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on 28 October 2017
For basic external storage, this is a good, even great, disk well recommended by The Wirecutter (a very good source of advice) and is the latest generation of a product live I already own and trust. Seagate have backup software for both Mac and PC. On Mac, you can use it as a host for the Time Machine functionality. There's even some cloud cleverness made available. I didn't buy this for any of that... but, before I get there...

ALL MAC USERS Despite claiming to be Mac friendly, this disk is formatted using the Windows filing system (NTFS). Macs can read this but not write to it. You MUST reformat it to be useful to you.
• Open an app 'Disk Utility' that is installed on your computer.
• In the left column, you will see "Seagate Backup Plus Drive". Right click it and 'Erase...'.
• In the dialogue window, change the name if you want to and use the 'Format:' drop down to select 'Mac OS Extended (Journaled)' then click erase. Ignore the 'Security Options...' because the disk came blank.

Now it's usable for backup applications, Time Machine etc.

Getting geeky now...

Everything that follows is for Mac users wanting a BOOTABLE backup. A bootable backup is one where you can take the backup disk and plug it into any recent Mac and boot from it as if you were running your own machine at the moment you did the backup. This might get you past a disk failure, theft or some other catastrophic problem.

I use a multi-layered approach to data preserving my data: cloud sync services (OneDrive / Dropbox / Creative Cloud etc) for data in real time & cross device sync; Time Machine for changes / versions available locally; and, finally, point in time bootable backups that might save massive rebuilding exercises and are a catchall safety net. I bought a pair of these disks for that last layer of defence - bootable backups - and use SuperDuper (but shifting to Carbon Copy Cloner) to create them.

Out of the box, the disks were partitioned using FDisk (Microsoft again) which enables use on Windows and Mac. This partition type will not boot on Macs and is incompatible with a plan to use bootable backups. Previous to macOS High Sierra (10.13), Mac's 'Disk Utility' allowed a partition map to be changed when erasing a disk. This is no longer available so you'll need to do some terminal-fu if you want to use it with either SuperDuper or CCC. I can't post a link to it (Amazon's rules) but there is a great guide on what to do if you search for "Disk Management From the Command-Line, Part 2".

Also, with High Sierra the new disk formatting system AFPS has arrived (except if you have an iMac with a Fusion Disk). This changes the rules on how data is stored (you can have more logical data than the drive has physical capacity for). Read the blogs at ShirtPocket (who make SuperDuper) and Bombich (who make CCC) (again, my first draft was refused for link gin directly). A few things I have learnt...
• SuperDuper cannot read APFS yet. CCC can appear to have down extensive testing.
• For maximum compatibility, it's probably better not to format the external disk to APFS. High Sierra writes a firmware change to read APFS. If your disk is APFS and you try to use it on a Mac that hasn't moved to High Sierra, it won't boot.

On that last point, I'm testing if a High Sierra iMac which cannot itself use APFS can boot an APFS disk. I will update the review.
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on 5 July 2017
I bought this as an identical replacement for the hard drive that was stolen from me. I've been very happy with this product and intend to upgrade to a version with more memory if I ever run out of space on this 2TB drive.

The one thing I would caution potential customers about is if you intend to use this with a Mac the process of formatting the hard drive can be very confusing. I tried to follow the instructions using the preinstalled Start Here application but in the end I had to phone 1-800-732-4283. After 15 minutes on hold a very helpful representative called Ray talked me through the process and the hard drive works perfectly.

I would ask Seagate to create a British customer service phone number that transferrs customers in England to the American call centre without us having to pay international rates. At the moment neither the 0800 number nor the Maidenhead-based number works. Seagate has no UK-based customer service phone number.

