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This iPad Air case from Mofred represents excellent value for money - it looks far more expensive than it is. The dark outer cover and tan interior give it a sophisticated appearance plus, there's the added value of a slim outer pocket which is ideal for storing the odd spreadsheet etc for a presentation. I have found the fit to be very good on the iPad Air - the device is well protected and access to the controls and camera, charging socket etc. is easy.

I often use my iPad to share information round a board table etc. and the stand is ideal especially as you have a choice of angle. The other aspect I like is that outer surface of this case isn't glossy - its matt finish makes the case far less likely to slip out of your hand or slide off a table. I also like the fact that there is no tab to keep doing up and undoing - in my view, this doesn't detract from the level of protection on offer. The case also incorporates a magnetic sleep/wake function which works effectively too.

I compared this case to others in a major retailer this afternoon, and I have to say it is only around a third the cost of comparable models. From what I can see this wins hands down - the quality is just as good as the others - only the price tag is less. This case isn't garish like many others - it actually looks business-like and sophisticated plus my version included a screen protector and stylus.

This case is well designed and made plus, it undercuts the competition by a considerable margin - I like it a lot. Recommended.
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on 16 November 2014
****Edit July 2016**** After 2.5 years of heavy use, I've finally had to replace the case. I've actually replaced it with the exact same model from the same seller as I've been really happy with my original purchase. On first impressions, the new case is almost as good the first one, with the cut outs in all the correct places/no obstruction of camera, but the outer pocket isn't finished very well inside with it being stuck down in places with glue and lots of air bubbles under the black lining in other places. I don't use the pocket an awful lot, so it shouldn't make a difference but I'm just hoping this isn't a sign that the rest of the case isn't as good as the first. I'll certainly update the review to let you know if this stands the test of time like my first one.

Purchased this 10 months ago for my iPad air (1st version) & waited this long to review so I could give an informed opinion on the product.
It looks and feels really good quality & it didn't smell at all when I got it (have read reviews of people mentioning strong smells). It fits perfectly & I haven't had to make any adjustments to the holes or slots, they all fit as they should (cameras, mic, speakers, etc). The magnet works really well & consistently un/locks the iPad screen with no problems. It stands up really well on the little 'ledges' and there are 3 different positions. There's a little pocket on the outer cover/front which comes in handy for shopping lists, ear phones (buds), etc.
It's only just starting to show some wear in the last couple of weeks (Although it's probably more to do with the fact my 2 year old loves to play with the iPad rather than the quality of the product & in fact to withstand my toddler is a good testament!), it's starting to peel away at the corners which has exposed the little magnet but a bit of glue (when I get round to it) will keep this going for a long while yet. But it's far from falling apart anyway!
It was really well priced, especially when compared to the Apple ones, so all in all I feel this was a good purchase.
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on 19 December 2014
The model I am reviewing is for the iPad Air.

Mofred packs the case really nicely, it's wrapped with plastic on arrival to you which is great. On mine they even gave a screen protector which is really nice of them.

The case is a tan and black leather which is really nice, the case feels high quality for the price, it's a really soft leather which is lovely. The tan colour just pops out it looks amazing.

In front of the case there is like a flap where you can place documents while you are using the iPad maybe like a document or leaflet. It has really nice stitching all around the case which looks and feels high quality.

Inside the case there are 3 leather stands which when you are using the iPad and you want to watch a movie or type out a document in landscape you can position the iPad that way it is really nice to add this feature and it's once of my favourite features of the case.

The case features the sleep/wake flap. There are magnets on it when opening the case the screen would go on, once you close the case it shuts the iPad screen off. In the front of the case there is a mofred logo and also inside of the case too, it's not flashy at all it's quite understated which is good.

The cut outs for the case are excellent, they are big so they are easily accessible. Inserting the iPad onto the case is really just move the flap out and insert the iPad and then insert the flap again and you are good to go.

As I was talking about the cutouts the camera cutout is large and won't affect photo shooting. Headphone jack is also big you are able to plug in your headphones vet easily with this case and also the rest of the buttons are not even a hassle if is that good.

