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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 16 May 2014
Okay I have tried probably 20 different LED bulbs over the past 4 years, ranging from the incredibly bad to the incredibly good. I have found that there are a lot of considerations to take into account and that there is a lot of confusion over what makes a good bulb. (also a lot of blatant lies about the products especially in amount of lumens and lifetime)

However in these latest Aurora bulbs I have found a truly superb bulb that not only replaces halogen perfectly but actually outshines it. I had the previous 6W version which I thought were pretty good and had at that time settled upon them. However I had a few failures within warranty which put me off and I am glad they did as it forced me to try 1 more time.

Here is a list of the things I think should be considered when purchasing LED replacement bulbs.
(Quite tricky as most sellers do not display all of these values and you have to research or ask the questions from them and they sometimes cannot tell you the answers which should start alarm bells ringing)

1. Lumens
2. CRI (Colour rendering index)
3. Beam Angle
4. Colour Temperature
5. Power Factor
6. Build Quality
7. Price
8. Size
9. Guarantee and Customer Service

And here is how the 7W Aurora bulbs rate on my scaling after 3 months of use.

1. 420 which is higher than the 350-400 you would expect from a Halogen 50W bulb (and looks it)
2. 82 which allows colours to stay true when the light shines on a surface or object (when it drops below 70 you will often get a grey washed out look in a room, a good test is to hold your hand under the bulb and see how the skin tone looks)
3. 40 degrees which again mimics the original halogen bulbs
4. 3000k which is warm but not quite as warm as halogen, however I have got used to this type of light and now prefer it. 4000k versions are more suitable for Kitchens and bathrooms
5. 0.75 meaning that the bulb actually uses 7/0.75 = 9.3W of electricity (I have found some in the past that are well under 0.4 which means that you are using over 2 ½ times the stated power, however I have also found some at over 0.9)
6. These are SOLID and pretty heavy, they feel like excellent quality and as soon as you get them you can feel the build quality. No rattling or flimsy parts like many others.
7. They are not cheap at 11.99 at date of purchase. However I believe you get what you pay for and I wanted a very specific similar look to Halogen and these provide exactly that. If they last their lifetime I will pay for them many, many times over in saved electricity
8. They are a very similar size to Halogen, however the front protrudes about 2 mm from the centre, which if you have absolutely no space in the fitting to push the bulb back 2mm could cause them to not fit, however I can only see this being applicable in very few cases as most fittings especially mine allow a tiny bit of movement.
9. 3 Year Guarantee which is pretty good, and from previous experience either Aurora or the seller Lights4u honours this with no arguments whatsoever (I didn’t even have to return the failed bulbs from the older 6w bulb failures for them to replace them and eventually they refunded the lot in favour of me purchasing these)

I am an electrician by trade and in my younger days before retirement I did a lot of lighting work which I believe qualifies me to make these statements.

All in all these really are by far the best bulbs I have ever tried and if they last the distance I will never need to look anywhere again. 5 stars and fully recommended

I will update this review if I have any failures or anything changes dramatically

No change, all the bulbs purchased are good to date with no issues so far. Have bought more for my business too.
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on 2 May 2014
I switched to LED bulbs in my house at the same time as I went solar-powered 4 years ago. I have bought dozens of different bulbs - up to 20 of each type from amazon over these last 4 years. Some cheap (and nasty) and some not so cheap (but still nasty).

I have yet to find a LED bulb that lasts anywhere near the manufacturers claim of x'000 - x'0000 hours use. It just doesn't happen. These bulbs have failed / flickered / started flashing invariably after a few weeks / months and some haven't worked from the off.

However, with these bulbs, I'm with the vast majority of other reviewers on Amazon. They are QUALITY. Sturdily built, they have decent weight, they look like the part.

My missus prompted this purchase after some other 6w LEDs started failing in the kitchen and we ended up with a hotchpotch of colours and brightness from spare bulbs. They were dull.

Not these bulbs, though, they're the brightest LEDs I have ever seen - and with the warm white spectrum I chose, look like the old fashioned incandescent bulbs we've all grown up with - yet at just 7w each, use just a fraction of the energy.

Most importantly the manufacturer has backed up their confidence in their quality with a 3 year guarantee - and I've not seen that on such a bulb before.

BUY with confidence. These are QUALITY. And in this world, you get what you pay for!
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on 6 May 2014
I bought three LED bulbs, a 5W Philips Core, 6W Aurora and this 7W Aurora. This bulb is a struggle to fit compared to the others, the heat-sink is that slight bit thicker around the edge meaning the retaining clip doesn't fit snugly and has a tendency to go "ping" and fly across the room.

The point-source of this bulb is very intensive and makes it appear whiter than lesser powerful bulbs with the same temperature. The fill light seems strongly focused meaning you can be left with dull spots if you don't have your light fittings close enough.

