrates his 100th album release
and his overall contribution to the music-scene over the last 55 years.
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on 12 November 2013
Cliff doesn't seem to age his voice doesn't strain it's just matured.
I haven't recieved the CD yet but Amazon, once they have sent your purchase send you an MP3 download, so listened to it yesterday, yes I admit quite a few times and sung along with some of them.
There are many favorites on the disc sung with a passion that only Cliff can give the vocals and it feels as though he is back in his youth singing this collection, the musicians playing great guitar playing to ranchy sax make the playlist rock along to,
In all this is a 'songbook' of our 15 rock 'n' roll favourites sung by our own Cliff.
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on 11 November 2013
I must be one of the 1st to download this on Amazon and can say this is really a very good and fun album. The album is full of songs you shall or not reconise but is all good as it sees Cliff back to his roots again singing rock n roll. To be fair his last 2 previous albums , a swing and motown album did not suit him , So it is great he has decided to record this. I have herd this is the 100th album to be released in the uk too and who better to have this with this and all of his achievements than him. This is a very well produced album and will please many listeners and goes very recommended and is very Rockin!
His best album since Reunited!
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on 11 November 2013
This is a great and fun album from Cliff Richard that marks his 100th album, while also giving a passing nod to when he started out 55 years ago in 1958. The suite of songs is chosen as a representative sample of those singers, composers and songs that inspired him to begin his career as a musician. The final track is an original song commissioned for the project (and co-written by the album's producer).

What Cliff brings to the party here is a fresh take on some very well-known and familiar songs. Cliff has an innate ability to understand harmony and rhythm and both of these facets are here. It could have been simply an album of covers that would have passed most people by, but this is a joyous and energetic make-over of the songs that has Cliff's stamp all over them.

There is not one song on the listing that made me think it was out of place and, if you like strong musicianship with a familiar edge, I strongly recommend you buy this album!
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on 6 March 2016

Sir Cliff Richard is my all-time favourite living singer. (Elvis is of course always be the King!). He is the 73 year old “evergreen” singer from UK, still going strong after all these years. He still holds the record as the only artist in UK with at least one Number 1 song in FIVE different decades (50s-90s). Although Cliff is much less popular in US, in UK, he is tops, with an astonishing 136 charted singles! He has also sold more records (21.4 million in UK) than Elvis (21.0 million) and Beatles (20.8 million), according to the Virgin Book of British Hit Singles. Being a loyal Cliff fan and a completist, I am glad to say that I have every domestic release of Sir Cliff from 1958 to now!


This set is Cliff’s 100th album! This Fabulous Rock N Roll Songbook is Cliff’s way to pay tribute one of the greatest advances in musical history, but also the artists who took Rock N Roll to the top of the charts worldwide. Cliff (original name: Harry Webb) reminisces about his name, in part, was a tribute to Little Richard. Wow! Good Golly, Miss Molly!!

This set was not recorded in the famed Abbey Road, but in Nashville, Tennessee at the Blackbird Studio. He has recorded many recent albums in Nashville. I have compiled a detailed song listing (with names of original artists, and their chart positions in US and UK, and year), which is as follows:

01 Rip In Up (Little Richard, US 17/1956; UK 30/1956)*performed live in his Live in Sidney concert, prior to the recording of this CD
02 Wake Up Little Susie (Everly Brothers, US 1(4)/1956; UK 2/1957)*Vince Gill sang back-up
03 Poetry In Motion (Johnny Tillotson, US 2/1960; UK 1/1960)*performed live in his Live in Sidney concert
04 Sealed With A Kiss (Brian Hyland, US 3/1962; UK 3/1962)*performed live in his Live in Sidney concert
05 Stood Up (Ricky Nelson, US 2/1958; UK 27/1958)
06 Such A Night (Johnnie Ray, UK 1/1954)*personally, I still like Elvis’s version the best
07 School Days (Chuck Berry, US 3/1957; UK 24/1957)
08 Teddy Bear (Elvis Presley, US 1(7)/1957; UK 3/1957) & Too Much (Elvis Presley, US 1(3)/1957; UK 6/1957) Medley
09 Don’t Let Go (Roy Hamilton, US 13/1958)
10 Dream Lover (Bobby Darin, US 2/1959; UK 1/1959)*performed live in his Live in Sidney concert; I particular like the use of prologue to introduce the song
11 Stuck On You (Elvis Presley, US 1(4)/1960; UK 3/1960)
12 Fabulous (Charlie Gracie, US 16/1957; UK 8/1957)*performed live in his Live in Sidney concert; in the Rockabilly section
13 Rave On (Buddy Holly, US 37/1958; UK 5/1958)
14 Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry, US 8/1958)
15 One More Sunny Day (brand new song, but not released as a single)

Three songs performed in his concert that should have been included in this set: Reelin’ & Rockin’, I Don’t Care If The Sun Don’t Shine and Paralysed. The audio is very well recorded and remastered – simply great sound! It entered at No. 7 in the UK album chart this week (not too shabby).


This 100th album release by Sir Cliff is simply FABULOUS! Where else can you find Cliff sing Dream Lover, Sealed With A Kiss, Poetry in Motion, using his own typical Cliff Richard’s style. I played this CD repeated the whole day for my patients in the waiting room with great response! Naturally, by now, I know every song by heart. The entire set is thoroughly enjoyable. You can actually sing along with Cliff. In summary, Cliff’s music is simply Poetry In Motion. Naturally, this set is very highly recommended.

I have also reviewed his Live in Sidney Concert (blu ray). You should also get that too. One of the best concert releases this year!
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on 13 November 2013
This CD is brilliant! Having been a fan of Cliff's for many years now I am well aware of the consummate showman he is (having seen him "Live" countless times) and he almost always features songs such as these on the album in his live shows, so I can only feel sorry for the folk who have never seen him 'live' so have missed out on his pure brilliance as a performer. So it's great that he has, at last, released an album not only going back to his roots, but to shut up all of his detractors who think he's only capable of singing 'Living Doll' and 'Congratulations' etc. This CD is so long overdue that it's not true but better late than never. GET IT, it's just so good and let's get him to No. 1 in the charts where he belongs.
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on 11 November 2013
Elvis inspired Cliff.
And Cliff is still inspiring me to enjoy music.
To Sing and dance to it.
This is a well put together and produced Rock and Roll LP.
Just put it on and enjoy!
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on 12 November 2013
I have already commented on the one star rating but felt that it wasn't that bad. I have every album he has recorded and every single. So I feel I am in a good position to comment the last two albums were ok Bold as Brass still remains unplayed most of the time and the Soulicious only a handful of times.

I just feel that Cliff could do more edgy music but due to record companies and probably money he feels that this is a way to keep the career going. Here's a thought just record an album stripped down (musician wise) record it live in the studio like rock and roll juvenile and see how it goes. Maybe some cover of newer songs hey country music has got some great songs out there recent ones (No Taylor Swift). Brad Paisley, Brooks and Dunn, Randy Travis etc and ask Vince Gill to help ( he sings backing vocals on Stood Up). This album feels over produced to sound perfect where as the appeal of the 50's was raw and unrehearsed, in saying that great mix of songs. All of them played well great musicians.

If doing a follow up to this with volume 2 try some more of the unknown or less heard songs. This is an album that will appeal to his fans me included but I wish he would take a risk and go against the grain.

Also enjoyed the DVD. 73 and keep on rocking Cliff
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