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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 30 October 2013
Another gem from Talli Roland. This delight of a story really did have me curling up, and enjoying the life of Lucy. This character has a strong personality, as does her assistant, I became engrossed in her romance and rejection, so much so, I would love to read more about her life after, Last Christmas. That is down to the talent of Talli Roland, she brings her characters alive with their quirks and vices. They have disasters or happiness, then a combination of both, and you are turning pages to absorb what happens next.

The story is dotted with sadness, humour, upset, and joy. I am a fan of Ms. Roland (a very descriptive writer), and am always happy to recommend her books. This one really does have a 'feel good factor' to it. Grab a cuppa, curl up on the sofa, and drift into the life of a young woman battling with why her long-term boyfriend walked away, and of how she saved his wedding day from disaster. Definitely a good Christmas read!
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on 1 November 2013
This is a wonderfully festive novella by the fabulous Talli Roland. I was literally hooked from the start.

Lucy is a brilliant character, she's so carefree and is happy to take risks in order to move her life on from the heartbreak she has suffered in the past. There are lots of loveable characters in this book and despite it being only a short story I feel I've really got to know them all.

On the Christmas side - this book was the perfect festive read, it started by describing London at Christmas in a way that made me want to run straight down there and join in with the festivities. There were constant Christmas references throughout the story, and the story ends with the Christmas Party to rival all other Christmas parties.

Packed full of hope this is an inspirational story of 'moving on' and will leave you feeling warm, fuzzy and totally festive.
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on 5 November 2013
I finished reading LAST CHRISTMAS last night (humming a certain song softly all the way) and I was absolutely enchanted by this wonderful tale. It has everything: romance, love lost and found, forgiveness, a great party and lashings of tinsel, a live band (that's right up my street, of course!) and several Christmas trees. Last Christmas is a sweet, fast read perfect for the festive season, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But, oh, Talli ~ what happens next??? Thanks for a great read!
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on 7 November 2013
Christmas love, Christmas heartache, Christmas kisses are what sums up
How beautiful is that cover please? It's like a gorgeous vintage Christmas card.

Talli Roland's lovely little Christmas novella, Last Christmas. (Reckon I could have fit any more Christmas' in that sentence?)

We follow heartbroken recruitment advisor Lucy on the build up to a dreaded Christmas Day with nothing but misery and bad memories from the previous years goings on. Rejected by her childhood sweetheart after 15 years together on Christmas Day has left her bitter and anti-Christmas. Finding out he's marrying someone new exactly a year later Lucy and her friend/colleague Mimi plan a huge kick ass Christmas bash to take her mind of it all.

Last Christmas is a quick and easy read. It has you hooked straight away and feeling ever so sorry for Lucy, it does also have you wanting to slap her and shout what on earth are you doing during the end of the book too like, but she really is a sweetheart.

You just can't go wrong with a bit of Christmas magic can you? Talli has given us this gorgeous novella for the build up to the festive season.
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on 20 March 2014
What I Say:
After bumping into Robert this gives her the courage and determination to move on, Robert comes across as self centred, but it turns out he was as devastated by their split as Lucy was.

Lucy meets James while selling a watch to afford her Xmas day party, (think I will dig out some jewelry to sell, it's worth a shot if they are all as nice as James), in the short time between meeting and Christmas there are plenty of ups and downs.

I love the fact Lucy gets bossed about by her assistant and the obvious friendship they have. It was a nice feel good Christmas book.

I loved this novella and Talli's writing really makes the time fly when you are reading, I will be picking up some more of Talli's books. If you want a nice, quick feel good Christmas read then this is it.
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on 11 December 2013
It was a short story about how Christmas in the present brought to the forefront Lucy's breakup with her ex-boyfriend the previous Christmas, memories of their past and how she puts that hurt behind her to look to the future with a potential new boyfriend James who appears in this book. This was an ok read and I am giving 3 stars for effort, I have read far better by this author. I felt the story lacked depth and I couldn't feel any real sparks between Lucy and James in the pages of the book. The ending could potentially hold the promise of a sequel if Talli wanted to attempt it. However on the upside its a lighthearted Xmas read.
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on 30 October 2013
Oddly, the first half of this book was dedicated to hating Christmas and all it was about but it only made me look forward to the holiday even more! Too bad Lucy cannot say the same.

From the get go in Last Christmas, Lucy is stuck in a bubble of self pity and sorrow, and rightly so because it is approaching the one year anniversary of when her long time boyfriend Robert - now her ex - broke her heart and refused her marriage proposal on the streets of Paris. I felt awful for Lucy, getting rejected is always hard but for someone who was literally your other half to cut things off, especially in the city of romance, was just stomach twisting.

