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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars

on 15 November 2017
Toward the end of his impassioned introduction, author Joe Williams urges his readers to, “..fight for the truth, justice and the American way by arming yourself with facts.”

Having thus enjoined his reader, he then proceeds to lie with staggering impunity. Here are just some of his opening falsehoods.

Williams states that, “..even though many alleged participants did indeed talk, including Watergate conspirator E. Howard Hunt and anti-Castro operative John Martino, while others, including Mafia chieftain Sam Giancana and Oswald's handler George de Mohrenschildt, died violently before they got a chance.”

There are two lies in this sentence. Firstly, George de Mohrenschildt wasn’t Oswald’s ‘handler’ and, secondly, he most assuredly did get ‘a chance’ to talk; he testified before the Warren Commission in 1964 (IX H 166-284). His wife, Jeanne, also testified (IX H 285-331)

Two lies already.

Williams writes of James Angleton that, “Documentary evidence suggests that Angleton personally authorised Oswald’s phoney defection to the Soviet Union and his subsequent infiltration of the Fair Play For Cuba Committee”.

This is untrue.There’s no such evidence - documentary or otherwise.

Running total: Three lies

Williams turns next to Carolyn Arnold: [...] “On the afternoon of the Kennedy assassination, Arnold saw her co-worker Oswald in the second-floor lunchroom at 12:15 [...] and again downstairs at 12:25 [...] Her testimony is sufficient to exonerate Oswald, who told investigators that he was eating lunch downstairs when the president was shot”.

Not true.
Firstly, Arnold never told any investigative body that she’d seen Oswald in the second-floor lunchroom as Williams contends.
On the 26th, November, she was interviewed by the FBI, and a report of the interview was subsequently written. The report (CD 5, p. 41) notes that, ‘As she was standing in front of the building, she stated she thought she caught a fleeting glimpse of LEE HARVEY OSWALD standing in the hallway between the front door and the double door leading to the warehouse, located on the first floor. She could not be sure that this was OSWALD, but said she felt it was and believed the time to be a few minutes before 12:15’.

In March, 1964, Arnold gave a second, voluntary statement to the FBI (CE 1381, 22 H 635). In this statement, Arnold’s only mention of Oswald was, “I did not see LEE HARVEY OSWALD at the time President Kennedy was shot.”

So, Arnold said absolutely nothing about seeing Oswald at 12:25 in either of her interviews.
Therefore, her testimony does not give Oswald an alibi and it doesn’t “exonerate” him as Williams dishonestly claims. Two lies here.

Running total: Five lies.

For his next falsehood, Williams finds it necessary to put words into the mouth of J. Thornton Boswell: [...] “Boswell later told researcher Josiah Thompson that the wound in Kennedy’s back was only a few inches deep, with no exit path, thus invalidating the Single Bullet Theory.”
Boswell did not tell Thompson that there was “..no exit path..”. Williams has invented words that Boswell never spoke. Thompson interviewed Boswell in 1967 and by then it had long been established that there WAS an exit path through JFK’s body. (See ‘Six Seconds In Dallas’ for Thompson’s actual quotes of Boswell.)

Running total: Six lies.

Williams claims that “Lee Bowers: [...] saw two men near the stockade fence and “a flash of light or smoke” as the motorcade passed.”

Bowers said nothing about “a flash of light or smoke” in his affidavit of the 22nd or his Commission testimony.(VI H 284-289)

That’s seven lies.

Next, Williams turns his rage against Howard Brennan: [...] “..and Brennan’s eyesight was so bad that he could not determine the race or the number of men in the police lineup - where he failed to identify Oswald.”

This is probably the most crass assertion that Williams makes. Here’s the relevant exchange during Brennan’s sworn testimony before the Commission:

Mr. BELIN: Do you remember how many people were in the lineup?
Mr. BRENNAN: No; I don't. A possibility seven more or less one. (III H 147)

Brennan said that he didn’t remember - he didn’t say that he couldn’t ‘determine’. There’s a world of difference between remembering something and determining what something is. This is contemptible writing by Williams.

Belin also asked Brennan, “Were the other people in the lineup, do you remember--were they all white, or were there some Negroes in there, or what?
Brennan replied, “I do not remember.” (III H 147)

Clear as a bell - he didn’t remember. He didn’t say that he couldn’t ‘determine’ the races of the men as the duplicitous writing of Williams seeks to convey. This is really nasty stuff.

As for Williams’ assertion that Brennan, “..failed to identify Oswald.”, here’s what Brennan told Belin in sworn testimony:

Mr. BELIN: All right. Did you see anyone in the lineup you recognized?
Mr. BELIN: And what did you say?
Mr. BRENNAN: I told Mr. Sorrels and Captain Fritz at that time that Oswald--or the man in the lineup that I identified looking more like a closest resemblance to the man in the window than anyone in the lineup. (III H 147)

Brennan did identify Oswald.

