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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 2 April 2014
Awesome bit of kit. My 15 month old daughter is a bit of a technophile and has destroyed both mine and my wife's 'indestructible" cases. The built in screen protector is the mutts nuts and let's face it, if you spend 400 notes on an iPad your not going to worry about a few extra to protect it. If I had a gripe, it would be with the "cover/base". The hard cover which, when removed, acts as a base/stand for your iPad. A flip stand inside the cover enables you to stand your iPad up. It has 2 angles which I've found are both handy. My gripe is that you just 'lean' the iPad in place. It would be good if they can have a mechanism where you can clip the iPad to the base. Not a problem for most people but if your looking for something on tinternet then have to move for some reason, you pick up the iPad but the base(front cover) stays put. Just annoying to have to pickup the iPad and then the base, especially if you have one hand occupied with a 15 month old. I would suggest ANYONE with an iPad get one of these if you a) have kids. b) travel a lot c) a+b? don't get one of these if you want dust proof or water proof. These are water resistant which means drops of liquid. You throw your iPad in the river with one of these on and it's going to die... On the bright side, the case will survive ;)
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on 19 June 2014
As a business person using my iPad all day every day I need to keep it safe.

I can drop it, splash it and generally be clumsy with is and my iPad is safe. It has fallen downstairs too, still in perfect order.
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This is a replacement for my last Otterbox which lasted for just over a year before the rubber outer stretched too much. It has been subject to some heavy abuse as I use it for work and unlike some I am not desk bound. My iPad Mini travelled over 18,000 miles in the last year, rain or shine, snow and sun.

I took the old Otterbox cover off (incidentally it was for the Mini without retina but it fitted anyway) and when the iPad was released from its prison it was immaculate and without a blemish. I'd point out that it had dropped to the floor on two occasions.

It was immediately encased n the new cover, just in time for my 9 year old to grab it and play Minecraft.

The only part of the Otterbox I do not like is the screen protector, it just does not have that tactile feel to it and oil slicking is sometimes a problem. I removed the built in screen protector and placed a much more tactile Spigen Crystal on the screen instead. Now it feels almost like the original screen and optically is is very good. I know that it makes the screen area less 'water resistant' but the fit is tight and no dirt or debris appeared to get underneath and into the case.

The Otterbox is definately one of the best cases, I have a collection I have tried from several competitors and still I stay with Otterbox. They might want to modify the silicone rubber outer to stop it stretching but I can't really complain that much, it has been worked hard.

I trust the product to protect the iPad Mini, I have also got one on my iPhone and on the family iPad and iPod. Gosh I sound like an Apple fanbois don't I. Still all the devices are in perfect condition.

My wife gets my iPhone hand me downs when I upgrade and they are always immaculate. If you were to use one of these and sell on your old phone afterwards to finance a new one you would get the best resale price for it.

Highly recommended as I have found nothing better
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on 4 August 2016
Otterboxes are almost bombproof, which is really, really important when you've giving a child an ipad.
This particular case though... With the stand panel on the back of the case its quite hard to hit the volume and especially the "Off" button.
The stand is really tough to get off the back too, which in some ways is a good thing (secure), but in others a real nuisance. 8yr old fingers have a nightmare getting it on and off which means it routinely stays off, leaving the screen exposed.
Opening the covers for the Camera and charge port can be really tough too, but again, that means secure from dust and probably a little water..

Overall, this is much better than the alternatives I have tried. Some cases have no stand/cover or have stands made badly or cheaply.
Expensive.. but then so is an ipad...
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on 21 September 2014
Certainly a very good case for protecting the iPad mini but makes ipad look a bit like a child's toy; very plasticky. It gets 4 for looks only otherwise would be 5 - it's very functional and looks it. The hard grey cover and stand is large and rather clunky. There seems to be a gap in the market for ipad mini cases that are both strong, with a screenguard, and look good.
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on 27 July 2016
This is quite simply the best case I've ever purchased for any iPad. It's much slimmer and unobtrusive than others I've used, and offers maximum protection from children at home and when travelling. I would not hesitate to recommend this well-constructed and rather good-looking case. If this case was a person (hopefully one I could call a friend) and we found ourselves in a life-or-death situation along with another non-OtterBox case which was also human, and OtterBox-person and non-OtterBox-person were each insisting that their chosen path in the jungle would lead us to safety...I don't even need to say it.
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on 13 June 2014
not tested fully yet but seems to do the job robust in construction my daughter has one for her tablet and it has survived being dropped onto a tiled floor and two under 3 year olds - so it would probably withstand a war zone
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on 5 June 2015
I originally had concerns that this item was counterfeit although bought from Amazon - the logo on the back is in sans-serif font and does not match the Otterbox logo shown in the picture on this page and found on other sites. In addition, this case has a cutout for the Apple logo whereas the one pictured does not. Upon further research, however, I discovered that the case I received is the iPad mini 3 defender - SKU:77-50972 on Otterbox's website. It appears that Amazon have not updated their product page.

Other than that, the only other issue is that the screen protector does suffer from "oil-slicking", which is somewhat annoying on a Retina iPad. Otterbox say this can be solved with a very fine dusting of baby powder.
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on 21 March 2014
I bought this case together with the equivalent Otterbox 5s Case. As I had had an Otterbox case protecting my old iPhone 4 and liked the protection it gave it.

I got this for my new iPad Mini with Retina display as I wanted something that gave maximum rotection.

Firstly the initial (inner) case is hard to put on, there is no doubt about this. But the best way to learn how to do it properly is watch the Otterbox "How to" videos on You Tube.

I have kids who often use my iPad to play games so would really recommend this case as it protects well if they drop it.

I have used it for the last month and am very happy with the product and think it is generally good value for money.

One minor gripe! The case covers the Home button well, but sometimes can be fiddly when you try to press it!
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on 4 April 2016
Did not live up to the price. Mine fell from about sixteen inches. There is no way this thing could survive a six foot drop.

I bought the survivor ipad protector and it's well worth the money.

So for me is one star. I would not recommend to my friends. Maybe as a paper weight on the desk would be right at home. For every day use? No way
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