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on 3 October 2013
I think I fell in love with the makers of Primeval; Cast and Crew alike; The creatures that emerge through Anomalies are awesome and some, not always the bigger ones, are truly scary! My nephew now works in digital animation and I really hope he ends up working for a team like this. Sometimes with such programs it's the tiniest details which fascinate the most and for me it's a scene in the Ladies Toilets when one of the female team members looks in the mirror. I won't spoil things by saying what she sees but in fact I didnt stop thinking about the significance of that 20sec of footage and it's place in the Bigger Picture. WE can also spot anomalies in our lives; It is no coincidence that half of the word anomalies is "lies". Understanding the at times cataclysmic consequences of lies the is key to understanding and maximising the potential achievements & enjoyment of your life. We don't just suffer for our own transgressions, we also suffer the consequences of the impact of our choices on others. The next time something "unjust" happens to you, think quickly of a time when you quietly celebrated that you "got away with it". Try watching Primeval with the sound turned off, or, without the images, only listening to the soundtrack. Don't just watch it, FEEL IT.
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on 25 November 2017
Brilliant just a shame it was the last series of the program made in the uk. Rewatching it made me miss it even more. Love the story and the acting. I loved the predators and the dinosaurs. Especially the dinosaurs and how the series twists and turns.
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on 17 June 2012
this is the long awaited new series of the best sci-fi series since Dr who,i loved the 1st 3 series and as i had missed some episodes when i saw them on sale in reading i just had to get them i was not disapointed then we saw series 4 and awaited series v i missed these and had given up hope of watching them on the T.V. OR VIA I PLAYER, THEN I TRIED AMAZON A LONG SHOT REALLY AS I DIDN'T KNOW IF THEY WERE RELEASED AT THE TIME BUT YES THEY WERE AND I NOTICED THAT SERIES 4 WAS THERE TOO SO GOT BOTH AS BY NOW I HAD FORGOTTEN HOW THAT SERIES HAD LEFT THINGS , WE GOT A PIZZA A FEW BEERS AND DUG IN FOR A FEAST OF PRIME EVIL BEASTS FANTASTIC.
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on 19 April 2013
This is the final part of the series (although it has been left open for a possible sixth), and I bought it to round up the collection.
The same characters follow the same loose tales of weird beasts sneaking through openings in space/time, a lot of CGI, of course, but the storylines are sharper and tighter than the fourth series, which was getting a bit lame.
One thing to watch is that you play the disks in the right order. You'd expect disk 1 would be on the left, when you open the case, but it wasn't, so not realizing, I played d2 first!
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on 6 February 2014
From Series One until this one - this hugely entertaining British Sci-Fi TV series was underrated and misjudged. Shame. This amazing slice of British Sci-Fi did not stand a chance at peak-time telly against multitudes of vacuous tacky simple-minded "reality tv shows" that has infected British telly nowadays...'Nuff Factual Truth Said.
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on 11 April 2014
This is one of the best shows that have appeared on UK television and this Season 5 is the best of the best. Why on earth was it cancelled (read that it was a big earner internationally). Anyway this season clears up some of the outstanding plot lines, but still leaves of few questions unanswered if it should return with a Season 6.
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on 5 September 2011
- Mission coordinator Jess Parker on the monitors (as anomalies crop up everyfriggin'where!): "I don't believe it! There's another one. It - it's outside! The car park!"
- The ARC Director James Lester: "Oh my god! My new Jag's in the car park! This time it's personal!"

There was a point in Series 1 in which I thought the insidious Helen Cutter was a redeemable character. But she proved me wrong, and all the way thru to Series 3, she persisted in proving me wrong. And more than a year past her death, Helen Cutter's diabolical legacy lives on, perpetuated in the shape of Philip Burton (Alexander Siddig), philanthropist, scientist, and currently ARC's primary deep pockets. It's Philip Burton now who advances Helen's apocalyptic agenda.

So this is PRIMEVAL - THE COMPLETE SERIES FIVE, and on two discs it collects all six episodes, and I'm not sure there'll be any more after this, even though the concluding chapter does leave us once again tantalized and craving. As this series opens, whiz kid Connor Temple (Andrew-Lee Potts) is drifting away from his ARC (Anomaly Research Centre) teammates, and especially from his girlfriend Abby (Hannah Spearritt). Connor's been lacking a bit of team spirit and had been somewhat remissed in deploying with the others as they investigate temporal anomalies and fend off creature incursions. His time toiling away at Philip Burton's top secret New Dawn project has kept him away from the field. Again, as with last season, it's frustrating that Connor still harbors a man crush on Philip, out of whose genius bum he thinks the sun radiantly shines.

