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on 9 February 2014

How on earth is it possible that people are reviewing a Product which isn't released yet???
The reviews are there to inform the people on how the convertion to dvd/br was, if there are extras, the sound,.....
So how do you all know this?? There is no dvd/br released yet!!
Amazon should stop doing this!! I buy most my br/dvd because of the extras, if it is only a movie, thrn there are other ways to get your hands on and thosa re free.
Now whem it will be released, how the hell do I then know what he dvd has??? Reading all the 300 pre-reviews??? To see that somebody took the time to tell if the dvd has it or not?

Amazon has a very bad opinion system in my opinion. They also mix the USA with the UK ones.

And ams usual, no response from Amazon!
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on 8 December 2013
so here we have it, more terrible Disney films with tough formidable heroine characters in the same vein as tangled, and all the other tinkerball direct-to-dvd releases.

how is this appealing? I thought Disney films r supposed to be unisex? I hate what Disney has become, I preferred them when they preachy and moralistic but not feministic and cutesy!! Disney used to have dark elements now they look like Japanese anime girly rubbish. the same stuff a 35 year old my little pony fan would relish.

last great endearing Disney classic from the vault? UP most surely. if you've got a 4 year old daughter or an overgrown daughter who uses deviantart on a regular basis or a 30 year old son who still plays final fantasy games on his sega genesis and has an mp3 player with super Mario world music on it, frozen will be right up their alley. or if ur a pedant who finds boring drivel like this "dark" and "unnverving", go for it!!

my advise: don't even bother go the cinema, bid for the breaking bad barrel on ebay or buy a chugginton dvd instead. I love chuggington, who doesn't love chugginton?
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on 1 April 2014
For the same price as this SINGLE disc edition in the UK US shoppers get thje Blu Ray, DVD and digital copy of the film.

This used to be offered in the UK but was recently stopped. It is baffling as it made the Blu-ray a great offer especially for kids.

Keep the blu ray in the house, dvd in grans and a digital copy on the tablet for the car.

Not that I'll have my kids glued to it but why does the US get this for under 20 dollars when I would need to pay £35 to get it all?
This is a rip-off plain and simple.

$20 is around £12 add VAT and a bit for currency exchange and you get the £15.

DisneyUK even if you want to put the price up a couple of pound give us back these packages, the DVD has already been mastered so putting a disc in the box is pennies as is a free download. If you can offer it to the US then offer it to us.
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on 5 April 2014
I took a chance and ordered this UK release of Frozen 3D from the UK since Disney apparently doesn't consider us Americans worthy of the 3D version. As advertised, this 3D Blu-ray disc is indeed Region-Free and works on my U.S. Blu-ray player with no problem.

The movie is fantastic, the sound and image are wonderful, and the packaging is free of frustration. It costs a bit extra ordering from England, but if you must have the 3D release, at least there's a way to get it!
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on 5 March 2014
Disney has seriously backslid here, returning us to an old, old story of a Hapless Heroine relying on a Hunky Hero to save her from the Villain - with the added twist of making said Hapless Heroine a Dizzy Ditz of the first order. Added to that there's dreadful dialogue that's straight from the worst Valley Girl stereotypes, acres of drivel about The Saving Power Of True Love (TM), and a token low-comedy character. The few redeeming features are trampled into sorry shreds beneath the heavy handed cliche. I can honestly say, though, I did not predict everything: I simply couldn't believe that a major studio could make a film so insultingly dumb, so it kinda double-bluffed me there. I'm stunned by the Oscar recognition; it's a film so unremittingly awful that I feel deeply ashamed of having let my kids see it (especially my daughter). I have little hesitation in calling it the worst children's movie I've seen since the birth of my kids - and I've seen some turkeys.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 9 December 2013
This is an impressively BEAUTIFUL film, with very endearing characters, solid scenario, fun moments for little ones, good dialogs, impressive images, nice music and one simply unbelievably POWERFUL song, the "Let it go!".

