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on 13 January 2017
Searched online for a frozen albulm that has the official words and songs which took a while! I bought one and it was only instrumental which played only the music with no words or singing! For £5 I now have one happy child for the long car journeys it's the complete albulm a must for every crazy Anna and else obsessed child
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on 7 July 2016
The kids love this and it is a must for all the kids who learn the songs. My two love it so much that the cd is going luckily I got it ripped with amazon so I have a copy that cannot die on me.
As a musician I love the fact that it is not just the songs but also the soundtrack music so the kids can listen to that too if they want. My daughter especially like listening to these and linking them in with the story that she knows.
Another think to note whilst amazon are good at fast delivery the rip option delivers within seconds and so is perfect for a last minute problem solver. Now I am on the look out for other Disney films soundtracks.
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on 24 April 2016
I could sing every single song of this album. Not though choice, but from my 2 year old insisting on it being played in the car!
OI do think it's a great album though from a brilliant film.
It has all the tracks off the movie in the same order they're sang.
Typical Disney. Great catchy songs that even after hearing them for the millionth time you still find yourself singing along!
Let It Go is of course the favourite and my 2 year old insists it is "her" song.
Good value for money if you like a bit of a sing song with the kids!
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on 18 July 2015
Oh my lordy, my daughter nearly broke all the windows in her room, when she opened this up at Xmas. Not because her singing is awful, in fact, she is a beautiful little singer, no, it was because she was really hoping that Father Christmas put this in her stocking and no time would be too early to play it, so sorry neighbours, I know it was 6.50 in the morning, but I`m sure you will understand why ! ! Unfortunately, die to the manufacturing of this being so good, it is still being played on a regular basis and 7 months down the line, my daughter now knows every word from every song on the cd, as do us all, including my husband.
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on 10 November 2015
It's hard to give this a 'Star Rating'. As a parent... I hate it. I don't think I would want to give it a single star...
However, in review that this is my daughters CD, a Frozen mad 2 year old... I guess it would get '5 Stars'... She absolutely loves it, get in the car... "Daddy, Frozen on please?"...Runs around our home singing the songs, even when its not playing...

Thanks Disney for corrupting my child, and driving me made with your annoyingly catchy and memorable songs, that stick in my head throughout my day at work. Even blasting 'Five Finger Death Punch' though my headphones doesn't clear the tripe it produces.
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on 15 February 2014
Me and my five year-old daughter LOVE 'Frozen'. Even Daddy wants to stay and watch until the end, rather than going to do something else... This is a great soundtrack, loaded with character, humour and fantastic tunes that will translate perfectly to the stage musical, when it comes into being... 'Let It Go' is the top track, obviously - has me near tears every time I hear it, thanks to the soaring vocals of Idina Menzel, while "For The First Time In Forever' captures Anna's character and 'In Summer' is a full-on belly laugh. While not the most immediately singalong Disney songs ever, the songs on this album are 'growers', and will be favourites in our home for many years to come.
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on 9 December 2014
My god daughter loves this cd more than she loves me. She is obsessed. My friends on the other hand hate me to my core. As they now have frozen songs stamped into their brains. But who cares about them, as I am now the cool god mother who gives the best presents. Yes, I shamefully buy my god daughters affections. But the disgrace is worth the look of joy on her face when she is singing along to the cd in the car/house etc. I also get satisfaction knowing my friends are slowly loosing their minds! So, if you want to be cool in the eyes of your god daughter, niece etc. Buy this. It's a winner.
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We have this on in the car, all the time. Both my son and daughter aged three love it and ask for it on all the time. The first tracks are all songs from the film and then it moves on to the orchestral pieces. These are ok but it does go on a bit and the kids then start asking for the songs again, which is no problem. I do like having the option of both as it means that we can have some relaxing music if needed in the car too!! But the songs bit go far too quickly, there aren't really enough and you end up listening to them again. And again. And again. And again. And again. Still, the kids are happy and that's what matters.
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on 7 January 2015
Anything that can dominate the senses the way the music does in this film is already a success. The humour provided in several characters, from both an adult and a child's perspective brings the human element to life and the emotional drama unfolding between the princesses is typical of any siblings. Family values are important regardless of rank and at some point in life, everyone needs their own space. The film says it's ok to be different but reminds us that to do a good thing is sometimes harder than we think. I want THAT dress.
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on 2 January 2015
An overall wonderful score, featuring probably one of the most widely known songs from the film--"Let It Go". Personally, I don't like the mainstream sound of the Demi Lovato version, but that's a debate better left alone.

I bought this for my niece, since just like virtually every other kid out there (and a lots of adults alike), she's in a "Frozen" frenzy. She loves to sing along, dance and all of that jazz. I think one thing that is awesome, is that Auto-rip is available--because now she has a digital copy on her tablet.
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