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Customer Reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 18 November 2013
As you would expect and demand from Bluray (but seldom get), a crystal clear picture that picks up every wrinkle and hair. The main show has various cameras dotted around capturing the obligatory over head shot of Neil Peart, close ups and full stage panoramas including one sat within the the drumkit looking up at Neil.
Geddys voice is better than that of the Time Machine tour DVD but does get 'pitchy' at times. Alex is captured with all his fantastic guitar playing and buffoonery and the whole show perfectly captures the bands friendship and interaction.
Anyone who doesn't know, Rush took on tour a small string section with them for the second set which includes much of Clockwork Angels and also adds a new dimension to older favourites.
Also, extra songs from other shows which weren't played in this show in an effort to mix things up a bit and freshen the show on a nightly basis are here including Middletown Dreams.
A tour documentary and rear screen films and a Family Guy salute to the band make up this fantastic Bluray.
I watched this on a 1080p Plasma 42" and the picture and the panning of the camera was excellent, I usually pick up issues with the picture so from an initial screening it is spot on, as is the sound which I blared through a 1000 watt surround system.
Hopefully that covers it.
After reading other reviews about sound, I have had another listen and I personally found the sound really good. I did have to flick through the sound settings on my surround system to get the 'perfect sound' though.
Also I must point out that Rush didn't play the same set on a nightly basis, one night they would play Middletown Dreams in favour of Grand Designs and maybe The Pass in favour of The Body Electric, so as well as the original Dallas set you also get the others that were played in Phoenix. In total, 14 different setlists were played through the whole tour including one for Ottawa Blues Fest and one for the Sweden rock Festival.
Beware, big fans of the sword and sorcery era of Rush that despise the synth era will not like this DVD/Bluray as it only features ONE pre-eighties track,2112 (however Working Man did feature in the first five setlists before being dropped permanently for Spirit of Radio but does not feature in the extras).
Hopefully that covers it.
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on 21 November 2013
After the awful Time Machine Blu-ray (dire video quality etc etc - despite the excellent Moving Pictures set-list) this one really shines.
Very very good picture quality and sound - don't know what some of the other reviewers are missing here, as it sounds great on my (albeit pretty decent 2 ch set-up). I set the Blu-Ray disc to the 2 Channel Stereo setting and it sounds fast, up-beat and clear, maybe a touch bright, but to be fair, that is actually the Rush sound. If I switch to the 5.1 DTS-mega whatever setting, my amp re-codes to 2ch stereo and the sound is very different, very bassy and much more dense, which some may prefer. I suggest having a fiddle with your player/amp or disc settings. What I like about this video is the very live-show feel to it - it's been well thought out. Sometimes Rush make their videos too much like a presentation and miss out on the atmosphere. Not here. The picture quality is very clean and clear but has plenty of little cut-away shots from loads of different angles that captures bits of the audience too - and you'll identify the many types of Rush fan and find yourself in there somewhere. I really like the soundcheck at the beginning and the slightly self-conscious Geddy, Alex and Neil mingling with the stage crew. You also get to see the boys creep onto the stage during the intro film - which we see from the audience perspective, rather than cut-in to the edit.The sound too has not been taken just from the desk, as sometimes happens - where you don't get a sense of the arena. Here, you get the feeling of the sound being in the space - it sounds real to me. A few of the set-list tracks have been relegated to the DVD extras, Manhattan Project, the Pass, so the presented set-list is very much centred around the Clockwork Angels LP. Ok, maybe the set-list on the night won't go down in history as one of their best, but it had an idea behind it, and heck as if there aren't enough other Rush live vids out there. Of course, you get the extra benefit of the String Ensemble which adds a new layer to YYZ - worth seeing.

Yes the S&A live vid is perhaps a better all round disc, with the slotted in between track movies and goofs and the better set-list but I really think this Blu-Ray captures the show as it was on the Tour, has plenty of atmosphere and balances the technical polish with a sense of adrenalin.
I was going to buy it as a souvenir in any case, but now having played it a couple of times I am actually very pleasantly surprised - especially as the Live CD version has got some luke-warm reviews. Top purchase. Thank you.
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on 25 January 2014
My review is of the deluxe package that is available from.. RUSH Backstage Club,and i really liked this tour and the string section is a nice touch,the blu-ray contains the full concert with all the extras as well and on one disc,and picture and sound quality are also good.