Overall very happy and would recommend this to everyone.
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on 19 November 2017
First time I have felt the need to write a review but must warn others against the product. I have had this drive for only 10 months and it just spontaneously stopped working one day. I had used this as back up for another smaller, Samsung 1TB hard drive as well as for all new photos/media over the past 10 months. This has just all disappeared. The hard drive is no longer read by the laptop. I took it to an IT specialist who was unable to fix and retrieve the data as he claimed one of the parts had simply broken. He said if we might be able to send it away to online specialists but this could cost thousands of pounds to get the data.. This is incredibly disappointing and I am now looking to recover deleted photos from memory cards etc that I had backed up to the drive, to see what I may be able to salvage. Heartbroken.
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on 17 June 2017
Really as fragile as all the other reviews say. Great if you take care of it, but if you are a bit of a clutz like I was just once, better to be safe with a rugged drive rather than as sorry as I was telling my 12 clients I'd just taken photos of that day that I'd lost them all in an unusually stupid accident of dropping this drive 2 feet and having it lose all data. Even £300 later for a complete reconstruction of the drive in a different case, nothing was recoverable. Don't risk it. Stay safe with rugged for a slightly higher cost.
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on 26 February 2017
Great , i had to buy this as my macbook became super slow, and after back up i have brand new mac now . and hard disk is easy to use very slim and portable.
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on 6 June 2017
What a waste of money! Software and hardware issues. Constantly freezing / crashing from the start. Made a squeaking sound then froze. Put up with it for about 5 months then it broke down physically. Pulled the cable out to transport it and it pulled the inside connectors out with it! Would not buy again.
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on 28 October 2016
I purchased the same hard drive 5 or 6 months ago and i was happy with it so i suggested it to a friend. It arrived a few days ago and for some reason its package looked as if it was opened and then put back together... We connected it anyway but it didn't show on her Mac so i connected it on my laptop (Windows) where it installed the drivers normally but still wouldn't show on mine either. After that we demanded to change the new hard drive which was no problem, but my old hard drive wasn't recognized on my laptop after i installed the drivers for the new one and right now it isn't recognized on ANY computer i try... i'm waiting to see at least if their support team manages to help me figure out a way on how to restore it WITH the data i have stored on it because right now i'm not very happy about the outcome
review imagereview imagereview image
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on 2 September 2017
Small, lightweight, quiet drive, fully runs on USB power, fast and reliable. Perfect for backups, pleasant to use. Responds instantly when plugged into a USB 3 port on Windows 10.

You can just plug in the drive and use Windows' backup software if you want.

If you partition this drive with a 32GB FAT32 and the rest as NTFS you can create both a Windows recovery drive and image backup on the same disk.

I made an effort to avoid the Seagate software, I could see it cluttering up Windows, starting itself up on its own, being a bit clunky etc. I've become really fussy about software recently, and without good management there is some really bad software being produced - no disrespect to Seagate, I never even tried it, just sticking to known quality without wishing to risk another half-baked attempt at someting that doesn't respect the users' computers on which they are gratiously allowed to be installed. I think hardware manufacturers should put all their software costs towards testing and quality control.
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on 22 January 2018
After years of not buying Seagate because they always broke so fast in the nineties, I had one good experience in upgrading my PS4 with a Seagate back in 2016. So a few months later (November 2016) I decided to buy this model here on Amazon, which turned out to be a double mistake...

First, it broke down In less than 6 months. One morning it just didn't start up anymore, after being fine just hours earlier, and positioned stationary.
While this was bad enough (losing work and music production material), what's IMHO much worse is that there appears to be no way to return it to Amazon! — While other orders show a button to "Return or Replace Items", this one doesn't! Not now, and not when it broke down nor the months after.. which by now is already 9 months ago.. I've tried multiple times to find a way to contact Amazon about this, without a solution... :(

@Amazon, please make much needed usability improvements to the "Orders" page, and please contact me about the drive breaking down..
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on 8 June 2017
Had the Drive since 27th April. Now it wont turn on. Does nothing absolutely dead. Be careful if you buy this, thinking you will be able to return it. Bearing in mind its only been 5 weeks since I bought it, as since 27th April i now cannot return it as the time has run out. Have to mess around getting it back to seagate Direct in Coventry and await them sending me another one. Absolutely not happy!!
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