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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 17 October 2013
There are a relatively few reissues that deliver any substantial improvements that warrant your purchase, again, again, and, again! This is the exception! Not only is the sound improved (a big deal to me), but, the additional material is nothing short of phenomenal. "Standing At The Station" is simply brilliant and highlights wonderful keyboard work from Chick Churchill. The Paris rendition of "Help Me" only shows how a band can approach a tune and give it a whole different feel on a different night. The Paris version smokes with a torrid intensity - one can only guess at the origin of "that" intensity! "I Woke Up This Morning" and "Sweet Little Sixteen" are wonderful additions; "Time is Flying" showcases a band still creating and willing to perform a new tune not fully developed; enlightening, nonetheless. The two Jams, however, are downright revealing of a tight-knit band taking us on a wonderful journey through their musical influences and creative processes. All four members of this great band shine through on the Jams, which, of themselves, showcase this band to be just that, a band! This was a great record before this reissue - now, it rivals anything out there! A must have! Thank you Alvin, Leo, Ric & Chick, Ten Years After.
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on 6 August 2012
Ten Years After has not been treated properly by recent polls and lists of best rock&roll bands. It is truly sad and unfair, given the band is one of the greatest bands of the late 60s and early 70s. They are back on the road, although the lead figure of the band, Alvin Lee, is not with them and that sustracts a lot to the band. Alvin Lee is the lead guitar, vocalist and composer of the original Ten Years After. Lyrics were not his strenght, but this is not about poetry but about music. His guitar technique shines: He was considered even faster than Hendrix. Definitely he has capability for a lot of pyrotechnics, but you will find him always commited to musicianship and expression. This release was originally made in 1973 and it incorporates the best period of Ten Years After, which started with their album "Ssshh" and lasted to "A Space in Time". Here you have their classic live performances: I'm going home (a seminal piece in Woodstock), I can't keep from crying (a long set which was a highlight in the Wight Festival) and Chuck Berry's Good Morning Litte Schoolgirl, which includes a great guitar and bass jam. In addition to these numbers, you get two towering blues and rock renditions, a great drum solo in "Hobbit" and a great opening, One of these days, taken from "A Space in Time" . The sound is great and it was recorded as an official bootleg. As a matter of fact, only until recently with the issue of a great show at the Fillmore, this was the only live album of TYA in their best period. Certainly we can consider UNDEAD, a previous album in TYA's career, but it was recorded before their jump to fame. Althoung Undead showcases I'm going home and I can't keep from crying, and has a lot of jazzy touch, I definitely opt for Recorded Live. You find the band at its best in this recording. lvin Lee dominates on guitar and the keyboard is a little bit hidden, but Mr Churchill on keyboards adds nice melodical lines and well, I guess we love TYA by its guitar more than other instruments. This does not dismiss the other players, of whom Mr Lyons on bass is magnificent. Recorded Live includes shows in Netherlands and does not allow for self-indulgence by TYAs. The album was definitely prepared to be a top chart and it deserves recognition and celebration. The set climax is reached with I can't keep from crying and its extension, which showcases all the talents within the band. Those who prefer the more jazzy sound of TYA should go for Undead. Those of us who consider TYA essentially a blues&rock act would have to decide for this album and the Fillmore show in 1970. The Fillmore set is recorded in anticipation to Cicklewood Green, a seminal album and one of the most celebrated by TYA. In Recorded Live their sound is more polished and they add more blues and some tracks are common with the Fillmore show - again I'm going home, I can't keep from crying and Good Morning Little Schoolgirl -. I guess TYA fans will go for both sets, given each one has its advantages. Recorded Live shows them already as a brandname in rock and roll and it is carefully mastered. It was a swansong somehow, given the band will loose ground in their following albums and will disband until the late '80s comeback. This set clearly shows TYA can be considered within the great names of blues&rock, together with such sacred names as Cream and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac. The disadvantage of TYA was that they got famous a little bit late, when Cream and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac have already broken-up. This band does not exhibit the excesses of Led Zeppelin, though Lee could compete with Jimmy Page in performance quality and skills. The quartet format of TYA shows affinity to pop and jazz and it does allow a god palette of sounds with skilled musicians and a good rhythm section. I guess this is a great show to be added in any good british rock and roll collection. For newcomers to TYA I strongly recommend this album and the Fillmore one as starters. Their best studio effort shall be A Space in Time. Of course, Ssshh, Cricklewood Green and Watt are great stuff. No doubt, this album will please you if you like the aforementioned Cream and Peter Green's Fleetwood Mac and even if you want to find some sucessor to Hendrix in rock and roll guitar. It is clear no one, even Clapton, reaches the creativity, expression and poetry of Hendrix, but in the seventies only two guitar players, Alvin Lee and Robin Trower came close in technique and ability. Hope someone helps to put back Alvin Lee and TYA into the Olympus of rock they deserve to be - well, at least they are in the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame.
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on 13 December 2000
Having been to a concert with Ten Years After in the 1970's in Odense in Denmark it is wonderfull to re-listen to this great band LIVE again! Alvin Lee is one of the gratest guitarists of rock - his fast moving fingers make the small hairs in your neck rise when listening to Good Morning Little Schoolgirl!
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on 14 October 2013
If you are a Ten Years After fan I would say that this 2013 release is well worth it as it features 7 new tracks from the same set of live concerts as the original recording. Recording quality is spot on and the band was at its peak when these concerts were captured on tape. The inclusion of a previously unknown song " Time Is Flying" is a real bonus and the 2 Jam sessions are highly enjoyable. The only down side for me is the inclusion of " Help Me" twice, particularly as the second version is not vastly different to the first version - why have 2 on the same record? It's a shame that the compiler could not find something else from the vaults to fill the gap and make the release a real treasure. Despite that I would still recommend it on the basis of the new material and give it 4 stars, 1 down from 5 stars because of the duplicated track.
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on 1 November 2013
I have had this as a vinyl album since it came out. Remastered with extra tracks that are a nice addition to what has always been a great album. Has classic tracks (I can't Keep from Crying, God Morning Little Schoolgirl and, of course, I'm Going Home). Overall great live album featuring the classic lineup. Missing Alvin Lee who sadly passed earlier this year.
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I can only reiterate and fully support the comments of most other reviewers that this is both a rarity of a well remastered and more importantly vastly improved and expanded re-release (plus has some high quality liner notes). The additional tracks are equal to those of the original vinyl release and not just a few additional tracks thrown in that did not make the cut on the original release (for reasons that are often pretty obvious!) plus in total running time doubles the overall length, making this a high quality re-release.