A lot of comments about geddy's voice but i find it ok on this release,and i saw the show in glasgow and the whole group came across really well.
It's a good set list also with some song's from (Power Windows)that we don't hear much of live.
A great stage production as well,whatever you may say about rush there are not many who can perform a 3 hour concert,as these guys are the real deal!.
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on 20 May 2014
Although not at this very filmed concert I did catch RUSH live again after a 20 years gap from the Roll the Bones tour. First I must say thank you to my friend Jeff in helping me get to the show and as I was on long term unpaid sick leave. Jeff paid for half of my ticket even though I kept trying to put him off, and he would not take NO for an answer. So off to Dublin O2 ex The Point hall, and we where bombarded sonically in two sets totalling three hours of music. It was the highlight of my year due to that long term friendship from my old NHS days.

This DVD covers a lot of the concert I seen and then some more or less in other cases. Though it is really up to the band to pick the set list to play each night of a gig and in what order. This double DVD set is worth its weight in Big Money terms and full of extra and bonus material. When RUSH put together their DVD packages they really give you top Canadian Dollar worth of footage and some slap stick comic routines for amusement, then finding out there are even more extras as termed Easter Eggs hidden within.

So I am off to watch my Red Sector A to YYZ, to re-enjoy my past glory highlight and re-live that concert over again with my "YOU GOING" buddy, and three Neil Peart drum solo's (The Anarchist - lol), the easy pickings of Alex (The Analog Kid), and the heavy thimbles of Geddy's (The Percussor) fingers on the bass and keyboard that is my favourite Power Trio in the Seven Cities of Gold.
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on 9 February 2014
The band are back on form and I have to say that for me, the audio mix is superb with everything in balance.

The first half sees the band delving back into the "extensive" back catalogue, playing some of their best versions of older classics. Excellent though this is, for me the concert comes alive in the second part when the strings make their appearance on set.

The Clockwork Angels set fairly and quite literally explodes onto the stage and the audience fair takes the roof off. A brilliant set.

Well worth owning. I have the Rio Tour, R30, Snakes & Arrows and Time Machine 2011 (prelude to Angels) tour DVDs.
Clockwork Angels is still a must have for live renditions of some older songs not played live for years, but eh Clockwork Angels set is truly superb. Rush at the very best.
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on 21 January 2016
hghlytop quality picture and sound,very loud, bought it for missus thinking she liked them, big mistake , but i watched it and loved it ,never really listened to them before but it's now in my collection with the 3 cd set to match,and will be played quite often with cordless headphones on,turned out to be a good mistake to make.
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on 21 March 2015
Went to see this show live in sheffield and it was absolutely amazing. This live recording does a great job of delivering that experience into your living room.

I'd recommend actually going to see them if you get the chance. Nothing better
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on 17 January 2014
Was lucky enough to catch this tour in 2013 at LG Arena, Birmingham, what a show. Not just great music (as expected), but great visuals too. This DVD captures essence of show, and extras are wonderful too. Great musicians who don't take themselves too seriously as you can see with cartoon films and interludes, brilliant!
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on 2 January 2014
I own a high-quality two-channel set-up.

A Cambridge Audio Blu-ray player into an Arcam Black Box 500 external DAC.
Then Arcam delta amps, bi-amped into Spendor SP2s.

Well-produced disks sound stunning - e.g. Porcupine Tree.
This disk is so bad I can't listen to it any more.

The drums are almost inaudible in sections - e.g. Subdivisions.
You simply can't treat a great drummer like that.

The terrific baselines in Where's My Thing ? are totally lost. This track sounds abominable.

Rush have often suffered from poor production in my view, but this disk in intolerable.

Playing, lighting, etc. are, of course, exemplary.
I enjoyed the behind the scenes sections - it's nice to see these aspects of a show. The video is ok, but frequently poor in places.

The bad audio means that it's a watch-once for me - which is a major disappointment, given how often I watch their other shows.
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on 5 February 2016
This is my first Review of a Rush Blu-Ray.

The performance is as usual a high standard, I've no issue with G.L. vocal as its ageing what do expect, for someone who's one of the Best Bass Players on the planet, I will be more concerned about his playing, which to me is great.

On to the Audio mix. Like many they are justified in their observations and I too will subscribe to the disappointment.

It makes no difference whether the speakers are small or large as one comment alluded to. In 5.1. the mix seems to have too much ambient at the front and the sub woofer almost acts as a centre speaker which is a strange decision. To compensate, I kept the audio in in DTS and switch it to a 'Downmix' therefore I was able to hear all three members.

It was interesting to hear some songs not performed since the release of the studio albums, so I will say that was worth the cost.
I own quite a few Rush DVDs and I really have no intention of replacing all of them on Blue-Ray, although I may get R30 as my final Rush one.

I've also purchased the R40 BR too so my review will be done soon.
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