In the end I opted for the 6W version which provided a more satisfying fill and less distracting intensity.
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on 6 January 2014
These are the first proper 50W replacement GU10s I've bought (and I've tried many). The old Aurora 7W LEDs were good, though the whole spotlight was about 2 cm longer than a traditional GU10 halogen spotlight. These, however, are great; not only are they the same size as a traditional spotlight, but they are just a hair's breadth away from a 50W ... I'd say you could compare them to a 45W bulb and, as a result, I can't tell the difference any more.

I wish these came in 2800K ... while I like the 3000K look (ever so slightly yellow, but definitely whiter than a traditional halogen), my wife prefers the yellowish "cosy" look. You notice when you replace them, but as soon as you're used to them, they look just right.

Also, while they are listed as having a 35 degree beam, it feels wider to me.

Other than that: AMAZING!
review image
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on 15 March 2014
I have been ordering many leds over the past year.Unlike a straight light bulb one buys,you know exactly what the light will be when purchased.Leds are a different kettle of fish.Although the description given for numerous LEDs,describes them as warm white, and bright,in 90%of cases this is not true.
Before I ordered the Aurora led I checked the star rating on Amason,which is a reasonable pointer as to how good a product is.
This product got an average rating of 5 stars.That was the incentive for me to try one.
It arrived when said,and within the time scales given.
I took out the halogen bulb and inserted the led.My best critic is my wife.She said are you going to take out the halogen and put in the LED so I can see what it looks like.Already done.She was amazed,and could see no difference between the two.
If anyone is requiring a direct replacement for Halogens,I can highly recommend the Auroras.I ordered the 7 Watt which are perfect.They are not only bright,they radiate the warmth and glow in line with Halogens.
I have up to press ordered another 8.
It is no good spoiling the atmosphere of a room just to reduce the wattage,one has to try to maintain the ambience,which these LEDs give in abundance

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on 3 December 2014
Am in the process of changing all of my 50watt 12 volt with transformers over to this GU10 low energy, tried the more expensive philips and some cheap ones, not the cheapest and not the most expensive I found these to be be very good light quality - I have purchased Aurora products before and have always found them to be very good quality, I also called their technical help desk a short while ago, and must say they were extremely knowledgable and helpful and solved my issue 100%. I will be buying more to complete my project to go low energy throughout my whole property. *This is worth thinking about - I did try using the direct Aurora replacement 7W 12V MR16 LED however some worked fine with my existing transformers and some flickered ! and so changed to the Aurora recommended LED transformer Aurora 10W 12V LED Driver Non Dimmable - Constant Voltage at £9.99 each - however I found that it worked out easier and cheaper to change from 12 volt to GU10 240volt, either way the Aurora led light technology is very good
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on 3 June 2015
We have gradually been replacing all our light bulbs, a few at a time. We wanted to see how well they last. We bought our first batch three years ago and have not had a single failure - we have bought about forty altogether: some at our previous house and the rest at our new apartment. They are a nice 'colour' too, quite yellow which is much more cheerful than some of the bulbs we have tried, and much nicer than the ones that were in the apartment when we moved in. We only need to replace another thirty - now you see why we do it a few at a time!
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on 29 December 2014
Best GU10 replacement I found.
I bought some no-names (dozen+ LEDs in a grid) that were nearly as good. Bought some Philips bulbs which were cheaper, gave lower lumen output, but gave better light - but these had both the power, quality of light, and physically appeared better looking.
Reason for the -2 stars, is that the one test bulb I bought died within 2 months of me installing it.
Aurora do seem to have a registration/returns process I'm in the middle of (a plus) and I just seem to have been unlucky - but the lower power Philips and uglier no-names are all still going strong, whilst this bulb (clearly the best when it was working) fried itself.
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2014
I had 3 watt LEDs throughout my apartment and after about a year I finally realised that I really wasn't getting enough light - the place started to feel dingy. I particularly needed brighter light in the kitchen and over my office desk. So I bought a couple of these to place strategically in those particular spots and yes, they made a huge difference! Now my place is bright and cheerful. I can read more easily and see stuff in the kitchen nice and bright. Big difference from 3 watts!

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on 5 November 2013
I am so happy with this bulb. I have tried so many different types and not been impressed with any until now.
The light from LEDs can often have a weird colour hue, despite the stated colour temperature. I've had very blue white and even puke green types of light from the cheap bulbs, that make people look ill when underneath them.

This bulb is so bright, so perfect for the kitchen over the worktops, and the colour temperature is perfect.- clean and fresh, but not sterile and clinical, just normal slightly warm crisp light. The colour that you just don't notice.

I don't write many reviews, but i have been trying to find a decent LED bulb for ages and this is it :)

Also it is a really nice design and looks good. You can't see any cheap bling looking diodes, just a clean diffused cover.

highly recommended.
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