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on 24 February 2014
First off, if you have used the Asus Transformer series of products before, then you will be used to this form factor: the dock contains a battery, which not only adds a little weight and therefore balances the tablet, but turns the tablet into a sort of laptop. It works differently from earlier devices in this series (or from the TF101, which I owned before): the dock only starts recharging the tablet when the battery in the tablet drops to around 70%, and then only charges it back to 90%. (The TF101's dock re-charged the tablet as soon as it was connected, regardless of the battery's level). Not understanding that made me return the item to begin with, but now I understand how it works, it's fine as it is.

It looks gorgeous, with spun aluminium on the tab, which is strangely not matched on the dock - possibly to save weight? Build quality is good, with some qualifications for me as the surround to the screen is not perfect - this may just be my unit, of course. Otherwise, it gives the impression of a good build quality.

Apart from that, there is good and bad to report. The screen is excellent - but the Auto brightness function is unusable at the moment as it flickers constantly making it very annoying. You have to set the brightness yourself. Maybe the next update will fix this, maybe not.

Audio - only one speaker, not sure why. With this limitation, sound is ok, but hardly room-filling if you are, say, staying in a hotel.

Speed is great, it works very smoothly, with little of the lag you normally get with Android.

The keyboard makes this thing very usable in an office setting. I personally use it as a mobile email device - as I need to see things on a big screen and take time to type a considered response. Android apps are getting better and better, so there is plenty to choose from. The keyboard dock does add to the weight, but it is not too bad, and in a backpack (which is where I keep it) you would hardly notice it as a daily companion. The keyboard is obviously small, but the chiclet keys are ok to type on - remember this is a compromise device, not intended to be a laptop killer, but a compromise. Battery life with the dock is good and will last all day, but I doubt you would want to type on this using such a small screen all day.

Expansion is ok - microSD in the tablet, SD in the dock, headphone socket in the tablet, but only one USB in the dock. Micro HDMI in the tablet too. For some reason, Asus does not seem to like offering 3G versions of its tablets, but wifi is getting more plentiful, not less so this may not influence you.

I haven't used the camera so can't comment.

I see some other comments from people who don't like it - having got used to it over the last couple of weeks, I think this form factor is the way to go. I can't understand people who just use a tablet without a keyboard, and this works for me: your mileage may vary of course.

Overall, with the qualifications above, recommended.
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on 2 January 2014
When I first received this I was delighted with the product, performance and price. What more could you wish for. Well a free upgrade of the firmware would be nice, and after a couple of weeks ownership, I duly received a notification that there was indeed an update available. (at this point the tablet is rating 5 stars)

That's where the problems started. It appears there are three versions of the firmware, depending on the area of the world where the tablet is sold. The US firmware has been updated, and this is what the tablet homed in on. Sadly, the machine wasn't clever enough to know that the US version is incompatible, and causes the tablet to go into a perpetual loop on trying to boot it up. (Down to three stars for the tablet)

I contacted the seller and a lovely customer services assistant led me gently by the hand through the process of restoring the tablet to its factory settings (5 stars for the seller)

Unfortunately, the machine now would not charge the keyboard dock. (there are two separate batteries, one in the tablet part, and one in the keyboard, so that when they are linked together, there is extended battery life) The dock happily fed power to the tablet, but wouldn't charge its own internal battery. (Down to two stars for the tablet)

Edited. Received my replacement tablet next day as promised, but has same problem. Looking at reviews for the dock, it would appear there was a manufacturing defect in batches dated 2013.9 and 2013.10. Both of these products were dated 2013.10 and both have this problem. I now have to wait until Monday to get back to the seller.

I contacted the seller again this morning, and once more spoke to the same assistant. Very apologetic, and shipping me a replacement machine overnight, so I get it tomorrow. I can then go through the amazon return procedure to send back the faulty one. No quibble, no argument, just damn good old fashioned customer service. (6 stars for the seller)

I now await my delivery tomorrow.

Edited 12 Aug 2014

Well I got my third one some while ago, but delayed commenting until I had given it a thorough try-out. Frankly, if this had arrived first time, I would have given it six stars. It's now everything I hoped for, and some. Obviously, it won't run MS Office, but I have loaded the free Kingsoft App, which is just as good for my level, and opens and saves in the MS .doc and .xls formats.

