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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Platform: PlayStation 3|Edition: Standard Edition|Change
Price:£18.02+ Free shipping

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on 7 November 2016
My nostalgia goggles got a little worn out. I appear to be a grown up adult now. My Profile picture is almost 9 years old and back then I was full of beans and nonsense. I was young and the characters in this game are all under 20 somethings with white people problems I don't care to get into. That being said along with the white people problems the incredible thematic Asian themes found in the series are underwhelmed when Dawson's creek kicks in and you're forced to listen to the worlds worst crotch spit Tidus. Let me run down the characters in their legitimate hierarchy.

Top - Auron - This is how you stumble with style. On the path to redemption this man travels time and stays loyal top his friends when facing any adversity even fighting dragons and gods armed with a giant sword a jug of booze. He saves the game in every way possible.
Yuna - Her trial and courage to change to world using her maidens will and knowledge of magic to fulfil a dark and difficult pilgrimage is the main reason I hate the game. Because her story is compelling. It is the main character forced to sit on the side and become the "Love interest" can you really love a sunflower with a Korean boys face? That's the story arc apparently. Ridiculous.
Khimari - Actions speak louder than words. That is this character. He just personifies a calm approach. He barely speaks yet his arc is deep and full of awesome. A true hero with a protective nature. Guards Yuna with his life. Fights under a strong code of honour and ethics. Huge respect for this guy right here.
Rikku - Shes a daft wee teenager who has more spirit and backbone than any amount of Tidus impossible summersaults could ever release. She will straight up show no fear or distance with anyone. Despite her race being demonised she still gets out of bed and puts on a bloody gauntlet and punches her way through her problems despite being 15 and only 5 foot 4 inches high.
Wakka - He's just an okay fellow. He's not whining, but he's a zealot and a bigot. But he at least grows as a character as has an arc. No tears from this fellow he protects his adopted daughter on a suicide quest. Like a true hero.
Lulu - She has understandable reasons for her pessimism. She has gigantic heaving weights on her shoulders that keep her from living life to the fullest. Her two big round problems make it difficult for her to let the past go. When you see her carrying those big round, sopping, plump, juicy problems you just wanna bury your face in her problems. Get right in there. Motorboat those problems till theyre sopping wet.....Ehem! Lulu is better than Tidus... She's just so wonderful...
Jecht - He is a flawed but sympathetic man who made a lot of mistakes. I think the first one was buying condoms at a truck stop garage instead of a proper pharmacist. He is likable, strong and ends up being the true hero of the story. He has an arc and changes to form to a new character than despite how difficult his life is he rarely complains.
Seymour - Follows a principle of absolution. If all life ends. All suffering ends. Look he had a rough ego driven existence yet his fall from grace is downright Shakespearean. If only the canon was not so literal.
The Dirt - The Dirt plays a vital role in this series. Unlike Tidus who plays a vital role in my hangover.
Sin - He is the embodiment of human sin. He can defy gravity, shoot atmospheric depressing bolts of pure energy. He has a great story arc. The fish demon god has a great story arc. He has a complete human storyline that ends as they ocerarc a face of challenges that results in a happy ending...the giant fish god. I might actually like this game...4 stars!
Tidus - There is no hierarchy lower without mentioning everyone in Spira. So the bottom line really is that Tidus is just the worst. Okay look this world is fascinating but I may have outgrown it. When I see this world I see something only a teenager could have enjoyed. Which is great since I was the target demographic. Japanese marketing must be doing well. But Tidus grates on me. His existence is not so intangible that it gives his prescience absolutely no weight, he would die and nothing would change. Instead his existence is just to cause trouble, abuse emotions, throw tantrums and look foolish while doing it. I don't like his sword, his stance or his attitude at all. Everyone has flaws but I see nothing on this arrogant little daffodil that is likable. If I were Jecht I would fed him the kitchen cleaner right away! He's not someone I like. If you have a deep love for whiny babys dressed as yellow plants then great this is your perfect FINAL FANTASY experience brought to life.

Characters aside the game lost a lot of spark for me. I could recall every conversation, every action and every moment but that's my own personal bias. Is the game good?

Good? It's great! Christ is the pinnacle of JRPG goodness. As far gameplay goes it is perfection. Zero flaws for a great mix of strategy and fast paced improvised thinking. A game that is jammed with content that you could easily sink hundreds of hours into. It is a game that can only be stopped when you feel you have had enough and oh my you are spoiled for choice. The storyline is not that bad but it's childish on that note and the voice acting only makes the game seem even younger and more naïve.

