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on 21 March 2017
Brought this as a present for my daughter she is well pleased
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on 14 January 2014
I'm an IT professional of around fifteen years standing and have used probably dozens of laptops in that time. I ordered this one for my son for Christmas and I was a bit worried, despite the good reviews, that the low price would be indicative of low quality. However, I'm pleased to say it wasn't.

The laptop, despite being thin and light, feels solid and doesn't flex about much at all. Screen is nice and sharp and the keyboard and touchpad controls all work well.

Speedwise it's not going to set any records but it is pretty good and does everything my son wants from it which is basically run MS Office applications for homework etc..., make videos, play Steam games and run Minecraft. All in all we're both very pleased with it.

A note about Windows 8:- I refuse to review it because this is about the laptop and not the operating system. Quite a lot of reviews seem to have focussed on that rather than the machine itself but having said that this was the first time I had used Win8 although I have used pretty much every version of windows since 3.1 and I did struggle at first with the interface and relearning where everything was. However with my 11 year old son it was a very different matter, he took to it straight away and know's his way around it much better than I do. Perhaps it's a generational thing.
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on 26 November 2013
We were looking for a basic laptop to replace our ageing 5 year old Acer laptop running Windows XP after one of the screen hinges snapped and really wanted to spend as little money as possible. This laptop will only be used for surfing the web, email and some word/excel work. Out of the box the build quality is surprisingly good for it's price point. It feels pretty solid. The spec is also good for the price. We decided on this model rather than the next model up with the Intel Pentium 2117U 1.8GHz processor as from the tests we have seen there is only a tiny amount of extra performance from the faster chip. There are no other differences between this and the slightly more expensive Pentium 2117U version.

It literally took a few minutes to get it set up initially. Our's came installed with Windows 8 rather than the new 8.1 release. The first thing I wanted to do was to update to 8.1, which is a great improvement over the original release. This took hours (4-5) between downloading the OS from Microsoft and installing it, which is the only reason I've given it 4 rather than 5 stars. Surely new products should be shipping with the latest operating system already installed? Finally after getting Windows 8.1 installed it's seems to perform more than adequately for our needs and the display is really good. The USB3 port is a godsend. We recently also bought an external 1Tb USB3 external drive for back ups. It really is 10 times faster than USB2 and we transferred 60Gb of data from the external drive onto this new laptop via the USB3 port in no time. It's also fairly lightweight and quite slim. Overall great value for money. Acer, please just start shipping it with Windows 8.1!
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on 5 February 2014
I purchased this laptop for work, I'm a Photographer & needed to work on post production, I was told to go PC World which was a big mistake in my opinion poor service & for the specs I was looking for was too expensive. So I continued doing some research online & came across this Acer Laptop I've never heard of them before first time encounter & with good rewiews I thought I'll give it a try. Saw this on here at Amazon & for £100 cheaper then everywhere else plus good reviews I think why not plus I was on a dead line to get my work edited for the new Year (2014)
The Delivery was quick & very well packed protected.
Set it all up & uploaded the software which I'm using Elements 12 that I also perchased from Amazon all camping within 2 days brilliant.
Quick loading up good specs, does what I need it for... I don't play games on it so I can't really say if it's perfect for that use but I'm sure it'll be pretty good anyway. Like I've mentioned I've bought this Laptop for work only & it runs very well.

Why 4* because at couple of point while editing it has slowed down & frozen on me twice while uploading my shoots.
Plus I'm really not too keen on Windows 8 for myself it's pointless & everything seems needed to beperchased & download with I can't stand.
But other then that great laptop works very well, nice looking, thin, light weight & a good strong build.
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on 4 December 2013
The build quality seems excellent so the machine is definitely good value and spec (i3 w/6gb RAM) should keep it going for 5 years but...

If you have little experience with PC's then upgrading to Windows 8.1 and setup in General is very awkward and extremely time consuming. Before you can upgrade to windows 8.1 (which allows for a more traditional windows experience, which you need as it's not a touchscreen laptop, and is free) you will need to carry out all the windows updates and there are a lot. That is assuming you can work it how to do that in the first place on Windows 8.

I bought this for my parents and I'm pretty certain they would have found it unusable had it just turned up at their house. As it is it took me 5 hours to do all the updates, upgrade to Windows 8.1, set up for a desktop experience remove all the junk software and install antivirus and office. To be fair I think most of that is down to Microsoft servers but still, would it really be so bad for things to come ready to go or with detailed instructions for novices to do it themselves?

