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Note: The maker supplied a review sample for evaluation, the opinion of the product is my own personal view

These earphone are a "wrap around" design with a flexible band to fit have the earpiece band pointing up and around the ear. Supplied are 3 sets of foam tips, and two pairs of silicone ones these are a funnel shape and you'll need to rotate these to fit into the ear canal none are fitted on the phones out of the box.

Also supplied a relatively good user manual explaining the operation controls are on both sides of the earpieces a multi function button deals with the power on/pairing up play/pause and calls, we have separate volume and track selection buttons which is nice to see (some phones just have one set) a 2mm jack cable for charging and a small felt bag for holding them in.

Charging takes about 2 hours 45 minutes from flat and a full charge gave me over 11 hours at moderate volume levels which is good for a set of phones this size. I tested the range of the Bluetooth at about 7 metres clear line of sight. A few cut outs but no more than most sets I've used the odd time. Call quality was about average the microphone doing a reasonable job.

The sound quality was initially not overly impressive but once I switched to the silicone tips I got a much better fit (for me) it did take a while tweaking the tips around to get it to fit me where it was both comfortable and the sound was channelled into the ear effectively. Once that was done I found the sound pleasant quite relaxed the bass is a little upper rather than deep low frequency sounds and a slight emphasis on the mid tones. Presence was a little less than average some might prefer a wider sound stage I wasn't unhappy with the sound quite good though it wasn't class leading for me.

Design is pretty good the earphones do stay in place walking and jogging and the band is quite comfortable too. Stand out points are the compact styling which fits a pocket easily they are light and well made with strong battery endurance. Sound for me could have been stronger a bit more meat to the bass and sparkle in the higher end but pleasant enough for this price segment. Using a proprietary charging port is an oversight in my view if the charging cable is lost then you won't be able to use them unless you find a replacement 2mm tipped cable, a micro USB port would make more sense. Worth considering if you're into sports and require a set of small headphones.
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on 15 June 2017
The charger stopped working when it did a year. Too bad, because I really liked these earphones. Now I will have to buy some new ones, but they will not be this brand for sure.
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on 12 June 2015
 Full Disclosure: I was given this product in exchange for a fair and honest review.
This unusual set of Bluetooth headphones, with a design type I have not encountered before, arrived nicely presented in a display box giving the feel and appearance of a premium model. This headset has clearly been designed and marketed for sports use and the box features running figures in the artwork. Inside the box,as my unboxing video shows, is the headset itself, some Avantree marketing and guarantee bumpf, a well printed and well written User Guide in coherent English, a how to wear guide, six ear buds, six foam ear bud covers, soft carry bag.

The build quality, as with the packaging, is very good and as far as is possible with a inherently flimsy type of device everything has been done to ensure the headset is as tough as possible. For this reason the headset has a flexible semi rigid band connecting the two earpieces which hooks over the ears and around the back of the neck. Although I have used several headphones of this design before it seems that Avantree are concerned that users will not know how to wear it and so they have thoughtfully included a separate one page wearing guide with illustrations as to how it fits on the head. This headset does have one feature I have not found before - larger than normal earbud fittings with separate buds and foam covers. Most headsets have smaller earbuds with covers already fitted. Here the earbud assembly is larger and of a different type.

Once the correct earbuds and covers were sorted out I found the headset to be very secure and showed no sign of working loose when on the two runs I used it for. Bluetooth pairing was swift and easy and I was pleased to see the headset Bluetooth profile name was an obvious one, not just a reference number. I found the Bluetooth connection to be secure and stable although was adhering to the enclosed wearing guide with the phone closes to the right (antenna) earpiece. I was pleased to see that the control buttons for the phone were spread over both earpieces making this headset far easier to control than most. Making and receiving phone calls was an easy task again due to the lack of confusion with the button functions.

The sound quality was fine for sports use, there was no background noise or drop outs and although the mid tones and upper frequencies were fine I did find a lack of bass tones, surprising given the larger than average size of the earpieces. This was one of two disappointments, the other being the use of a non standard USB charging cable rather than the more usual micro or mini USB type. The use of a non standard cable means that there is always the danger of losing it and that it needs to be taken along whenever extended trips are anticipated.

There is a lot to be said for this headset. The build quality is excellent, it has a range of features available including those for making and receiving phone calls, supports Bluetooth 4.0, the headset controls are large and easy to identify by touch as well as being spread over both earpieces to avoid confusion. The letdowns are the sound quality - fine for running and exercise use but not so good for music appreciation - and the non standard USB cable.

That said, this is an excellent set of headphones for running and sporting use.

The Good
Good sound quality for sports use
Very secure fitting
Carry bag provided
Fitting guide included
Bluetooth 4.0 support
Button controls on both earpieces
Grommet protected charging port
All major phone features supported
Large and easy to identify buttons

The Bad
User Guide a bit small for tired eyes
Non standard charging cable
Lack of bass
Expensive compared to rivals
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The Avantree Jogger Pro are visually striking Bluetooth sports headphones in a beautiful blue metallic colour. You don't just get the headphones and micro USB to USB charging cable but a soft velour bag to keep them in, along with ear buds of different sizes.