As far as graphics go this game aged splendidly! Still the remixed music? Doesn't seem called. That's another half a star lost the other half Tidus used to form his ridiculous yellow hair. The music did not need a really need a remix it was gorgeous and again aged perfectly. Still can't complain as the graphical update was a welcome improvement. The additional update does not change the game but for the tiny amount of money this game gives you all the bang for your buck you could need.

The best feature is that these were originally two games. Two full games that feature if combined and done quickly could consume 300+ hours of your life. But don't let that happen you have children to think about. Best feature yet is that X-2 contains very little Tidus even replaces him with a cooler more likable Tidus with a much deeper and richer story line. He goes through self sacrifice, suffering, immortaility, redemption all for love. At least it's better than I was a dream and now I am in the love *poof* I vanished because of PLOT DEVICE you are now the tears.

In the sequel Yuna becomes a hottie that carries two guns. EVERYONE has an arc. Everyone in this world is given a great arc. Tidus has none. He cries and decides he hates dad enough to love him...then dies. BoooooO!

A short summary is that X-2 is a revamp of the same game but with a few twists on the gameplay. You will be treated to a faster turn based system that has you switching job roles to fulfil a strategic purpose. Very cool and fast paced but the game has stepped away to simply being about three adventuring female honies on a quest of things that give them super powers. It's camp and not in any way a perfect sequel but a way more enjoyable one. Plus with this version you have access to features only found in the Japanese release. Talk about a money saver.

Lulu's heaving problems still keep me coming back for more. What a compelling story arc she has so full of substance. Despite that feeling warm and cosy. God I love Lulu's problems I can really get into them.

4/5 would play once maybe when I am 40 then I feel even more displeased by how little I can relate to the series. Final fantasy XXX-2 : Two girls one Mangina with girls face Total Revengeance.
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on 22 June 2017
the cut scenes have been updated and its nice to be able to play without the wired controllers. but for something they've spent years upgrading i don't think its worth buying again. you still cannot skip any cut scenes. There is no option to save other than at a designated point,Also they haven't put in a retry option like in later FF games which means when you die its back to the save point. i think they would have been better putting the options in above . i do however applaud them for keeping the story the same rather than making it a spin off. If you enjoyed the original ps2 game, stick with it.
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on 4 July 2017
Not played it yet but great value for money.
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on 23 April 2014
Probably one of the best ff games. It also looks nice but I did expect more. I also didnt like how everyone's faces kept changing from hd to normal throughout the game but the greatness of this game makes you forget about the little things. I reckon of se made a new ff game in this old school style they would have a hit.
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on 26 April 2017
This is still my very favorite game ever. I had it for ps2 and now ordered it for ps3 too. The story is amazing and the game, in general, is awesome.
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on 25 March 2014
Ive literally been waiting years for the chance to play this game again, since selling my ps2 to afford my ps3..... and WOW it was worth the wait!

The HD in this game looks absolutely amazing, even after all these years I can see the difference, when Wakka hands Tidus his brothers sword the effects on the sword are amazing.

Admittedly Ive only just reached Kilika after the sin attack but im massively enjoying the game so far, you have no idea the relief when I heard Besaids music after battling my way through Zanarkand and the ruins, this for me is the most tedious part of the game due to the amount of cut scenes and tutorials, once you leave Besaid though the adventure truly begins! Meeting the likes of Kimahri, Lulu, Rikku and numerous other characters! For me Lulu was my favourite character as she was insanely powerful from the beginning.

Lets not lie, the game is very linear for the first 15-20 hours but it does open up massively with loads of additional side quests. However, the story driven throughout the game is very compelling. Tidus, son of Jecht is thrust into a world unknown to him by an entity only known as Sin, he quickly realises that this is no dream and makes allies with Yuna, a Summoner who has been selected to travel the lands to defeat Sin, they are accompanied by her 'guardians' who each have their own ability and perks. Tidus/Wakka are warriors, Yuna is a summoner/white mage, Lulu is a Black mage, Rikku is a Thief, Auron is a Guard/Warrior and Kimahri is a Blue mage.

The Character development in this game is amazing, you see Tidus turn from a stroppy loud boy in a strong wise man, along the course of the game as well you notice that he changes his stance in battle when he matures. We learn alot about Kimahri who doesnt speak at all!


Im still loving every minute of this game, I cant believe its 14 years old!!! WOW.