The power management is unusual, but quite sensible. As has been stated, the dock contains a separate battery. However the tablet doesn't draw from the dock in normal use. The tablet battery runs down to about 75%. and then the dock kicks in and recharges it, using about half of the power strored in the dock. When the tablet has again run down to around 75%, the dock dumps the rest of its power, recharging the tablet again. This is actually very sensible, and means that you can use the tablet away from the dock, and then to charge back up, connect the dock, charge it, and remove the fully charged tablet to use separately again.

When you plug in the charger with the tablet and dock connected, the mains charger prioritises the tablet, so fully charges that first, while trickling into the dock, and when the tablet is charged, full power is supplied to the dock. Again this means that the tablet can be removed from the dock to use separately, with a full charge, while the dock is then topped up.


Although the connecting lead from the tablet appears to have a standard USB plug on the end, this won't work with a USB sccket. USB sockets on PCs, laptops etc and normal wall chargers put out 5 volts. The Asus charger is 15 volts, and the machine must have this input to charge. So you do have to carry the asus charger or rely only on the (admittedly superb) cattery life to see you through until you can get back to base.
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on 25 October 2014
This is the third Asus Transformer that I have owned. I do not have a laptop so the concept of this thing as a mini laptop is really appealing and I find it frustrating trying to type on glass.
The first one had wireless problems, then the TF200 had all kinds of problems - it was laggy and unresponsive - although the wifi worked.
With this model Asus have finally got it right and its fast and nimble with no signs of lag at all. I only wish that they had kept the metal keyboads as the new plastic one is - well, plasticky and a bit fatter. Also note that the connection port is different - its smaller so that you cannot use the old dock with this model.
Other than that its highly recommended.
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on 3 April 2014
I had the very first of these the TF101 and that was the dogs dangly bits! :-)

I was dissapointed with this however.
Although it is slimmer and lighter and supposed to be much faster than the other one, I found that it seemed very FLIMSY!

I have also some concerns about the screen. There seems to be slight gaps at the edges where it seems to not be properly joined.

There a number of posts on the web about random screen cracks. I suspects it is due the flex described above.

Don't get me wrong I love this product, but it is let down by the build quality.
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on 20 March 2014
great tab,, few quirks,, but much better than previous prime model... A little big and heavy compared to most tabs,, but great as mini laptop at home or work,,, will use my galaxy 7.7 for plane train and holidays... Dont think this pads ment to travel to well,, lots of memory ,,, managed to get 64 gig micro sd card to work,,, tried about 4 samsung sony,, sandisk etc, ,but none worked, ,,, kinston worked fine... So now happy... Screen res great.... But not really needed... Battery life much not great, , but will sufice...
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on 22 February 2014
I decided to go with an ASUS transformer instead of an apple ipad as I prefer the more free open nature of Android.

The specs are really great on this tablet and it can run anything you throw at it like it is nothing.
As a stand alone tablet it is great and has an awesome screen. I would give it 4 stars for just the tablet:
- Great screen with extreme fidelity
- Premium build quality feel
- One of the fastest ARM SoC in the market right now
- Storage expanding options on both the tablet itself and the dock
- Not the latest android version
- Touch screen is not calibrated properly and due to the high ppi it can confuse touches for small swipes making it seem like non-responsive
- Auto-brightness is unusable in most cases as it micro-adjusts every 1-2sec making it quite annoying
- Some contrast adjustment when the screen changes from white to black that can't be disabled and it can be noticed

Adding the dock keyboard to the mix as it is part of the product I can't give it more than 2 stars:
- Keyboard dock is still a bit loose although there are no disconnects with the latest batch 2013.12 and with all the available updates installed
- Leaving the tablet on the dock while the tablet is charging from the dock's battery and while not used it might end up not recovering with the only way getting the tablet to wake up again to be a hard reset
- When connected to the keyboard dock the screen seems to be displaying artifacts that are line-like in the middle of the screen like it is being redrawn which is noticeable and annoying
- Trackpad is not really allowing fine grained control
- Contrast adjustment issue mentioned earlier seems to be more active while on the dock

