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on 5 December 2015
As with all Apple products this iPad is excellant value for money. This is a brand I can always trust. The higher cost of this compared to other tablets is outweighed by its simplicity of use. It is easy and fast to set up with clear instructions. I transferred all my data from my old iPad to my new one in about 5 minutes.
I would recommend an iPad to anyone who is technophobic or new to computers. It is so easy to understand. I took to my last basic model very quickly and it soon became part of my life and I was someone who said I would never, ever get a computer until my son updated his and gave me his old one. Now I have updated mine and passed my old one to a technophobic friend who was soon emailing, on Facebook , keeping in touch with her family and playing games. It has changed my life but it has changed her life even more. She can now keep in touch daily with her family that live abroad and keep her entertained when she was previously bored and lonely.
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on 3 May 2016
First apple product for long time apple hater and unfortunately it is very very good.

RAM is clearly lacking when compared to devices with 2gb, as multitab browsing can lead to pages refreshing.

However as a second screen for reading academic journals and papers it is invaluable, as well as being great for watching netflix/iplayer/amazon on the train etc.

Very useful to have at least one apple device given how many useful apps are apple exclusive, and dont worry, as a non apple native you can turn off all the apple cloud services and just use whatever you use. My home screen is all Google, chrome, drive, maps, with no loss of functionality.
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on 17 June 2014
-Comes with a free pen.
-Invaluable mobile tool if you plan to use it for specific trade, e.g. artist.
-Film Store is full of trailers, so you can check out all films, TV series etc. before you go any further.
-You can learn pretty much anything from calligraphy to pilates, from the App stores - you can load on Kindle, Netflix, magazines, Internet, Tripadvisor, pretty much everything, mostly free, no more switching from Kindle to Netbook etc.
-Incredibly useable - accessibility is almost instant.
-A LOT of information gathering, be ready to submit passwords etc. regularly and it's directly attached to your bank account.
-Not easy to use without internet.
-Such a purchase only uses Ipad version-specific accessories (case, keyboard etc.) but it does come with charger, booklet and that ol' free pen.
-NO USB and disk ports, best used for fun stuff you're going to import to computer, have a really good think about arrangements for internet, projects and storage before buying an Ipad.
-No manual.
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on 12 October 2014
After the iOS 8 update to my old iPad 2 it became too unstable. I was so angry with Apple and was thinking about steering away from their products because of their abysmal customer care and disinterest, however, once your have used and liked Apple it's hard to replicate some of their features in another tablet..so I bought the iPadAir. It's a lovely tablet, works well with the Logitech ultra thin keyboard and was simple to set up. I haven't upgraded to the iOS 8 prompt yet because I don't trust it and, as with Apple products, no one from the hallowed Apple store will advise or help THEIR customers...the people who made them who they are! So, I will bide my time and read reviews of updates and keep iOS 7 on the new Air until further updates will not cause the new pad problems too. So far though the Air is functioning well and probably deserves the good reviews most folk have given it.
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on 13 November 2017
I have had this I-Pad Air for no more than 2 years. Not been damaged or mis-used
Now completely dead- a hardware issue. Cost to repair nearly the same as buying a new one
So cost of ownership, £160/year. Bargain!
So don't be fooled. Paying top dollar for an Apple product is NO GUARANTEE of quality or longevity
I will certainly think twice when replacing
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on 13 January 2014
Brilliant to use to keep in touch with family for a start, since getting i've kept in touch on skype, I just sit there and it rings at me .... easier to use than the phone ... it's been brilliant for emails, and i use it as a tv when i go to bed and watch catch up, i know it does so much more than that ... but there's the basics , now i thought i couldn't afford it , but it's been worth every penny, now if you're stuck as to whether to get this latest one , my mother has the 3 but i have no regrets paying extra for the 5 air, it's so light, fast and beautifully clear for reading and the quality for tv catch up is breathtaking .... I also like the black surround as it frames the tv watching without distraction of a white surround, suppose that's why the white ones are cheaper, I don't like them nearly as much ... Buy it , you'll love it ! and don't be put off if you're older, I was inspired by my mums who's 75 and boyfriends mother who received a skype call while i was visiting she's the south side of young too but she finds it ok to use ....
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on 1 June 2014
Still wrestling with the many functions and get annoyed with it but that is more to do with me than the iPad!! Not sure it needs to cost as much as it does but then that's Apple I suppose, why charge less when you can get away with more and let's face it iPad is still the tablet of choice for many people.
It was relatively easy to set up, just as with anything new you need to spend time and concentrate on it and as previously mentioned I still need to spend more time 'studying' it! It takes fantastic photos, the screen quality is amazing.
Our nearly 5 year old loves it and that was one of the reasons we got it, the schools all seem to favour Apple and we didn't want to confuse him with another brand or tablet...he got to grips with it very quickly as he had used one at nursery already but little ones seem to adapt to modern technology quicker than some of us oldies!
Overall a recommended product...hopefully it will last a few years to justify the expense and I will (with the help of the younger members of the family) eventually be able to operate it with full confidence!
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on 21 May 2014
What can I say about the iPad that hasn't been written a thousand times already?

As a long-term Windows user, I was reluctant to venture into Apple products, knowing that they're pretty unwilling to cooperate with anything else. But the iPad is such a joy to use, and although it's really only designed to communicate effectively with other members of the Apple family, boy, does it do that brilliantly well!

Many of my family and friends have iPads, iPods or iPhones, and FaceTime-ing them is a real revelation. It seems to me that FaceTime does so easily what Skype has largely failed to do in all its long history.

I have managed communication of a sort between my iPad and my Windows laptop, having installed iTunes on the PC. It doesn't do all I would like, but I'm learning to work around the limitations.

If, like me, you have people you like to chat to on the phone, who have i-products, and you can afford one, get an iPad - it's worth it just for FaceTime alone!
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on 17 February 2016
Good, but lots of annoying deficiencies, eg:
Hard to search through your emails.
Ditto iTunes.
No flash player compatibility, so some sites do not work( eg firstrowsports)
On some sites the free ads cover half the screen so you can't realistically use them ( eg chess.com).
Obviously this might be because I haven't worked my way round it yet.
Screen superb, sound good especially if you have little speakers (eg iPhone).
Battery life is fantastic (8-10 hours without fail) and has transformed my life.
As long as you remember this is not a computer, it is a machine that runs apps, you will be fine !
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on 4 June 2014
Arrived very quickly, which was good as I was so excited. Having been converted to an iPhone last year, this was next on my list. I had tried a Kindle Fire HD, but sadly couldn't get some of the apps I wanted without jumping through hoops.

If you have an iPhone this is brilliant because you have access to all the same facilities. The calendar syncs, so it's easy to swap between the two. We share the ipad, so we have set up calendars for both of us. The beauty is if my husband adds something to the ipad, it comes up on my phone as well.

Downside of sharing is that my phone messages also come up on the ipad, so I have to be quick! If he sees them first by mistake, they disappear from my phone. Also, we have 3 email accounts on, but that's no good if you have secrets, as they're all visible to all users.

The screen is very clear. We put on the sky go app and quite happily watch sport on it. The battery life isn't great, as with the iPhone. If you're streaming stuff, you'll need to plug in really.

We opted to buy the Invision case rather than the ipad brand and it’s fine.

My husband wasn't convinced at first, but it didn't take long to convince him. He's talking of buying an iPhone now!
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