Totally recommend this remake for anyone who wants to experience this game again or anyone wanting to try it for the first time.
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on 22 July 2015
Don't make this mistake. Keep a good memory of it. It was a great game.
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on 17 April 2014
Final Fantasy X was the last game to be developed by Squaresoft before they got swallowed up by Enix (forming Square Enix (or if you prefer; Squeenix)), and as such has earned the title of `The Last Great RPG' by some.

The comforting thing when you first start to play this re-mastered edition is that you immediately remember why. The mechanics feel like home straight away - although Tidus is far `clunkier' than the original, and the now-almost-defunct ATB battle system instantly clicks. Without sounding daft, it `feels' like a game; rather than the fetch-template-insert-Hollywood-style-scenario mechanic that governs a lot of today's offerings.

Final Fantasy X-2: the game's direct sequel (and the first Final Fantasy sequel ever), is also a great game, but it marked the transition to the new company and as such was not as well received as its predecessor.

This time around we're given the option of selecting either of the games from the main menu and separately, the option to select both titles' additional content (previously unavailable outside Japan). They are Final Fantasy X: Eternal Calm and Final Fantasy X-2: Last Mission. Presumably these are epilogue add-ons for each game, but I haven't played them yet.

Everything is there out of the box then, and in terms of the content and presentation etc, this re-master has succeeded. The in-game graphics as you'd expect have been updated significantly, and are befitting of the current generation - although not to a fully uniformed standard - some models are far better than others. In fact on first glance I thought that some of the backgrounds and peripheral details had in fact remained untouched; but after loading up my PS2 original I realised that everything has received a significant overhaul. The re-master is incredibly bright though and some of the colours look like neon signs; whereas the original is far muddier and palatable (I actually prefer this older look, but that's just me). I also can't help but think that FFX-2 looks noticeably better than FFX; but my mind may be playing tricks. Either way the graphics do look much better and crisper as a whole. It's just a matter of taste as to what `sheen' you prefer.

Some of the musical scores have also been re-recorded. Some are better; some are not, to be honest, but it's only a minor note. `To Zanarkand' in particular sounds almost piercing in its clarity and is almost jarring compared to the solemn original. But that's nitpicking to an extreme level.

Unfortunately there is also very noticeable flaw, which are the glaring sound synching problems. Several of the in-game-engine cutscenes and even some of the FMV cut-scenes in FFX are hideously out of sync - to the point where some sequences actually finish before the audio gets blurted out in a compressed muddle. It's not game breaking, but it definitely detracts from the experience. Although from what I've seen so far the problem seems to be completely random, and affects FFX more than FFX-2.

That aside though both games appear to be exactly as you remember them, and are of course a joy to play without exception. The gameplay feels spot on and my minor point's aside, these are still classic games that sit proudly in the upper echelons of the genre. Whether FFX is the last great RPG or not, this is a great collection for anybody that remembers the traditional RPG; or indeed anyone who wants to find out what they used to be like.

It's fitting then, that the PS3's generation should come to a close with the game that bridges the gap between the two generations that precede it.

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on 29 December 2014
This will be a review for both games, but as you can't separate the ratings for FFX and FFX-2, I'll explain the five stars as I go along.

Final Fantasy X, for me, was my favourite and most loved Playstation game ever, and that's across all platforms. The story line was immense and emotional, the characters were fully fleshed and relatable with back stories that only added to their appeal. The game play (in my view) was excellent. I was a huge fan of the Sphere Grid leveling up system. It gave the player total control on the direction of the character's progression. You could have the main character Tidus become a White Mage if you truly wanted to.

On to the game itself. The story is set in the land of Spira, as most of you will know. Spira is a world short on technology and high on the faith and religion of Yevon. The reason for this is because of an entity known as 'Sin' who is of such catastrophic power that it ravages and destroys civilizations throughout the entire continent. It is violence incarnate.
You are Tidus, a happy-go-lucky man who plays the national sport of Blitzball (underwater basketball/handball) in the city of Zanarkand. When Sin attacks the city and destroys it, you are transported 1000 years into the future to the world that Spira has become. Where Summoners go on a pilgrimage to destroy Sin by calling forth powerful beings known as Aeons.

The game itself starts off quite linear and you are restricted in where you can go till around half way through.Yet this never feels forced, as you are immersed in the gripping storyline, learning about the world you've come to inhabit and bonding with the various different characters that Tidus joins with upon his journey.
Speaking of the characters, I found them all to be engaging and useful to the game itself. Auron and Lulu in particular were two of my favourites. Yuna - the parties' resident Summoner - provides and excellent counter-point to the 'out there' main character Tidus.