So all in all I returned mine and will be looking for an alternative tablet from a company that is not ASUS.
I had high hopes for this product and all of the above was a big letdown
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on 15 June 2014
This product is an excellent halfway house between a laptop and a tablet. The processor ensures that it is responsive and the large memory is great for storing many apps and all the associated content.
The battery life is not quite as long as advertised, but then I am not completely running it down before charging it up again as I don't want to run out halfway through a lesson (I use it a lot for teaching).
I was worried that the connection between the tablet and the keyboard would be difficult to operate, based on previous reviews, but as long as you jiggle it to make sure it is in all the way (the locking key slides all the way to the right) then it is fine. It is not the most secure connection in the world - there is some play in it, but I have certainly not experienced keyboard disconnections etc at all whilst connected.
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on 14 July 2014
Replaced a TF300T. No comparison.
Never pauses, lags or asks if I want to close anything.
Different class.
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on 10 October 2016
I bought mine in June 2014 and still find it an excellent device which I use frequently. Asus no longer support this model and there haven't been any updates for a while, so I recently switched to Cyanogenmod and I am now running CM12.1 (Android 5.1.1) on it. The processing power is good and allows it to run anything I throw at it smoothly, without lag. One of the main reasons I chose it was the included dock which, apart from giving me a proper keyboard, provides an SD card slot and a USB 3.0 port (as well as a second battery which doubles the usage time between charges). My main use is for digital photography. When I am on a field trip, I set my DSLR to take both a RAW file and also a small JPEG. I can then use the tablet to review the photos by putting the Camera's SD card in the slot on the dock and cutting and pasting the JPEG files to my "pictures" folder. I then review the images using a free app called QuickPic. On longer trips, I also carry an external 1TB hard drive which plugs into the USB port on the dock and allows me to make a backup copy of the RAW images to the hard drive. (Note that this is a WD powered drive [NTFS formatted]. I have tried an unpowered external drive and not got it to work consistently. Presumably the USB port does not provide enough power to run an external hard disk.) Now I have a Canon 80d, which has built in WiFi, I can also use the Asus to directly review images as I take them via a WiFi link.

One of the things I have been very impressed with is the quality of the screen which is really excellent, both in resolution and colour reproduction. This makes it especially suitable for my purposes. I have several friends with other devices from the like of Apple and Samsung and none of them have a screen to touch it!

I have seen many other reviews of this machine. The two most common complaints are:
1. Problems with connecting the dock. I have never suffered from this. It has always clicked in place easily and worked flawlessly.
2. Power drain in standby mode. I did initially have this problem, but it was fixed by an Asus firmware update. If you do have this problem, just make sure you have the latest version of the firmware (which can be downloaded from the Asus web-site).
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on 25 May 2014
I have had every Asus Transformer; the original TF101, the Transformer Prime TF201, the Transformer Infinity TF700, and now the Transformer Pad TF701. Each of them have added incrementally to the previous version. I love the whole Transformer idea of a tablet and a detachable keyboard. For a while I had been using the Transformer Infinity (1920x1200 resolution screen) side-by-side with a Nexus 10 (2560x1600 resolution screen). When the TF701 came out, I thought I could have the best of both worlds.

I really wanted to love this tablet, I really did. I did love the beautiful screen, the fast processor, the MicroSDXC and full SDXC card slots, the USB 3.0 port and the minimalistic UI. I could forgive the fact that the keyboard is made of plastic and wobbles slightly when docked. However, the main problem was that when I tried to connect to weak or congested wireless networks, the TF701 struggled to connect and/or stay connected when any other device I try had no problem making/maintaining connections. I never had such problems with the Transformer Prime TF201, which was notorious for connection difficulties because of its all-aluminium back.

I have religiously updated the firmware with what few updates Asus have released - they have really not supported this device anywhere near as much as they have the previous Transformers. In fact, despite Asus' previous record of being the first out of the gate with new firmware releases, the TF701 still hasn't received an update to Android 4.4 KitKat.

I have reset the tablet, adjusted power-saving settings, changed network channels away from congested ones and changed router settings from mixed-mode to Wireless-N only. Nothing improved the situation. I truly regretted having got rid of my Nexus 10, which never dropped a signal (even if it did occasionally reset itself).

I considered RMAing the tablet, but finally I found that by changing from dual-band to 2.4 GHz-only mode solved he problem. Sorry, Asus, but you'll have to do better if you want me to buy your next Transformer.
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