This film was inspired by Hans Christian Andrsen magnificent story the "Snow Queen", published the first time in 1845, but it is only a distant inspiration - the story in the film has very little in common with this classic bittersweet treat. In fact it is a completely different tale, about two princesses, Elsa, the wise but sad elder sister and Anna, the impulsive, merry but a little bit foolish (at least initially) younger one. The sisters love one another dearly, but early in their childhood dire circumstances (and a REALLY stupid advice) erected a wall between them - and in fact also a wall between Elsa and all the rest of the world... And the day this wall unavoidably collapses, well, Elsa will "let it go" - and all hell will break loose! I will say here nothing more about the story.

My 12 year old daughter simply adored this film. My 4 year old daughter liked it too, although she didn't exactly understand the story, but she was quite happy with the snowman Olaf (lots of giggling), the OTHER snowman who was not Olaf (lots of pretending to be afraid), the reindeer Sven ("daddy can I have a reindeer?"), the carrots (an important element of the film), the songs and the beautiful images.

Me, I was absolutely impressed by the visual aspect of this film, the clever dialogs and this INCREDIBLE "Let it go!" song, which is I believe the best musical cinema moment I had since "The circle of life" in "Lion King". And also I was absolutely impressed with the character of Elsa - we can clearly see there a John Lasseter's touch in the scenario, a little bit similar to the "corrected image of typical Disney princess" he already offered us in "Brave" and "Tangled".

This film teaches us many things, including two crucially important warnings for parents:

- if you have a child with issues, do not take advice from a troll! Or at least get also a second opinion!
- if you have one child with issues AND therefore also a vulnerable sibling, BOTH of you should not take stupid risks, because those children need at least one of you to live and be there for them!

The ending is may be just a little bit weaker than one could expect, but after all it is a film for kids and it was appropriate for the young public. Still, this is a minor point and honestly, if "Frozen" doesn't win the Oscar for Best Animated Film and "Let it go!" doesn't take the Oscar for best original song, it will mean there is no justice in this world... UPDATE IN MARCH 2014: well, it seems that there is still some justice left in this world...

This is a great film, to watch absolutely on the big screen, as long as it still plays in theatres - and later, I advise to buy this one on Blu-ray, because here the quality of picture is REALLY important and every pixel counts. ENJOY!
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on 7 December 2013
A story about two royal sisters, the older one of whom has the unfortunate habit of freezing everything she touches. She has tried to keep this a secret by cutting herself off from most human contact, but on her coronation day her secret is out and when her people react with horror, she runs away, leaving the kingdom completely frozen. Her feisty younger sister sets out to bring her back.

It's okay, though not nearly as good as Tangled. The film focuses mostly on the relationship between the two sisters, there is some rather perfunctory love interest, and an awful lot of running about in the snow. This film is said to be a 'reworking' of The Snow Queen, though it bears very little resemblance to that film.

One thing did strike me though - how much larger can the eyes of animated film characters get? In early Disney features they bear some resembalnce to normal human eyes. When we get to 'Beauty and the Beast' they are considerably larger, and in 'Frozen', they take up half the face. I wonder where it will all end?
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on 15 January 2014
Frozen is a phenominon. It is a magical and emotional experience that will stay with you for days, weeks, months after you see it. It is by far the best Disney film since the likes of The Little Mermaid and The Lion King. Everything from the animation to the toe tapping musical numbers are breathtaking.

It is a heartwarming tale about sisterhood and the importance of family. Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell put in simply spellbinding performances as two sisters forced to grow up apart due to a terrible gift/curse. Menzels ensemble musical piece "Let It Go" deserves a Grammy because it is just so so so good.

I cannot recommend this film enough. Kids will love it due to Oalaf the hilarious wisecracking snowman and adults will appreciate the romance and love in the unbreakable ties asociated with family and sisterhood.

Buy Frozen and keep it forever!
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VINE VOICEon 8 March 2014
It is still somewhat of an unexplained mystery why Disney continue to release Blu Rays in the UK that are far inferior to their US cousins. This is mostly in reference to the Blu Ray/DVD packs that continue to be released in the US. For anyone unaware of this, Disney Blu Rays used to automatically be released with a DVD copy included and a digital copy you could redeem from iTunes. Disney continue to release these in the US but the UK just get a blu ray disk with nothing else.