The graphics have of course been given a huge boost by the HD Remaster and it is a joy to all these old favourites given a 'face lift' for the PS3. The music is some of the best I have ever had the pleasure to listen to and has been given a tweak in some areas. It rivals Ocarina of Time and the original Golden Sun for its dramatic musical score, and I thought those were two of the best ever. The boss fights are challenging and inventive, and you don't feel like you can just breeze your way through the game - you have to dedicate hours to training your characters and some trial and error is to be expected for first time players. I've given this game alone Five Stars because it is just that good. There are easily 70+ hours of gameplay here and enough twists and turns in the story line to keep you hooked. Well recommended.

On to FFX-2. When I first heard there was a true sequel years ago to my favourite Final Fantasy, I of course got quite excited. The story of Tidus and Yuna alone inspired me to purchase the game. I was however left with the feeling of disappointment upon loading the game up and getting stuck in. Let down could be a better choice of words, also.

The story is set 2 years after the previous game and Yuna is now the main character on a quest to discover what happened to Tidus after she finds a sphere supposedly showing him. Yuna is joined by Rikku again, yet this is where the comparisons end for me. A third character (Paine, who is basically Auron and Lulu rolled into one, but without the character progression and depth) completes the trio known as The Gullwings. They are Sphere Hunters, which I found to be a bit of a bizarre job and premise for the most famous person in Spira to be doing after defeating Sin two years previously. The trio - who strongly remind me of Charlie's Angels - travel all over Spira searching for these Spheres.

I'm reminded of a saying of " If it isn't broke, do not fix it " yet SquareEnix seem to have ignored that as they merrily went on their mission to dismantle everything that made FFX great. In my eyes, if you are going to do a direct sequel to a game, you take what was good from that game - keep it - and improve on other aspects, surely? For me the Sphere Grid leveling system was excellent, yet here it has been cast aside for the 'Dress Sphere' system, which really doesn't work as well, owing to having to change class in-game at times. The outfits and costumes that come with these class changes are actually fairly ridiculous too and completely unsuitable for combat. The story line itself was also something I considered an extremely strong point in FFX, and on the box it certainly indicates that it is 'more of the same'. Instead, we get a 1000 year old copy of Tidus and Yuna and I feel the game suffers because of it.

Also gone is the linear aspect of the game and instead you can now travel to any place in Spira almost straight from the off. I'll agree with another reviewer on here who commented that in FFX Zanarkand was considered a mysterious and holy city, tinged with fear and awe. When you first arrive there in FFX and the cut-scene " A City dead for a 1000 years" kicks in, you certainly feel that. In X-2, you can travel to Zanarkand within 30 minutes of loading the game up. And it has become a tourist attraction which I found to be completely jarring and also unbelievable. No Sin or not, Zanarkand would still hold that certain awe and fear even two years later.

Also gone are the amazing villain characters like Seymour in FFX. Instead, you get three absolutely irritating idiots who do nothing but follow you around and provide literally zero drama or suspense levels. Characters like Sephiroth and Seymour added to the overall game experience, whereas these Team Rocket cast offs just detract from the already limited enjoyment.

Even with all this, I would probably give the game around Three Stars. It isn't very long and you can complete the main story in around 12 hours if you really go for it, which I did when it first came out all those years ago. (there are alternate endings that can make the game longer if you have the patience for it) It does have some redeeming features such as the graphics and the mini games which add an element of fun to the whole game itself. Yet really, it truly lets you down when it comes to the battle style and story line. It's worth buying for those want to find out the end to the story, but certainly not if you're expecting more of the same.
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on 24 April 2014
I loved this when it came out in the PS2 days and this remastered version is great. The only niggle I have is some lip syncing issues but then I did still give it 5 Stars. As I've grown up since it 1st came out I'm working through sections that I skipped past from the 10yrs previous when I played and boy did I miss a lot. I also decided to give the Blitzball mini game a try as I never really paid attention the last time and again that is really addictive and feel I really missed out last time (could they have even made a completely separate game for this maybe?). If you learn the Jecht shot near the start of the game that is a massive benefit in Blitzball games.

I never actually played X-2 so am looking forward to that after FFX, so my review is only based on the 1st game. I am aware of a lot of negative feedback on X-2 but I believe in judging something I've tried myself. I'm now crossing my fingers they will do a re-mastered version of FFXII as for me that was the last great FF game, FFXIII in my opinion was mediocre at best.
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