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on 7 March 2018
Frozen is supposedly based on Han Christian Andersen's story "The Snow Queen", however little of the finished film seems to be related to this story. This isn't really a criticism--I am just trying to clarify the premise of the movie.

The story is basically about two sisters--one who eventually becomes queen and one who is her younger sister, a princess. However, the Queen, Elsa (Idina Menzel), has a huge problem that is never really explained in the film and that is she has magical powers to make things freeze as well as to create snow. While this seems great, it's also a dangerous power and one she cannot fully control and she could accidentally kill someone. On the day of her coronation her powers are exposed--and she disappears into the mountains to live life apart from others.

The younger sister, Anna (Kristen Bell), decides to go after her sister, to reason with her, to bring her back to her kingdom which is suffering an eternal winter, so she abandons her kingdom and gives control of it to an almost complete stranger! Along the way she meets a guy who is to become an obvious love interest and together they seek out Elsa and try to bring her back to the kingdom to end the perpetual winter!

The film is glorious to watch. The CGI is absolutely lovely as are the character designs. However, it's a film that looks great but whose story is less than stellar. Part of it is because the characters sometimes do inexplicable things (mentioned above), part of it is because parts of the plot are missing (such as explaining how everyone LOVED the interim leader yet hated him later--after he'd actually done a good job in regard to the people as well as why everyone suddenly hated the guy from Weaselton) and part of it is because there were too many distractions when the main thrust SHOULD have been the relationship between the sisters (the reindeer and guys got in the way!) Still, it is worth seeing, especially if you don't spend too much time thinking through the plot. Plus, many might enjoy the more Broadway style of the music, as Idina Menzel really pours it on when she sings (as do the rest, though she clearly overshadows them with her magnificent singing).

Frozen is overall a lovely, enjoyable cartoon and it's just that a lovely, enjoyable fairytale! One that mummy’s and daddy’s can feel happy watching along with their children. Highly recommended
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on 16 January 2017
That song actually is okay in context. Every Disney Pixar film is better than the last one as computer animation evolves. The credits demonstrate just how much effort and expertise has gone into the making of this one. I watched it as there was nothing else on telly at the time and was hooked completely. Top notch characterisation and story telling with so many witty and amusing touches throughout it would please even the most curmudgeonly grump.
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on 17 March 2017
This film is a jewel. Technically impressive, very human, very touching. I was somewhat surprised to hear a choir singing in Kiswahili at the very beginning of the film but since it is a little known language it might have been chosen by Disney to prepare the viewer for an astonishing, totally unexpected magical world.
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on 17 September 2015
This was a must purchase for my then two year old who has been obsessed with 'Let it Go' (as she calls the film) since her first viewing. I won't share the story, I'm sure that most people are aware of it as it has become ubiquitous over the past couple of years.

The DVD arrives with all six of the main characters on the cover (great for little ones who love to point them out). The DVD has easy play which is great for the little ones. You can put it in the player and it will auto play without needing to select menu options. We've played ours countless times now and the DVD is standing up well.

Whether it's as an addition to a Disney DVD collection or a must have for a Frozen fan this is an essential buy for all fans.
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on 23 March 2017
a charming and hugely enjoyable cartoon - the characters are extremely well portrayed in a story reminiscent of so many fairy tales. i was most impressed by the expressions and gestures of the characters (which has me convinced that the cartoonists had access to acting live models for their reference - look at the scene where the red-haired girl presents the gift of a new sleigh - superb!) - a great family entertainment.
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VINE VOICEon 22 February 2017
My younger one (6 years old) was in love in Frozen for a very long time so finally we decided to get the DVD rather than depend if it will be available to watch on our online subscription services.

She watches it almost every other week (dressed in Ana dress) so it was probably the best spent couple of pounds (as we got it used).
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on 4 April 2017
Awesome copy lovely sleeve. Blue ray is somuch better quality than dvd. Arrived beautiful condition
review image
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on 13 January 2017
I'm writing this after I got glowing reports of the film from my little granddaughter who is obsessed with it. We bought her a pink dvd player as well but Frozen is playing constantly. Delivery was very quick and I reckon I'll be buying it again as she is bound to wear it out, probably by Easter......
5 *****
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on 25 April 2014
I love this flim! What's not to like? We have the soundtrack CD too, which is on in the car most of the time, even if the kids aren't with me lol

This is my 3 year olds favourite film and listening to her singing along and dancing is fantastic. My 10 year old son avoided this film like the plague, he's not a fan of musical films, but thought this was a real girly film. Persuaded him to watch it so he could see Olaf, and he's now as hooked on it as the 3 year old is. He even knows most of the words to the songs as well altho he doesn't do the dances lol

3yo's favourite characters are Elsa and Ana and she likes her hair done in the same way often now, 12yo daughter's favourite is Ana and 10yo son's are Olaf and Sven. Me I just love them all! The children are all at school and I'm still tempted to go and watch it now lol
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on 27 January 2016
fast delivery
if you've never heard of frozen before get from under your rock every now and again. kids love it and i know one or two adults that may love it even more.
Its a fun family film aimed more at the female gender in my opinion however younger children of both genders tend to love the film as its your typical princess in distress kind of film with a nice modern atmosphere.
one thing to consider for younger ones is there is a sing-a-long edition available which includes the film and lyrics to sing along with the musical
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