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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars

on 13 April 2017
good buy, well worth it...
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on 6 January 2005
Referring to Tribunal, Chief O'Brien is arrested by the Cardassians after it appears he has comitted a crime against the empire. A very dark and moving episode that shows how brutal the cardassians can be.
The jem hadar finally introuduces the dominion, sisko jake and co travel to the gamma quadrant and get confronted by the jem hadar - foot soldiers of the dominion. The federation crew as it stands finds themself completely overpowered by the jem hadar, giving them a kick in the rear end as to what needs to be done to prevent inevitable invasion.
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on 30 April 2014
All went as well as it could go with this order. No delay, item arrived in condition as described and I have no reason for complaint.
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on 14 November 2014
Again a new copy rap up in sellerphaine thank u
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on 7 June 2014
One of my favourite ever episodes of DS9! Did not want to buy the whole series, so was pleased to find individual episodes available on Prime.
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on 15 September 2014
love it
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Vol 3.10 is by my account a highlight of the season. An early peak? Through the Looking Glass takes us at the title might suggest back to the mirror universe where the federation has fallen(thanks to kirks meddling many many years ago) By now the viewer unfirmiliar withe the original show is assumed to be upto date with why and how the mirror universe exists, a shame as the subtle reminders add a nice touch of nostalgia. Sisko this time(no pun) is kidnapped to aid the rebellion. Some super scripting and story delivery. The imputus for Siskos involvement comes in the form of a very unexpected blast from Siskos past. Can he handle the shock? On the down side the mirror universe tales seem to try and borrow from the Starwars rebels struggling against the Empire, sadly the bad guys here lack the same bang factor as StarWars so one never really feels the same desire to see the win. Improbable Cause is one of those episodes which goes againnst the grain of Trek, but for the better. Garak has a near death episode and as Odo investigates some startling information is uncovered. We have the connstant pleasure of Garaks one liners, half truths and hiddin meanings. Played against an ever suspisious and irritated Odo. These two make a much better pair off than the more common Odo V'v Quark. Uncommon for Trek is the laying of seeds for later story development. The story arch for DS9 never really got off till later in the show. But this episode really starts to set the seen for the future. Its always great to get more gossip on the Obsidian Order and their galaxy wide dealings. This episode goes along way to showing the viewer the many sides of the enigmatic Garak. Quite possibly an essential Deep Space Nine purchase!
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Armageddon game places Bashir and O'Brien in the role of disarmament supervisors for waring races. Hits of a Taste Of Armageddon form classic Star Trek come trough. However the twist in the tale is surprising enough to make up for what begins as a "Ive seen this before..." sort of yarn. The combination of O'Brien & Bashir is still in its infancy here. However it clearly identifies the love hate relationship the two characters will develop as the show continues. Whispers could almost have been shot in black and white, it is a super tale of Noir. While not an uncommont style for many Trek adventures seldom is it done as well. Whispers could almost have been a two parter or mini movie. The story is gripping though one does feel that short cuts have been taken due to time limits. Semminly it is O'Brien pitted against all odds. A kind of stepford wives state of parinoa exists, where O'Brien struggles to find out whats going on, its almost the 39 Steps meets Trek! but is O'Brien right or is there some darker twist? you just have to watch to find out...... Not a bad tape when all is said and done, Whispers really makes it worth while adding value to the slightly poorer Armageddon Game.
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on 12 February 2001
'The Wire' is my favourite episode from the first three seasons of DS9.
It's an extraordinary episode that really explores the character of Garak without answering any questions about him at all. The ending leaves you frustrated that nothing was ever really discovered, but the fact that the episode is so enjoyable more than makes up for that. Really, just watching the way the character twists on screen to accomodate new truths and fit them in perfectly with the old ones is fascinating...
DS9 has explored both the Bajoran and Cardassian cultures in depth, something that TNG never could have done. Personally, I find the drivelling Bajoran mysticism dull, but the Cardassians have an amazing depth and diversity, and one facet of that is captured perfectly in this episode.
Why bother about the 'Maquis pt2'? If you buy this it's either for 'The Wire' or because you're buying the whole collection.(But briefly: Hudson is not very convincing, however there are a few good Dukat moments, especially during his "interogation.")
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on 14 September 2000
The assignment is one of the regular "lets torture O'Brien" episodes whose "guest alien" becomes a important part of this excellent series in later episodes. Without at all revealing the plot suffice it say that Colm Meaney excels as always, whilst Rosalind Chao shows that she has been criminally underused throughout TNG and DS9.
"Trials...." was conceived as DS9's tribute to 30 years of Star Trek and does not let it down. It is a tour de force in technical terms with DS9 characters being seemlessly inserted into an original Trek episode. The Trouble with Tribbles was a love it or hate it episode of the original Trek, but if you know that episode at all (love it or hate it) you will appreciate the humour of Trials... Poking fun at the 60's uniforms..., hairstyles and makeup restrictions you quickly forget any reservations you might have had about this episode being a gimmick. I challenge anyone not to laugh as tribbles that orinally fell on Kirk are in fact "thrown" and Worf is forced to "explain" just why Klingons look different in the newer series (though he doesn't give much away.) The only slight criticism is that much of the effect would be lost if you had not seen the original series episode it is based around, but that is definitely worth viewing itself...buy that too.
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