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on 6 August 2014
I really cannot fault this item! I have had for about 3 weeks now and it has completly replaced my Kindle Fire HD and I thought that would never happen! I love the netbook/tablet conversion. That was a real selling point for me, plus I needed Microsoft Office so it could double up as a laptop for work. So far I cannot put it down! I have all of my music on, (Thank god for Amazon Cloud app!) and I can read my Kindle books, switching between facebook, google and all of my apps is awesome! I love being able to open two windows on the page something that I wished the Kindle could do, I was worried about the Microsoft store as I heard the apps were not as good as google play but they seem to offer a veriety of games, not that I play much! I have even discovered tv apps which is a god send for me as I work from home and cannot move away from my computer too far so I can now watch tv, netflix and access my Amazon Instants all at the touch on the screen.

My only complaints are that the screen is constantly full of prints! and I wish the tablet bit had a little kick stand but they are just personal gripes! I really cannot sing this Asus' praises enough! For under £300 I have so much technology, bearing in mind my Kindle 8.9 cost the same and although it's great it can be a bit limited on the opperating system.

I notice some reviewers have complained about Windows 8 but it's really not that bad, I like my tiles scrolling and it looks very posh! The main down side tho is the battery life. On constant use I can get about 4 hours and it takes all day to recharge, I just invested in a different charging lead which has helped alot! But I guess you cant have it all! All in all it's a pretty impresive piece of kit! Top marks Asus!
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on 14 February 2016
Brilliant now we have upgraded to Windows 10 and Office 365 Professional (included Home edition lacks Outlook). Fast, light, good battery life and robust while travelling. A bit slow charging.
It is not as powerful as microsoft surface but at the price point you wouldn't get better
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on 15 June 2017
good fast service not quite what I wanted, but I pass it on to my Grandson
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on 23 May 2015
Slightly underpowered, but it is an Atom.
Other than that, love it.
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on 2 September 2014
Asus T100

I have read very mixed reviews about T100 and I feel that i should write a review that does this impressive machine justice.


When i first saw the T100 in pc world my first thoughts were that it looks very slick and well presented. But, also that the keyboard looked far too small to use comfortably and screen was just a bit too small to type on.. when I actually went over for a proper look I was proved very wrong by my first two assumptions. Yes, the keyboard and screen are a little small; however, this is not actually a problem when using it for word processing or using an excel spreadsheet.

It comes with Microsoft office 2013

Inside the box you will find the product key for the full Microsoft office which is great added bonus


Coming built with a quad core processor has made sure that while am using it as a laptop as well as a tablet that it will comfortably handle the full operating system and all the background applications that i have running with no lag.
You may be thinking "yeah so what" but let me say that, that in itself is an impressive feat considering its not an RT version of windows that has been packed into this tablet come laptop. everything you can do on desktop you can in theory do on here.. the only thing I have not done yet is try to play Red Alert 2 which i have hiding somewhere on a hard drive

Battery lifespan

I must admit that my little Asus has not reached the boasted 11 hour battery lifespan mark. But it has been running 8 hours straight with the keyboard attached (which has no battery so is using the tablets own power supply) and have web browsing while using facebook and watching youtube videos and downloading and installing updates for the apps.
8hours for something this small is Impressive! find a laptop for around £300 that will run that long on its own battery...
Based on that It probably would run very close to the 11 hour mark if no keyboard was attached.
In any case if you're working away from a power socket for an extended period of time I would recommend this just based on its batter life alone.


I have to say that all the negative comments made about windows 8.1 layout is unjustified. To get the record straight if you don't like the 8.1 layout then dont use it!!! GOSH!!! you can select to use the standard windows desktop and leave it at that.
However, I like the 8.1 layout and I like the classic desktop so i will flick between them both depending on what I doing.
Touch screen is nice and responsive and not had a problem with that all.

Video and Sound

The videos I worked are good quality and nice a crisp. and the small stereo speakers do a good job of projecting sound

The grizzly bits

I would be lying if i told you that is the most perfect machine in the world. I have no intention on lying.

The first really annoying thing is that it comes with a 1m charging cable.. i wanted to bang my head on a table.. As annoying as this is the battery does last for a minimum of 8 hours in my experience so far and i would like the point out that if you have been using it for like 8 hours straight, maybe you want to just to put it on charge and leave it for a while; give your eyes a rest and all that. So really its not really that bad; if it annoys you that much its does not cost much to buy a longer cable.. i have looked, but i'm not desperate.

The 32gb internal memory is a bit small. What you're not told is that once Microsoft Office is completely installed you will only have around 15ish gbs left. However, you can add another 64gb micro sd card to the tablet which i will do. How you annoying you find that i will leave up to you; i myself feel that's plenty of space. If you're sat there thinking "oh my that's still not enough space" then I ask you.. "what do you store on your computer?" D: If you have tons of videos and music on your computer that would probably explain why your computer is sooooooo slow.. Put it all on a external hard drive, and you can plug into the 3.0 usb in the Asus keyboard.. you can have a good 500gb 2.5inch external hard drive for about £30.00

The tablet by itself has a micro USB and a micro HDMI port, neither cables are supplied. A bit annoying but given the price its just as easy to order one off here as they're cheap compared to buying them in store.

