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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 25 May 2017
Whilst not commercially the mega success of some of her earlier albums, there are some great songs on this CD. My advice....give it a go.
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on 2 June 2017
It works horay.
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Digital pop may be all about sonic perfection, but soul, substance and emotion, is frustratingly lacking. "Britney Jean" is an almost pristinely crafted result but, for an album that was suggested to be personal, not much intimacy or depth are showcased. Billed as a sequel to career-highlight and fan-favourite, "Blackout", it made no sense to launch the album's campaign with a hummering electro-club anthem called "Work b*tch". For the most part, "Britney Jean" is heavily auto-tuned, polished, with melodic electro-pop stompers, and only a few sparse personal touches. The insanely addictive "'Til it's gone" combines great vocals over a massive beat-frenzy; "It should be easy" with its Daft Punk-esque bassline is another thundering affair; and "Tik tik boom"'s crawling beats are irresistibly sexy. On the more subtle side, are the wonderfully isolating, yet, intimate gentle opener, "Alien"; "Passenger", a guitar-led midtempo with a mystical vibe; and closing track "Don't cry" whose fragility is reminiscent of former - sublime - single "Everytime". Publicity implied that this would be an intimate affair, with Britney herself saying this is an album "specifically for my diehard fans", referring to it as her "most personal record yet". It is not. Evidently, it is more of an experiment than an autobiography, a transitional record, being her first album released in her thirties. Over the years Britney has been grabbing hold of trendy musical ideas in the most unnuanced ways possible. That is a task she has skillfully accomplished. That is what makes hit albums. "Britney Jean" could be one.
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on 2 August 2017
Another great pop album from the queen of pop. Admittedly it's not the best album britney released but it has some epic songs that's deserve to be remembered. Alien, Work bitch, perfume and now that I found you, brightest morning star are some of standout songs that are fan favourites.
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on 19 May 2017
Sorry but this is her worst album in years it not even her singing half the time
The cover is of her face again not very inventive where is the original picture
The booklet had a lack of pictures
Can't you give her more serious songs it like you auto tune her to a kid it don't even sound a natural soparano it sounds she quacking everytime she sings and you autotune it because you think she sings to low when most female singers are mez so why couldn't you not get her to sing a mezzo or mezzo soprano style of voice as that is the closest thing since she is a contralto
Dumb idiots
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on 5 September 2015
How much was she involved in this release?

Sounds like she recorded her vocals over the phone!
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on 13 June 2014
I like this album but it has its downfalls which are mainly down to her team rather than Brit herself.

Alot of my dislike of this album comes down to the producers/production on the album. One minute you get a raw vocal then next you get a polished vocal then you get the Will.i.am mess of auto-tuned to death. Some parts sounds like she has a blocked nose and others you could say her background vocalist takes over(aka the in-famous Myah Marie). Fair enough she doesn't have the strongest vocals but I like to see a simple acoustic / raw vocal album without the production. Fans and critics would respect her more without all of the tweeks.

I'm not even sure Brit even knows what she sounds like these days since her albums are generally over produced then when it comes to live! shows she simply lip-syncs / mic turned off.

Stand Out Tracks - Body Ache, Til It's Gone, Alien, Tik Tik Boom and Don't Cry. Those saying its not "personal" then i'd disagree some of the tracks are personal if you can see between the production and lyrics you'll see the meaning of the song.
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on 14 April 2015
Very underrated album , it is actually very good with very few bad songs.

Highlights are the singles and Passenger , Til its gone , Don't cry , Alien. I recommend this album to any Britney fan.
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on 5 January 2015
As someone who never really paid attention to Britney, apart from the odd song here and there, I recently fell in love with the maturer sounding "Perfume" and so I decided to purchase the album.

I had low expectations of the album, I did buy it for one song, but I can assure you I was pleasantly surprised.
I'm not sure if Britney's progression from Pop Princess to this new sound has happened in stages and I've been living under a rock, but compared to her older singles I have heard throughout growing up, this album just seems to beat them all.

Britney Jean is a Pop/EDM release, it feels recent, diverse within itself (from 'Perfume' to 'Til Its Gone', and 'Chillin' with You' to 'Tik Tik Boom'. Britney sounds more mature in this album and the EDM style makes it an addictive album (and a great revision soundtrack too).

If, like me, the latest song you could remember prior to 'Perfume' was '3', or even older, then this is a pleasant experience which changed my view of Britney Spears from a generic pop idol to a solid artist, I guess years of experience pay off.
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on 3 December 2013
Britney Jean, the newest album from Britney Spears is being released today, one day after her 32nd birthday. Overall this album has more hits than misses but strangely the strongest tracks weren't released as the first or second single. Unlike, Femme Fatale, this album features a fair balance between the dance tracks and the mid-tempo/ballads. While I think Britney's voice is suited for dance backdrops, she sounds surprisingly good on half of the mid-tempo tracks. The lyrics have gotten significantly deeper than her previous albums and we are seeing a more grown-up Britney.
If you are only going to buy a couple tracks to try the album out, then you should start with:
1. Body Ache
2. Till It's Gone
3. Passenger
Here is a review of the tracks IN ORDER of FAVORITES:

1. "Body Ache" -- This hot electro house edm track reminds me most of "Scream & Shout," mixed with some 90's hi-nrg euro. The best track on the album with her best vocals to date. RELEASE THIS NOW!
2. "Til It's Gone" -- Heavy EDM track that is hard to get out of your head and another vocal stand-out from Ms. Spears. One of her best songs ever!
3. "Passenger" -- Katy Perry gets writing credits and Diplo gets production credits on this slower mid-tempo track and what I think should have been, either the first or second single from this album.
4. "Alien" -- William Orbit worked on this awesome mid-tempo track.
5. "Work B----" -- We all know this one. While I love this track, I am not happy that it was chosen as the first single. Nonetheless the beat is hot and the video is hotter.
6. "Tik Tik Boom" (featuring T.I.) -- Super sexy lyrics against a hip-hop pop-hop backdrop with super catchy chorus to boot. Ultimately this could have been released by any of today's female singers so expect more from Britney but nonetheless its highly addicting.
7. Now That I Found You - Great EDM track with a country vibe similar in sound to that Pitbull/Kesha collaboration that's out. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful vocals. Great track! This should be on all versions of the album.
8. "It Should Be Easy" (featuring will.i.am) -- This is my least favorite of the EDM Will.I.Am tracks.
9. "Perfume" -- Sia gets writing credits for this track. I was expecting much more from a Sia collaboration and these are not my favorite Britney vocals. Shocked that this was chosen as a single release. This is sadly headed for flop status. The "Dreaming" version (which is on the deluxe) sounds significantly better to me than the original.
10. "Chillin' with You" (featuring Jamie Lynn) -- Awkward track on an overall great album. Clearly, shes trying to help promote her sister with this filler track. Pass.
11. "Don't Cry"/"Brightest Morning"/"Hold On Tight" -- Not impressed with any of these slow jam fillers.
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