Disney, like many film studios continue to favour their blu ray releases over the DVD. The DVD version of Frozen contains one measly special feature (the Mickey Mouse 'Get a Horse' short) while blu ray fans are treated to a significant amount more as detailed below...

The UK blu ray will mirror the extras featured on the US release which are the following:
- The Making of Frozen
- D'Frosted: Disney's Journey from Hans Christian Anderson to Frozen
- Deleted Scenes
- Let it Go (End Credits Pop Version) Music Videos (An English, Italian, Spanish and Mandarin Version)
- Get a Horse Mickey Mouse Short
- Original Frozen Teaser Trailers

The extras sound good but are a little underwhelming. They total 25 minutes if that. I did enjoy them but what happened to the days of hour long documentaries giving a proper 'behind the scenes' look?

'The Making of Frozen' is simply a cute music video featuring Jonathan Groff, Kristen Bell and Josh Gad at the Walt Disney Animation studios. It has been floating around the internet so you are likely to have seen it already. Don't be mislead to think it will feature interviews with the cast and crew because it really is just a music video.

'D'Frosted' was interesting and informative but barely delves into the actual making of Frozen. All you see is a little exploration of things from the Walt Disney Archives detailing Walt Disney's desire to build a ride at Disneyland based around 'The Snow Queen' in the 50s. I'm not convinced it lasted more than 10 minutes.

The Deleted Scenes are typical of other Disney animated releases. Not a deleted scene as such, but a deleted 'concept' (so the directors talking over some rough paper sketches). There is a very interesting Elsa one though that hints initially the character was to be more of a villain.

'Get a Horse' is the Mickey Mouse short you would have seen at the cinema if you went to see Frozen. This was a delight and I'm very happy it has been included. When I saw the movie it was evident the children loved this new spin on Mickey so I'm sure audiences all over will be happy to own it.

The music videos are pretty standard. Demi Lovato fans will appreciate having her version here and the Spanish/Italian versions are performed by Martina Stoessel better known for Disney Channel's 'Violetta'.

If you can obtain the US blu ray I would completely recommend it. The Frozen blu ray is multi region so it will work on any blu ray player in the UK (including PS3). You would then also get a Region 1 DVD copy included and a digital copy to download for an 'on the go' device.

The movie itself looks glorious on blu ray and I never hesitate to recommend the blu ray format over DVD, particularly when the DVD format continues to get overlooked when it comes to special features.
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Or just pleading “Dear God, if you have any mercy to spare on this sinner….MAKE IT STOP!”

Lazy, exploitative Disney at their worst and frankly most offensive.

Now, commercially, this is clearly brilliant; every girl under the age of six is going to love this, and the merchandising goldmine, stage and ice “spectaculars” are obvious.

As for the rest, well, a promising opening in the first part of the ice-cutting scene is not supported by the rest of the movie; the warning comes in that overly cute baby reindeer. You could set your watch by the time each terrible song starts. The characters are modern standard Disney clones, straight off the copier; while the animation could support 3-d, the characterisation is decidedly 1-d, certainly not as sharply defined as Teletubbies. The story is even thinner, more predictable and derivative than usual. Unlike other children’s movies which introduce gags for suffering parents, this does not. Occasionally, there’s almost a hint that the makers understand how horrible it is, but then they return to the syrup. This is unforgivable, considering how many times parents are going to be forced to sit through this. Doesn’t human rights legislation protect us from this sort of thing? Had it been marketed as “Barbie-the Ice Princess”, one could almost be more charitable. Definitely a case for a maximum watching age to be put on the packaging.

Commercial genius. Terrible movie. This is truly the worst animated Disney movie I have ever seen. However, others enjoy it- that’s good, and the commercial success will help to fund other movies which I can only hope will be better, because at the end of the day, the makers do probably-and privately-know how awful this is.

I may be exaggerating, and it may deserve more than my *, but never more than two stars, surely.
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