Obviously there is no disk drive either, but to be honest even some 15.6inch laptops does come with that option.]


In short this little guy does pretty much what you would expect from a laptop, yet has the added bonus of detaching from the keyboard to become a tablet. I feel that it competes strongly with the iPad Air and that is because it holds the full Windows OS.
I intend on using this for uni as I feel this will do the job nicely, being both portable, having full MS Office and having a minimum 8 hour battery, However, its now been close to 9 hours because im still writing this review. it lasts even longer!!

Thank you for taking our time to read this review. As a reward for taking your time to read this i will let you in on little secret...
£320ish is a bargin for this laptop/tablet there is no doubt in that. However, from taking my time to search and find it as cheap as possibly, I bought my Asus T100 from PC World for £249.00 on the 01/09/2014 when I found it at that price I thought it was a no brainer what my next PC will be.
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on 5 August 2017
Cannot charge - 3 diferent chragers - avoid
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on 6 January 2015
Lovely little netbook does everything needed
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on 6 December 2013
Nice, unfussy machine, I am happy with it.
It's a bit of a fingerprint magnet - very visible with the screen off, but not when on.
Very good balance of weight, speed and features.
Speed feels perfectly acceptable, everything moves, scrolls, resizes nicely.
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on 3 May 2016
All my life I've been into PC's, consoles, phones, tablets, gadgets, and anything of the sort. I got the ASUS Transformer Book T100 shortly after its release a few years ago and it just amazed me at first... a tablet, that's also a 32bit fully functional low power laptop. Here is my opinion about the T100 from both a positive and a negative side.

If any of you people have read any of my other reviews, you'll have noticed that I do love things that feel heavy as it makes the item feel more premium. The T100 is no exception and it has a nice heavy feel to it. Even with the keyboard on, the whole device is still extremely thin and very silent as it requires no cooling fans. The screen supports 1080p videos and it has a vast array of vibrant colours to add that extra bit of quality to your viewing experience. The speakers match the performance of most bigger laptops, even tho the T100 is a fraction of their size, but don't let its size fool you, underneath this efficient little beast is a 1.33gHz quad core intel atom processor capable of handling your every day office and home tasks. Ive even found it good at handling light gaming... very light gaming, but still... considering the CPU's power usage is about 2 watts, that's understandable. Its got 2GB of RAM which is a fair bit of power to have for a tablet. its got a forwards facing 720p (HD) camera capable of performing skype calls and things of the such. combined with the user friendly interface of windows 10 (which is now supported on this tablet and runs perfectly smooth) it is a very nice little tablet/laptop

The way the keyboard clicks onto the tablet is via 1 electronic socket and two little plastic grips. Getting the laptop together in one piece can be a bit of hastle. the mousepad feels weak to click, you have to push the touchpad very hard in order to click on something. The specs for this T100 would definitely make a good tablet, but as for a laptop... their really low, most of the 32GB of SSD is taken up by the space of the operating system and pre-installed programs.It constantly alerted me that my memory space was low, which was annoying, because there wasn't much I could do about it.

Overall as a tablet, the thing was amazing, fast, responsive and very easy to use. Meanwhile as a laptop, it didn't really fit in.its low clock speed of 1.33gHz and small 2gb ram made it capable of nothing more than windows store games, Microsoft office programs and simple web browsing. If that is all you want this device for or you just want a powerful tablet, go ahead, you wont be disappointed especially for the price. but if your looking for a powerhouse gaming PC, this really isn't your thing. Thank you for reading my review, I'm open to any questions and I will answer them whenever I can.
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on 20 February 2017
I like the product & its versatility - BUT... after just 5 months of light use the battery became erratic. Powering it on took to holding the power button in for 12 seconds. Battery life plunged from 12 hours to 4, recharging took over night. Eventually became almost impossible to turn it on. My model came with Windows 8.1 on it so I made use of the free upgrade route to Windows 10 while it was available. Now the dilema was: Do I hand it back under warranty & lose Windows 10 worth about £85 with any replacement (if like for like on purchased item) coming back with Windows 8 on it, or do I replace the battery myself. I opted for the latter at a cost of £20 off ebay. It took about 5 minutes using the plastic tools that come with a mobile phone repair kit to split the screen back off, remove the old battery and fit the new genuine ASUS battery that I had sourced. After a couple of battery cycles / charges it now lasts over 10 hours again & starts within 2 seconds of pressing the Start button! GOOD AS NEW! I decided that £20 was cheaper than possibly losing £85 of Windows 10 license. Still happy with the product now it's fixed. Newer versions of it will come with Windows 10 on them so the license value won't be an issue if returned for repair. WARNING the battery pack is very thin & fragile. As I took the old pack out I levered it up with my fingers just a bit to un-stick it off the fixing tape & about an inch of the length of the edge of the battery creased & bent! This will short out the battery so never use one if it does this - Don't want a fire!!
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