The case fits perfectly on this iPad it is compact and very light and provides amazing quality and protection for you at an amazing price I am really happy with the case and I would highly recommended this case to anyone that is interested in a high quality well priced iPad case.
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on 15 June 2016
This iPad Pro case was a major disappointment after viewing the listing I Noted it had been designed and made for my model of iPad Pro 9.7 Turn's out that design flaws and poor manufacturing cause me Disappointment. It was of no protection and allowed a small drop to Damage to my iPad Pro!
Even though I have a toughened glass screen protector, the cases corner edges give zero protection allowing the corners to easily crack. Mine has even shattered under the screen protector cracks moving out from the damaged corner. Only one month old and my iPad Pro 9.7 is ruined! So if U are looking for protection from a cover DONT GO HERE!

Now after only a few weeks use the leather frame holding the screen in place has come apart and the glue holding it together is hopeless

The case is about 8mm out of alignment. Which causes the Center button to be about half hidden by the case, the cameras are also not in the centre of their cutouts. The back camera is worst nearly being half obscured. The charging plug has a hard time fitting into the iPad because it's also half obscured by the case.

Somehow the inside of the case surrounding the iPad is giving off a very fine black dust which covers my iPad and it's screen? Also Iit states that the opening/closing this case will put the iPad into and out of sleep mode? This case does not do that either! Useless!

The Material surrounding the screen is very uneven and warps over the Screen at some points, and lifts off bulging, twisting away from the screen along the longer lengths of the cut out section.

The way the case holds the iPad in place is very sloppy, no matter how tight the Velcro grips the iPad still moves when in the case.
Also the way the case holds the iPad in it is not good because the way the Velcro fastens under the back of the iPad causes a
nasty big bulge behind the edge of my iPad. I am concerned that over time this bulge will cause the very thin iPad Pro to warp!

Mostly I am extremely worried that this case does not give much drop protection to the iPad Pro, due to the fact the iPad can move
a bit whilst being held in the case, and that all four corners of the case offer no protection at all.
To my dismay it proved true when last week whilst charging, it suffered a fall from the kitchen bench to the floor, Even though though I thought it shut up tightly in its case, contact with the floor had caused the corner of my iPad to move out beyond one of the the uncovered, unprotected corners and crack the glass there. I was very lucky the cracks did not spread.

So in all fairness I definitely can not recommend this type of case. Thanks to bad case design I now have a brand new damaged iPad Pro!
I would of given this case. zero stars in my Review if I could!
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on 13 October 2015
If, like me, you are drawn to this case because of its high star rating and claim of being voted by "The Daily Telegraph" as #1 iPad Air 2 Case, then I have a couple of additional pointers for you to consider.

When I used the case for the first time, I had two problems. Firstly, the "Built-in magnet for Sleep & Awake Feature" did not work all the time. I would say it worked about one in ten of each of the times I tried it.

Secondly, when my iPad Air 2 was in the case, the light sensor was blocked by the case. This meant that the screen would dim as the iPad thought it was dark. The dimming screen is a very useful feature on any iPad, especially when using the iPad alongside your partner when they are sleeping and you do not want to light up the room.

So, I contacted the seller MOFRED and asked for a return to be processed. The response that I received from them was "So sorry to hear. When the Tablet is inserted in the case, both light sensors are covered, so it will turn dark, please kindly turn off the Eco Light Sensor, the lighting will then be ok."

A few points here: 1) I want to use the light sensing feature on my really expensive iPad that I have just bought, 2) the seller MOFRED failed to address the issue of the faulty magnet sleep function in the cover and 3) they failed to offer me a refund as requested.

I instigated a refund through Amazon's A to Z guarantee. Amazon were great and processed the refund for me. I am still yet to hear from the seller MOFRED so that they can arrange to pick up their product, but I guess it is so cheap to them it is more cost effective to forget about the sale.