Running total: Ten lies.

Who’s next? Eugene Hale Brading: [...] “On Nov 22, within minutes of the shooting, he was arrested for unauthorised entry to the Dal-Tex building in Dealey Plaza, but he was released after showing police a fake ID”.

Two more lies in this sentence..
Brading was not ‘arrested’ as Williams claims. He, “..was held [at the Sheriff’s Office] for two or three hours and finally questioned and released.” Brading did not show the police “..fake ID.”, he showed his credit card. (See CE 2003, 24 H 202 and CD 401 p.2.)

Running total: Twelve lies.

The book continues with,[Carlos] “Bringuier [...] was the propaganda chief for a militant anti-Castro group called the Student Revolutionary Directorate (DRE in Spanish), which had offices at the New Orleans address stamped on Oswald’s pro-Castro pamphlets.”

Another lie.
The DRE did not have offices at 544 Camp Street. The DRE had no office at all in New Orleans. Bringuier used his retail shop, the Casa Roca, which was at, 107 Decatur Street to conduct his DRE affairs. Oswald visited the shop on August, 5th, 1963 in an attempt to infiltrate the organisation. He did that because - in the absence of there being an office - it was the only point of contact with the DRE.

Thirteen lies and counting.

[Karen] “Carlin died of a gunshot wound in August 1964.”

No she didn’t. It’s a myth initiated by the inept and erroneous ‘research’ of Penn Jones Jr. and perpetuated by credulous writers - such as Joe Williams.

That’s fourteen whoppers, now.

Williams claims that, “Roger Craig: [...] was one of the first officers to see the hidden rifle, which he identified as a Mauser, not a Mannlicher-Carcano.”

Another lie.
Craig never claimed to have found or even seen a Mauser rifle in his own written report (XIX H 524), FBI interviews (CE 1967, XXIII H 817, CE 1993, XXIV H 23), Warren Commission Testimony (VI H 260-273) or Shaw trial testimony of February 14th., 1969.

Fifteen lies.

At this point I noticed that the ‘progress bar’ at the foot of the Kindle page was showing that I’d only read six per cent of the book! Six per cent and there were fifteen outright lies..

I scrolled back to location 112 in order to reexamine the following passage by Williams: “To distract us from the clues, well funded conspiracy deniers such as Vincent Bugliosi, Bill O’Reilly and Gerald Posner have relied on brazen lies and crafty evasions.”

What? Having led-off with fifteen provable falsehoods, Williams has the gall to accuse others of “..brazen lies..”. This is rank hypocrisy.

The prospect of having to endure another ninety-four per cent of ‘The Grassy Knoll Report’ became too depressing; I stopped reading. After all, you don’t have to walk into a cesspit until the content reaches your chin in order to know where you’re headed.

Although I gave up on this shabby book at kindle location 222 (with 3647 remaining) I did use the ‘search’ facility to see how Williams dealt with key witnesses and testimony elsewhere. I was dismayed - but not surprised - to find that the lies continued unabated and the omission of crucial evidence and testimony was pervasive from beginning to end.

‘The Grassy Knoll Report’ is an appalling book. This self-published, Kindle download is a compendium of ancient, entry-level conspiracy buff quackery that’s been debunked, regurgitated and debunked again over the last half century.

This rancid brew of paranoia and duplicity cost me £4.45 to download. In a sense it was worth every penny. It reinforced my certainty that ‘conspiracy theorists’ - such as Joe Williams - are without scruple and devoid of any argument to advance their vacuous assertions.

Barry Ryder
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on 31 August 2017
Another book about the JFK assassination ! Yes but one of the best analysis of the events in Dealey Plaza that fatal day in 1963. Joe William's takes us through the events leading up to that horrific moment in American History.
Superb stuff.
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on 17 March 2017
A superb account into every aspect of who's who in the jfk assassination written with great passion. Highly recommended indeed.
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on 23 April 2014
Interesting overview of the assassination, but tends to skimp over details which gets a little frustrating. Also assumes the reader knows who a lot of the characters mentioned are, so more background would be helpful. Good, well argued read though all the same.
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on 5 February 2014
Tremendous work which distils the key aspects of the case and sets out the known facts in a very clear fashion. Highly recommended for those attempting to find their way in this wilderness of mirrors.
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on 30 January 2014
In-depth, fascinating read. Full of facts that bring the whole truth together. A gripping read from start to finish with good links for further research. Highly recommended.
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on 17 February 2014
well done sir I have always thought that Oswald never kill JFK or tipping
he was a small guy that was used
.maybe one day the truth will emerge
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on 6 July 2015
The most compelling book I have yet read concerning the conspiracy to assassinate JFK.....riveting stuff.
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on 14 November 2014
Essential reading for anybody interested in November 22nd 1963 . Very very good
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on 23 September 2014
An interesting insight to the assassination of JFK.
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