This double CD (like its vinyl predecessor, which was issued in part frustration at the many low-fi bootlegs of their concerts that were being circulated) stands out for overall quality both in playing and recording mix. The three different European venues (Paris, Amsterdam and Frankfurt) are so seamlessly edited it feels like a full length concert. Even the double appearance of "Help me" does not intrude and the inevitable verbiage that many live concert recordings of this period suffered from has thankfully been edited out.

By this time TYA as an unchanged unit had been on the road playing live for so long together that the empathy oozes out of many tracks, especially the extended versions of well known older LP favourites as well as the more free form Jams. More critically TYA had released their two best studio LPs before this release ("A space in time" and "Rock & Roll Music to the world") so were firing on all cylinders. This release leaves the other live LPs "Undead" and "Live at Fillmore" behind as simply historic stepping stones which for me largely suffered from too much Alvin Lee soloing.

The biggest tragedy was that not long after this 1973 tour release, the group imploded (their last 1974 release "Positive Vibrations" in LP form being a below par farewell). Alvin Lee as key player and songwriter wished to move in new directions but was not commercially successful. Even when the group later inevitably reformed for numerous tours with variable quality live recordings following they were never again to capture this level of glory before Lee's recent death.
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on 19 June 2010
Wow! I can't believe there's no other review for this album. This was one of my first Live 'Guitar' Albums and I wore the vinyl copy to death. This is Alvin Lee at his peak and there are some great long blues and guitar indulgences :well worth listening to. I'm off to find it again!
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on 3 October 2015
Extended to two cds each of over 75 minutes duration this features TYA at their jamming best.Audio quality is superb and no single track fails to please but standouts include the two versions of "Help Me" and the two jams.
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on 4 November 2013
This has been one of my favourite live albums from a band who alwys sounded better live tha in the studio - their best studio album being SHHH.I would not compare it to Undead which is a more jazzy live affair and great in its own right. Despite what others will tell you this is a much better live offering than the Fillmore concert which tends to become repetitive in the soloing department. This set finds the band very tight and very exciting. The extra tracks on this release are a welcome addition. My only gripe is that the CD version does not have the attack that the Vinyl provided, particularly on the opening of Help Me and One of These Days. But it is still a great play
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on 7 March 2014
My very first vinyl was this double album, and after hearing about the passing of A Lee, I thought I need to pick this up again. Not totally convinced about the bonus tracks as they spoil the sequencing "feel" of the original release in terms of how the songs follow on from one another, and having picked up the Undead recording earlier I now feel Recorded Live was pretty well just a rehash (albeit more mature) of that album. Nevertheless for the memories of my mis-spent youth the Recorded Live album evokes its money well spent. RIP Alvin Lee.
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