Now it works great and is quick to start up and carry out tasks but you need patience and a decent understanding of PC's to get to this point.

And the most annoying thing? There's no light anywhere to tell you if caps lock is on really frustrating for passwords etc. - I just can't understand why it's missing...
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on 24 November 2013
I ordered this from Amazon after buying a new Toshiba E1 C50D-A-10M (AMD cheapo chips; 32 bit 15.6-inch Laptop, 4GB RAM, 500GB HDD) from Currys. It was a similar spec/price to this actual Acer e1 530 (4gb ram 500gb HD 64 bit Pentium dual core 1.8ghz) and style. However that was very poor in comparison. Poor build quality and problems with the Wi-Fi and set up with windows. It was quite slow (file transfers etc)and had a low quality screen. I took it back and took a chance on this, as I was not sure it was going to be 64bit.

I am glad I did as this is brilliant for the offer price of £299 from Amazon.co.uk. It oozes quality out of the box. Excellent slim design, a (slightly) glossy finish, raised and responsive keyboard with numeric pad, a clear and bright screen. Graphics look good and compared with the low rez bittyness of that Toshiba budget screen (and poor plastic keyboard/case) is more than adequate for text and video.

It was very easy to set up (within 5 mins, no kidding!) and no crashes or strange messages. Very user friendly, although you may have to figure Win 8 a little bit before it sinks in.

It will speedily load anything from anywhere. For example, I transferred 60gb of files from a external SATA drive in under an hour. 5gb from the internet was 10mins over wireless G. Awesome.

This is highly recommended for the price. There is a slight quirk when you lift it from the bottom left side (where blue Pentium sticker is) it shuts itself off, however it appears that there isn't a button to do that.

Please note. It is true that this and other similar model Acers are only Windows 8 and not 8.1. They look identical however on closer inspection reveals the 'sky drive' is not an option which indicates they are only 8. However if that matters, it is a free upgrade anyway. Buy it!
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on 19 December 2013
For a budget laptop it functions as good as a more expensive laptop without the fancy label, my son bought one 3 years ago and it is used so much, yet its not been at fault once and this is why I bought two more for my twin boys.
The laptop has enough functions to enable a secondary school student to do everything that is needed to be done, if I had to be critical I would say its a shame there is no free microsoft suite for the likes of word or excel, but this is pretty much how most laptops are. Overall very happy with my purchase and the quick delivery from Amazon once again.
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on 16 November 2013
lovely matt finish to the laptop lovely curved laptop keyboard
laptop not very heavy a light strong tensile finish to the machine
keyboard large and spacious with island keys ie numeric pad
fan quiet i3 processor quite fast
very compatible with windows 8 and windows 8.1 I upgraded to and didn't take long at all
spacious 6 gb memory 750 harddrive ample room for pics, documents , movies and music
hd webcam top quality as expected from acer!
dvd player built in too
3 usb ports
definitely recommended
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on 9 August 2014
I have found this laptop to be fast compared to other laptops I have used in the past at around the same price point. I have found the battery to last me 4-5 hours on average. The screen is relatively bright, but it is not enough to be seen outside in sunlight. This is common with laptops, however. I have found the keyboard to be slightly hard to get used to and you must tap the space button in the middle or it will not register the keystroke. I found the speakers to be tinny sounding, but that is a problem with many laptops at this price. Overall, I consider this a great value laptop with little compromise. The build quality of the laptop is surprisingly good considering its price. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants to use it for office work, internet browsing and lightweight media applications.
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on 14 April 2014
I bought it for USB 3, Bluetooth and not wanting to spend a fortune.

- Screen isn't the best
== - blacks appear gray and viewing angles are limited
== - and is too glossy (reflection).

- Keyboard is a bit clunky and have missed letters but I'm 48 hours into my experience with it.

pleasing points -
- Didn't have much bloatware to uninstall and I was setup really quickly.
- Boots up reasonable quick (saves me buying an SSD)

update 15/05/14

My wireless connection keeps dropping/slowing down in the last 48 hours. I get the exclamation mark over wireless signal icon in the taskbar. I pick up my phone/tablet and it works fine and at full speed. This has to be an OS thing. Ive changed my av software.
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