Then as if reliving the holiday every year wouldn't be enough for her, fate decided Lucy didn't have enough punishment and picked the year after getting dumped to drop the bombshell that Robert - idiot - would be getting married to a stunning women named Greta on...wait for it... Christmas day!

Christmas day!

Does that man have no heart? I don't care if Lucy never found out he was getting married on that day or getting married at all, he should have had some respect and picked a different date far away from the 25th of December. It's not like Lucy was a short fling or his bit on the side, she was in a steady relationship with him for fifteen years. Fifteen years! Gah! I could have just smacked Robert after the first 16% of the book! Then he made me want to commit murder at the 20% mark, the reason why is the following scene...

"I can't marry you.'
`Can't marry me? I croaked. `Why?'
`I love you,' he said, his eyes holding mine. `You know I do. But..'
"But what?' Panic filled me now, my breath coming in short, fast gasps.
`I'm not in love with you. Not the way I need to be with someone I want to marry.' The words pushed me back like a physical force. Not in love with me? `We're more like flatmates, or brother and sister these days than anything else. You must have felt it.'

Focusing on Lucy again made me smile, I was delighted when she decided to throw her epic Christmas party bash. I loved Mimi's - her best friend - loyalty and eagerness for Lucy to have the best Christmas because she more than anyone knew how much she deserved it. Want to know who else I loved? Lucy's ma, good on her for wanting to get people to ditch Roberts wedding and attended Lucy's party bash! Lucy doesn't deliberately want to ruin the wedding's guest list but her mother does over what Robert done to her daughter and that gets a round of applause from me. What a good mother!

This is that part of the review where I start to fan-girl. Hello James Wilson, do you have a twin brother by any chance? The lad is just perfection and is a perfect fit for Lucy just as she is for him. They both had so much in common! Their relationship started quick but flowed nicely, it was lovely to read!

Lucy's change of heart and character towards the end of the book was awesome, she is such a good natured person. I don't know If I would have done what she did - because I still think Robert is a idiot - but then again, I'm a stubborn cow lol.

This is a short read but a must read. Make sure you pick up a copy because you won't regret it!
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on 10 November 2013
Another brilliant Christmas novella from the powerhouse of romantic fiction, Talli Roland. This book is realistic, about love lost and moving on, and the characters are very realistic and loveable. An enchanting tale that did leave me with a fuzzy feeling, looking forward to the Christmas season. Who can want more than that? The cover is awesome and as usual the editing and formatting is spot on. I really love Roland's work and this tale of hurt, love, revenge and forgiveness is a highlight for the Christmas novella market.
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on 26 December 2013
The story is about Lucy. Lucy has been unlucky in love, meaning the one and only love of her life chucked her last Christmas before you could say stocking! Since then she's been in a kind of slump; that is until a chance meeting with her ex and his new fiancé (!!) makes her dead set to enjoy Christmas this year, making it the best ever with a massive party to rival her ex's wedding.

I really liked Lucy right away, much like how I liked the MC in Mistletoe in Manhattan. She's down to earth and normal by MC standards so it makes her really believable and it's easy to identify with her. I liked how she got swept up in the idea of having a Christmas party to get one over on her ex (girl power) but also to try and get some closure from the whole situation.

The party planning also brings a new man into Lucy's life and their relationship develops quite fast, although it's not all mistletoe and mince pies as it brings her back down from her Christmas high with an all too close to home bump.

Lucy is cast as a bit of a hero by the end of the book. I think this kind of makes her character speak out for everyone who has ever been dumped and has struggled to move on.

Another story from Talli that I didn't want to put down. Good enough plot to have the potential of a full story!
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on 12 November 2013
If you haven't started your festive reading binge yet, then I have the perfect book to ease you into the mood. Talli Roland's Last Christmas is real gem and being a novella, it's a gorgeous bite-sized Christmas-cake-mouthful of chick-litty-goodness, great for gobbling in a single sitting.

Our heroine, Lucy, is bitter and it has to be said, a wee bit scrooge like- but then she has every right to be, having had her heart torn apart and spat on almost literally under last year's mistletoe. But after indulging in some justified (and thoroughly enjoyable) hating and bah-humbugging, Lucy is lead (by accident) onto a deliciously romantic path of healing and forgiveness. Amazing how much can change from one Christmas day to the following Christmas day.

This is a warm, heartfelt story with a very real and loveable heroine. My favourite thing about it is the lack of black and white, goody / baddy divide. Sometimes life throws shit at you, it might not be anyone's fault, and the best you can do is deal with it with grace and style. This Lucy manages- wringing a festive smile out of the toughest audience.

Go forth-read it and get ye Christmassy.
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