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on 9 May 2017
Having a profiler as the protagonist is a refreshing change and gives the story a different slant. Jefferson Winter certainly has an extraordinary ability to get inside the mind of the villain. He’s a likeable character, eccentric, intuitive, focussed and confident, but seems to lead a solitary life. Never in one place long enough to form lasting friendships or attachments.

The story flows well, with tension and suspense, and it was interesting to follow Winter’s thought processes, which drive the investigation forward. I enjoyed the writing style, everything was relevant with no unnecessary passages to slow things down. Just enough description for atmosphere and mental images to form. The chemistry between Winter and the ‘absolutely stunning’ Templeton was enjoyable, even if having the perfect blonde, blue-eyed sidekick was a bit clichéd.

The passages from the perspective of Rachel Morris, the present victim, are very well done and realistically convey the pain, terror and hopelessness of her situation. The chapters throughout are short and fast paced which add to the tension and the plot follows a winding road.

I’m intrigued to see how Jefferson Winter, a character with loads of potential, evolves in the following books.
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on 11 June 2018
A well written thriller that for me was spoilt by an unbelievable lead character and a number of rather horrific scenes that are described in some detail.
The plot is mainly told from the point of view of an unbelievably arrogant ex FBI profiler, Jefferson Winter, who runs roughshod over the UK police who have hired him to help find a sadist who has been kidnapping women and then later releasing them after performing a lobotomy on them. Winter happily uses any means to achieve his goals regardless of whether they are legal or not.
Some, but not all, of the more gruesome scenes are portrayed through the eyes of the latest woman who has been kidnapped. These scenes leave little to the imagination and so I would not recommend this novel if you are easily upset or offended by horrific acts of violence.
So if you like chilling crime thrillers featuring an arrogant hero whose actions are highly questionable, then this novel will probably appeal. As for me, while the plot held my interest, I doubt I will be reading any of the other novels in this series.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 21 March 2017
Well According to good old Amazon, it says  You purchased this item on 11 Jul 2014.    So I guess it's about time I caught up with the series, as I also have 4 more books from this author waiting patiently on my kindle, I need to get a wiggle on.

​I really wasn't sure what to expect from this book, but yeah, I enjoyed it.
​A good page turner that will keep you interested throughout. This is book one in the Jefferson Winter series and I have to say not a bad start. Ex FBI Profiler Winters is now a freelance consultant and on a case trying to help find someone who is abducting women, and then lobotomising them. It's a bit of a sick thing to do and really does add to the creepiness of this story.
​Winter is a great character and seems very good at what he does. I'm looking forward to reading more of this series now and seeing how things go for him, I'm ready to get to know him a little more and will be reading the next book soon.
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on 14 September 2014
Jefferson Winter saw his father executed for the murders, over 12 years, of 15, young women; after he'd hunted them down he'd shot them with a high powered rifle.

As an FBI criminal profiler he needed to prove that he was not the same as his father. His father's last mouthed words to him "we're the same" were deeply etched into his mind. He then quits the FBI and works privately.

Winter comes over to England to help Scotland Yard, namely DI Mark Hatcher, to solve a disturbing case, not concerning murders but something equally as disturbing, i.e. lobotomising women after kidnapping and torturing them. The "unsub" then sets the victims free to wander around - sort of 'the living dead'.

It's not long before Winter meets DS Sophie Templeton, who's a big help in more ways than one. - Well, all work and no play!

As I said in my title, good book, sorry I've finished it, wanted to continue reading more, but that would hardly be fair on the poor suffering victims. That's not counting the finalising part, of course. Aaaaawwww!

I think I'll download James Carol 's next Jefferson Winter thriller
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on 27 March 2015
I purchased this book on the 24/03/15 but didn't start reading it until the morning of the 25th, bad mistake!
The author caught my attention from the very beginning of the book and didn't let me go until I had finished all 3 novels and the 2 novellas at 23:50 !
I know I am a very fast reader and yes, I do get very involved in whatever I happen to be reading, but, I think this is the first time I have actually purchased a complete set of books from an author and completely devoured them one after another.
I enjoy reading immensely, usually 1 or 2 books a day and usually I choose from the huge range of new authors that post their creations for free. To read the 1st book in the series and then immediately purchase and read the remaining books shows how tightly the Author grabbed my attention.
The characters were well formed, even the incidental characters who only had minor parts to play. The grammar and punctuation? well I didn't notice any faux pas, although to be honest if the end of the world had happened, I doubt I would have noticed until I had finished the very last word! All I will say is that I had to have my Kindle on charge from the start of the 2nd novel until the end !
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on 24 April 2014
Jefferson Winter, what a man!! He is absolutely brilliant. Ex FBI investigator, and he comes to us in the UK to solve the mystery of the serial labotomist. He is so good, he is a genius too.
Plagued by guilty feelings about his father being a serial killer too, and his fathers last words to him before they gave him a lethal injection were 'we're the same', no way!!
Winter followed his own path, and consumed by his work makes him brilliant at what he does.
This story had me gasping at the shock moments, and hiding behind a pillow at the scary moments.
I cannot stress how good this was, and i got the vibe of, modern day policing, and a seventies style cop show. It was an excellent mix, and i loved every page.

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on 16 July 2014
An interesting, dark thriller that covers new ground but falls into the common pitfall of a 'genius' profiler, this one left the FBI to travel the world solving serial killer cases. The pitfall? Our genius solves the case with intuition, leaps of faith and the help of two computer geeks working for the Metropolitan police, while the team of officers assembled to investigate the case do almost nothing. Hardly credible. The writing is good, as is the sense of place and the characters are well portrayed, particularly the psycho. Sadly the lack of credibility overcomes all else.
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on 20 April 2014
I can't believe this is a first book. It is so professional, so well written that I thought I was reading an established author. I loved this book. I couldn't wait to keep reading it but at the same time didn't want to finish it as then I wouldn't have anymore of this to read. All the characters were well thought out, interesting and believable (if not a little over the top!)
The story is about a serial killer, who is quite nasty and violent but the book is more about the people out to catch him. You get a couple of pages on the serial killer and his victims, then more is written about the detectives out to catch him so it's not all violence and it's as much about the police as the killer. The ex FBI character flown over from America to help the British police is a touch of genius as it combines two totally different methods of policing and makes the story so much more interesting. Brilliant book, sad I've finished it. Will definitely download the next one when it comes out.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 12 July 2014
A real page turner - really enjoyed this book. I've read some reviewers saying some of it is far fetched but, I've said this before in my reviews, it's fiction - not a documentary and it entertained me no end. Couldn't put it down.

I notice some reviewers have put potential readers off by describing the torture as being like SAW. I've not watched SAW but all I can say is that I can stand far more violence in a book than I can on a screen. And I didn't find it that bad as much of the torture inflicted was psychological - the stripping away of a human being's free will and hanging the threat of pain over them - which may or may not come.

I'll def be buying the next book.
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on 12 June 2014
First of all I gave this book four stars because I did enjoy the plot and the chemistry between Templeton and Winter, plus I thought Donald Cole was a pretty cool character. Some people found the book too gruesome, but I have read this genre a long time and have probably been de-sensitized to the graphic depiction of torture over the years. There is a fair share of it in this book.

There are also a couple of nice twists in this novel and a few scenic descriptions that impressed me. I finished the novel feeling detached from the main character Jefferson Winter, which is why I felt I couldn't give it the five star treatment. He is unquestionably 'cool', but he seemed a little too perfect for my liking.

Overall, it is worth adding to your reading list and I'm sure as the series grows we may find out more of Winter's weaknesses which will ascend this world James Carol paints into the highest score bracket.
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