If you haven't yet seen Series 4, there's no need to read this following paragraph because in it there be Series 4 SPOILERS. But if you've seen Series 4, then you're aware that new team leader, Matt Anderson, actually hails from a dying Earth in the future and that he had Kyle Reese'd it to the present to avert an impending cataclysm. Matt had confessed as much to Abby and, furthermore, had let it slipped that Burton's New Dawn project is the doomsday device he intends to shut down. Except that there's Connor's adoration at Burton's feet to mull over. So, essentially, there's your ongoing character conflict.

I've written about PRIMEVAL's previous seasons, and I'm in danger now of regurgitating a heap of praises so glowing they've set off the Geiger counter. Suffice it, Series 5 continues PRIMEVAL's tradition of gripping drama and high adventure - with a strong dash of sci-fi horror - and ripping special effects. Not to mention the unexpected character arcs and the inadvertent history lessons in paleontology. Even though, of late, I've been exasperated with Connor and that blind eye when it comes to Philip Burton, he and Abby are still my favorite characters. And I guess having them fall smoothly into a nice and perfect romantic relationship would be too dull of a thing. Ben Miller's take on his character, the deliciously sardonic ARC Director James Lester, is friggin' superb and so very funny. It helps that he gets the best lines. I'm even starting to warm up to Ciarán McMenamin, whose Matt Anderson I'd once thought automaton-bland. He sparks it up some in this series. I hope to Gargamel that there is a Series 6 in the offing. But, if not, and even with the cliffhanger ending, this is a fine way to go out. Series 6's final episode is an explosive one, fraught with desperate danger and a fight for all the marbles and the return of ARC's next most fiendish foe (after Helen Cutter). And there's also James Lester's priceless one-liner about his new Jag.

Bonus feature: "New Dawn - Making the new PRIMEVAL Part 2" - an overview of Series 5 with particular focus on the sets and the digital f/x, and with cast & crew interviews (00:15:33 minutes long).

The following is a list of brief episode breakdowns for Series 5. Read further at your peril - you've been SPOILER ALERTed:

- Episode 1 - The team takes on giant burrowing, chittering crustaceans in the tunnels beneath London. Connor's eyes are all aglow as Philip unveils his New Dawn enterprise. Also, in a great little sub-plot, Lester learns that he is being considered for knighthood.

- Episode 2 - The ARC team is trapped in a dead submarine that wanders thru an anomaly in British waters. This claustrophobic episode features a nasty theropod lurking aboard the submarine and a pod of Liopleurodons swimming about outside the submarine.

- Episode 3 - When the ARC team inadvertently sets a raptor loose in 1868 London, Matt steps thru the anomaly in hot pursuit and runs into Emily Merchant. This, even as reports of the infamous Spring-heeled Jack begin to dominate the Victorian-era news media.

- Episode 4 - Connor's manufactured anomaly becomes a portal for a swarm of voracious future beetles that can burrow thru reinforced concrete. Some personal satisfaction for me in this episode as Connor's mates spend much time glaring accusatory daggers at him.

- Episode 5 - A Tyrannosaurus Rex terrorizes London, and off goes the ARC team. But then other anomalies begin to open up all over the globe which seriously depletes ARC's manpower and ability to respond. Meanwhile, Philip is poised to launch New Dawn.

- Episode 6 - It's the end of the world as we know it. Also, Future Predators, Future Predators, and Future Predators. And a bit of time travel.
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on 29 January 2018
Loved it, Wish they had continued making it
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on 21 April 2012
I tend to think of S4 and 5 almost as the same series, so it's hard for me to judge it standing on its own. It's absolutely unwatchable if you haven't seen S4, because so many of the plots from both are tied together.

It's also not character wise, as good for me, as the first three seasons - but as long as you don't engage your brain to strenuously it's still very good and a lot of fun to watch, with some brilliant creatures and special effects. A lot of the plot issues I think stem from the fact geared towards family audiences - which include children - while still trying to entertain fairly grown up plots and it doesn't always succeed in finding the balance.

I'd still recommend watching it though, if perhaps not as eagerly as I'd suggest watching S1-3.
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on 21 February 2018
good buy loved the series
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