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on 28 August 2014
I have until now always been a windows user and never had a thought to even consider apple notebooks. The issue that I had with apple notebooks was the lack of compatibility with several applications but most apps now work for both windows and mac so this was no longer an issue.

The macbook pro has a really solid design. It is very thin and compact however it still feels heavier relative to its size. I like how the screen has no bezel so it blends in with the edges of the display. The laptop also has a full size hdmi port which means that it is easy to connect to external displays such as TVs and monitors.

The first thing you notice when you turn it on is that gorgeous retina display. This is the major selling point of this laptop. Once you see a retina display, everything else just looks like a blurry mess in comparison. The screen is super sharp with good contrast and a wide colour gamut. It makes reading text on the screen really easy and I feel it reduces strain on the eyes. The keyboard and trackpad work beautifully too with good key travel and sensitivity.

OSX Mavericks works like a charm with little to no issues whatsoever and apple is soon going to offer the free upgrade to Yosemite. The battery life thanks to the Haswell processors is better than any laptop I have ever experienced. This laptop will easily manage 9-10 hours with the screen on 50% brightness. I have taken it on long haul flights and it has not died yet before I reached the destination.

In conclusion, I think this is the perfect time to switch to mac if you are a windows user. The price is slightly more premium in comparison to most other windows notebooks but you get what you pay for. I also think this is the best model to buy in terms of price vs performance. Apple have really blown the competition out of the water with this spectacular notebook.
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on 18 February 2014
I was a bit doubtful with the 8 GB as it won't be expandable in the future.
Instead, I'm using this MacBook for almost everything and it's blazing fast! It boots in seconds, not a single blimp during usage.

The battery runs literally for hours, I often forget the last time I recharged it.

But the real jewel is the display. The retina resolution is simply amazing. The only fear I had was regarding the glossy for which I had bad experience with other PC laptops . Instead it does not reflect any light, you can use it in any condition. It's the best display I've ever used so far.

I'm completely satisfied with the product. 256 GB of SSD + 8 Gb of RAM is IMHO the best compromise on price/performance for this model.
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on 27 March 2014
Great piece of kit. Having only used windows operating systems it takes a while to get round the Mac OSX system but then that is part of the fun.
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on 7 May 2014
Before buying this MBP, I'd suggest searching Apple Support Forums for: "Re: New Retina Macbook pro 13 Haswell system hang/unresponsive". This problem ONLY appears to be an issue for the late 2013, 8Gb RAM 256Gb flash drive model.

I dealt with a vendor who very readily replaced my MBP when I experienced this fault but I can see that this could prove a bit more of a hassle using a mail order vendor. This is important as - despite a 193 page forum thread - Apple have not acknowledged this fault as being multiple in nature and there is no known fix. It further follows, therefor, that - unless you can absolutely prove the fault is present - you may not receive an exchange. Proving a fault is present can obviously be difficult if it is an intermittent one and there is at least one individual posting in the above forum thread who says that a video of the computer after the system freeze was not accepted by their vendor as genuine.

As of the new laptop I've been given, it's fantastic. It's soooo thin although clearly the lack of a CD/DVD drive is part of the reason for this. If you're someone that watches their DVDs on public transport and has tempremental broadband at home you may not watch most of your films online despite Apple being convinced that most of us now do. There are fairly cheap external drives available, however.

The display is great although I don't see a huge difference with my non-retina 2008 Macbook White - both are vivid and sharp.

The sound is fine for a laptop.

The magsafe charger as always is functionally great although it's a lot easier to knock out when sitting on your lap than the older version. Note if you're considering getting a few chargers that official replacements of chargers are priced by Apple at the same price as their external CD/DVD drive. Ridiculous.
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on 22 April 2014
Second laptop from Apple after living and loving with the 2008 Macbook Aluminium Unibody model. This lives up to my high expectations and provides everything that I need. 9.5/10 because it may be too expensive for some and also lacks a DVD drive. However, everything else is perfect!!!
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on 30 July 2014
I must confess to being an Apple convert since about 2007. I'd had several PCs and they'd all needed a fair bit of tinkering to keep them clean and running properly. But then I bought a new PC in late 2007 which was an absolute dog - in fact I retuned it. So I thought I'd give Macs a go, and have never looked back.
So this is my second MacBook and it is a gem. It's just like my ideal woman really: beautiful, sleek, quick, functional, hard working and reassuringly expensive, not to mention very unlikely to pick up any viruses ;-))
Seriously though, it is a lovely machine. I opted for the 8GB memory and 256GB SSD and it starts up very quick, and does not slow down with multiple applications. I must say though that I am not a 'power user', so do not use a lot of graphics intensive applications, maybe just some light photo editing. The screen is very clear as you'd expect with the retina display. The USB3 ports work well and transferring files is fast - I connected two USB3 external hard drives to transfer some large files between them and it was phenomenally quick.
I really like the ability to Airplay the screen and sound to my main TV. This came in handy when I was watching something on 4OD and could throw that onto the TV. I don't think you can do that with the iOS version of the 4OD app.
The cheapest supplier seems to change and I got mine from GB Buddy. It was delivered quickly by Parcel Force. I would recommend this supplier.
If you're concerned about the money, one thing to mention is resale. My old MacBook was one of the first aluminium models from late 2008. I sold it yesterday for £250. You couldn't do that with a Windows laptop!
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on 23 June 2014
It does seem to be a bit of a gamble buying your macbook from a 3rd party seller on Amazon as to whether you're going to be getting a UK model or not. I couldn't find any definitive answer. All I can do is add my experience- I ordered from seller Focal Solutions and my model was not a UK one, it was a Hong Kong import. I knew this was a risk buying it, but given the cost savings it was worth it to me- just be aware.

As for the macbook itself, it's my first mac and within a few minutes of playing around with it I realised what I've been missing all my life! Make the switch- you won't regret it.
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on 7 February 2015
An excellent machine! Although it is end of range and came with Mavericks O/S and a 2.4 processor. It is significantly faster than my old Macbook which had been upgraded to 5GB ram. This is mainly due to the SSD drive and this model comes with a sensible 250 GB storage. The upgrade to Yosemite O/S was free apart from the waiting time to install. The machine boots extremely quickly. The Retina display is very clear but that is not the main attraction for me.
I have seen similar models being offered on Amazon but this is the only model that I have seen with 8gb ram and 250gb SSD storage. I have a relatively new iMac but this machine is the one to use unless you need the large screen on the desktop model.
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on 13 June 2014
The laptop arrived quickly, securely packed. I had some doubts about about making this purchase particularly about price - too good to be true - and whether or not it would be the uk model, new,etc etc. previous reviewers seemed satisfied and now I too join them in this regard.

The mac itself is a delight to use with many features to recommend it. It is a replacement for a macbook I had for several years, I trust this one will serve me well but with added umph.
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on 4 March 2014
I have no complaints about the quality of the laptop. Apple never disappoint in that department, but i must warn you that i received the US version and not the UK version (I'm from the UK if you didn't realise that already) their is not really that much of a difference on the actual laptop but i will have to buy a new charger as it is the wrong cable. but still i saved £200 so I'm not to mad about having to fork out over a charger.
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