I would not recommend the product - or the seller. I went for a TORRO case in the end - well worth paying the extra.
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on 29 November 2015
I was expecting to be disappointed with this having read a few negative reviews. Actually I am quite pleased. It is rugged, comes with a screen cover and is excellent value for money. It does not cover or impinge on to any area of the screen as suggested in one review but fits relatively snugly and I can use the finger print detection without any problem. The only slight flaw is when trying to pull down the split screen menu at the top. The menu bar/line is very close to the edge of the screen and is a bit cumbersome when using this cover, which just overlaps the screen edge slightly. However it can still be managed with a bit of fiddling about. Apart from this one small problem I rate this highly. With my previous Ipad (Mini2 with retina) my daughter bought me the official Apple Product cover / screen for about £65 - which is completely unjustifiable particularly as it never really "stood up" properly, which when paying £65 is totally unacceptable. The Mofred stands up at different angles really well and is just streets ahead of the apple branded cover.
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With new iPad cases are hitting the market every other day it can be quite a daunting task to choose a good quality yet cost effective offering.

Mofred have done a great job with this premium quality case! Apart from offering optimal protection for your investment it really looks the business, sporting a very executive and classy looking design. The materials used are top notch and only found on cases which cost much more.

The matt leather finish, reminiscent of the Apple case, combined with the beige interior make for a lovely case. And the very handy side pouch means that you can carry documents on the go. Foolscap size papers understandably need to be folded, whilst A5 sheets will fit in easily.

Three strips along the cover will provide firm and optimal viewing angles according to your preference. Simple yet very effective.

I do find this case so functional, stylish, sturdy and amazing value, and can honestly recommend it to anyone seeking a premium case.

As with all their products Mofred offer 100% Refund if not 100% Satisfied. They do not come much better, especially when factoring in the price!

Definitely a well earned 5 star rating
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on 7 August 2015
This is the actual cover I have (unlike several other confused reports). I think this is excellent value and quality for the money. All cut-outs for speakers, inputs etc are all accurate and the fit is very good. The 3 way adjustable stand is rock solid and after several months of constant, daily use, the cover still looks brand new. The sleep function works well too. It looks very stylish and the front pocket is useful. My only gripe is that it's difficult to move app icons between screens as the cover is snug right up to the edge of the readable screen but it's minor compared to the value it gives. It's also awkward sometimes to open the AirPlay functions form the screen bottom for the same reason but it does work. The stitching is very strong and it's a very neat cover all-in-all. When closed, the protection to the two corners to the right are not really fully protected and my iPad has suffered a very small dent but it was dropped over a meter and it survived. The rest of the protection is very good. Great value and very pleased with this version.
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on 17 November 2013
Very stylish excellent protection for your ipad air. Looks and feels more than what I paid for it. Close the front cover and yr ipad goes into standby. Open it up again and your ipad wakes up. Comes with a screen protector and a nifty little stylus. If you need or are looking for a quality cover/case then look no further. This is the one for you. I cannot speak highly enough of this product.
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on 17 June 2015
Purchased this for a new iPad Air 2. Reviews indicated good quality.

This is a very high quality case, and one that has attracted some admiring remarks from friends.
Fits the apple iPad Air 2 perfectly and it is a snug fit.
There are suitable holes for the Lightning charging connector and for the camera and all controls.

There is nowhere to easily store a stylus or other slightly bulky accessory because the pocket is rather a slim.
Worse, there is no flap to cover and secure the pocket, so items such as a stylus not only distort the case but can easily fall out of the pocket. The stylus I use has a pen-like pocket clip and this has worked OK so far, but it does make the pocket bulge and I expect to lose the stylus eventually!
The pocket has no appreciable depth so anything that is inserted will be a tight fit and must be relatively thin. For example, there is just enough room for a cleaning cloth

Overall I like the case a lot, despite the shortcomings, and would recommend it to anyone wanting a good-looking quality product. Just be aware of the potential limitations.

BTW, the supplier contacted me after purchase to ask me what I thought of the case. A nice touch to be requested for some personal feedback on the product.
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