Like all wireless Bluetooth devices that utilise rechargeable batteries these have to be charged before use. The recommedation is to use Avantree's own charger, I used a standard multi-point USB charger that I have absolutely no problems with and these headphones charged as one would expect. They took about three hours to fully charge on the first use.

They were tested initially by my son with his iPhone 6 as he's the athlete in the family. iPhones typically are good at picking up signals from Bluetooth devices, there were no issues with these.

Fitting the headphones was where the star was lost for these. He found them tricky to adjust due to the speaker angle and spent some time trying out the different ear buds to get an optimum fit. Eventually he found a reasonable level of comfort, but he did say that they were not the most comfortable he has used for long term use.

What he did like was that once the correct ear bud was selected, they did feel very secure. He found that the volume and sound quality was good. The multifunction button was easy to operate to switch from music to taking a call and back again.

I tested them with different sized earbuds and would agree regarding the comfort, they take a bit of getting used to, but also the sound quality. These offer a good level of accurate reproduction of both music and speech, the bass tones were good.
Like all rechargeable devices, these played for longer on the second and subsequent charge. Rechargeable batteries as used in any Bluetooth device never seem to give 100% on the first charge.

Summary: Secure, wearable and stylish with good sound reproduction. I received a sample for review, but this is my honest and unbiased opinion.
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on 24 July 2015
Bought this headphone as part of the promotion. It is easy to use out of the box, just pair it with a Bluetooth device and enjoy the music. When I ordered the headphone I did not realize it had an inbuilt microphone too. I bought this product for my daughter and I am impressed a child can easily use it too.
I also used it when I went for the bike ride. The headset sit intact without moving or falling off. I would highly recommend this if you are planning to buy this product. I was one of the lucky one to get my hands on when the seller was running a promotion.
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on 1 June 2016
Used at least once a week on my runs, sometimes in rain. They pair every time automatically without fuss. Good sound reproduction. I listen to audiobooks while running so cannot vouch for music quality, but vocal reproduction is excellent. I forget I am wearing them as they are so comfortable, and they never feel like they will fall out. I barely ever get signal dropout, and even then it's always at the same point on my run, so I guess there is a strong radio source from someone's house. Even then its a 3 second mute and then its back. Handy volume controls on the left earpiece are a Godsend, as some of my route is in traffic, then the rest is quiet country roads. Overall I am very impressed and will buy the same if I ever lose them.
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on 25 March 2016
These are the first pair of folding Bluetooth headphones I've had. Prior to these, when out walking I always used the tiny wired ones so they could be shoved in a pocket. The fact that these can be folded right down means I can now go for a far better option. These are a vast improvement on the tiny bud urban ears ones I had being far nicer to wear and no wires to constantly have to untangle all the time. I don't particularly like the in ear headphones as I have yet to find a pair that is comfortable after prolonged use. These however are great as far as having a selection of ear buds and I go for the softest option. I'm not that bothered about having them right in my ear to be honest as I still like to be able to hear traffic etc when wearing them outside. Whilst walking or driving I prefer to listen to audio books on my iPod rather than listening to music and I have found the sound quality to be absolutely fine. The Bluetooth paired them up within seconds too. Battery life is great. Seems to be lasting about 10 hours between charges. I don't build up a massive sweat whilst walking, but after a couple of hours the headphones will be slightly damp and are unaffected by it...the same goes for using them in the rain.
As far as music goes, these are perfectly adequate for my needs. I don't like the heavy bass thumping anyway, so although these might seem a little tinny to some, they suit me fine.
I think these offer excellent value for money if like me, you are looking for an inexpensive set of no frills Bluetooth headphones which are easy to use and comfy to wear
Please note I received these at a substantial discount in exchange for an appraisal and an honest unbiased review
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on 26 February 2014
Small, practical, good sound, microphone working very well.
Very happy, excellent relation price/quality.😀You can ear music and,
If needed pick up/do a call, very good, finally freedom, no cables!
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on 6 September 2014
i have tried so many time to find to right BT headphone to accompany during my long run and this is not it. Very cheap looking headset and the most uncomfortable to wear. But this is not all - it gets worse. First i am loosing Bluetooth connection every time i move my head to the right. The connection is very jumpy. I have tried it with 2 different phones and it is the same. Finally, the sound is really bad. Almost no bass.
the only positive point is that it is very lighteasy to use. If only it would work nice.
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on 10 April 2016
These are a good set of earphones, They are perfect for the Gym or running as they are Sweatproof. The earphones come in a box with a carry bag, 3 sets of ear buds, USB cable and 2 sets of tips plus instructions, which are fairly easy to understand, but if you have used Bluetooth earphones before, then they are all similar. The earphone wire goes around the back of your head, so you have no wires in your face to get caught up. To charge before use will take you about 2 and half hours, then you will get 12 hours play time from this, so you can have a good few workouts before needing to recharge. Once you have got the correct size ear buds that fit your ears, then your ready to go and the music quality is good, and the overall fitting of the earphones is really good and they feel comfortable. The price that they are at the moment is a good price, but I don't think I would pay anymore than that for them. Overall a good set of phones.
I received these earphones at a reduced price in return got a honest and unbiased review, which I feel I have done and I hope that my review will help other people with their decision to purchase this product, If my review has helped, please press the yes button below. Thank you.
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