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on 9 December 2012
Great machine with Windows 8 which is a bit gimmicky but hey longer I use the more used to it I get. Fast, even though only 3.3 but so much faster than my previous machine. In case your wondering what to with 1TB I just downloaded Office 13 from windows and it took 1 gig to download! leaves loads of space around my desk and runs quietly as no box. Be warned mine is in a cubby hole and I needed to raise the shelf as it stands 2 inches higher than my previous monitor. The other issue, may be, it has a side loading disc player/recorder so I do have to turn it slightly if using discs.

The performance is staggeringly good as is the screen quality. Logged up to modem instantly so less wires and is happily talking to wireless printer and other devices. Highly recommended, and for those who didn't know, and as I discovered, this company took IBM over so the technology has a good pedigree and it shows.
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on 15 November 2012
An absolute must have for someone within a budget. I'm a final year student, and I wanted a powerful machine which won't let me down. I had an Apple before hand, believe it or not, this processor is twice as powerful.

Great price, smart and neat finishes.

Would definitely recommend.
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on 6 November 2012
Really great computer. Windows 8 is of course a sore spot for a lot of people - make sure you're okay with it before you buy this. The P.C. runs everything smoothly (i3 processor & 6GB RAM), the supplied keyboard and mouse are of good quality and the screen is high resolution as well. I'd definitely recommend this.

Edit: 18-03-13

After the hard drive broke, I had to send it back to Lenovo. The process was smooth enough, it took them 3 weeks to fix it. Mildly annoying and I lost some data, but these things happen I suppose. It's working well now that it's arrived back.

Edit: 31/03/2015

Figured I'd do another update. It's still running really well, no complaints at all. I'd definitely recommend it, it's lasted a few years now and aside from above I haven't had any serious problems.
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on 8 January 2013
Looking for an all-in-one PC with a screen large enough to look at two documents side by side, but not too big for my desk. Did not want touchscreen; couldn't see the point of it as the machine is used 95% of time for Word documents. Was wary of wireless mouse etc as the computer it sits beside has all of this and I feared radio interference between the two. Found the Lenovo C340 at a reasonable price, seemed to fill the bill, bought it.
Very easy to set up; very quick to start up; nimble on its feet; not unattractive. Good screen but great pity that can't alter the brightness. See no advantage at all in new Windows Start screen, but that may be the effect of age catching up with me.
Considerably cheaper than most all-in-ones and therefore probably built down to a price. Good value for money for the tasks I need it to run.
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on 20 March 2013
I've had this a month now and am very pleased with my purchase. Great not to have so many wires tangled up behind my desk! The computer is sooo quiet! Runs very fast and so far not had any problems. I unpacked it, plugged it in, instantly connected wirelesly to my router. Was going to use the cable but haven't bothered as not had any problems losing the signal. Very happy! Very fast delivery too.
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on 12 December 2012
Not only is this a great all in one P.C for the price but it's a real space saver too. I was concerned I wouldn't have the space for a desktop and monitor not to mention all the wires so this was the ideal solution.

I wanted something with a processor that could run adobe photoshop and similar programs without lagging (unlike my last system) and this does the job just fine. It makes hardly any noise and is the fastest system I've had. Very sleek and stylish looking with incredible screen quality and size. Windows 8 is a bit strange at first but I found it easy to get used to. I also had no problems with my wi-fi or setup for those concerned about the other comment.
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on 8 December 2012
Loved the PC when it was delivered. I was a little bit disturbed when I read a comment regards to the wi-fi being no use. I found it to link in to my home network very well without a problem.

Would have been nice to have a wireless mouse and keyboard, but you can pick these up cheap enough.

Thank you
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on 16 May 2013
I bought this Lenovo computer as a replacement for my old computer which I had used for over 10 years with windows XP. So as you can imagine it was quite a jump to Windows 8, however I have made the transition quite easily and love the way all my Windows are displayed all the time when I switch on.This machine is so fast and everything appears instantly. My one regret is that this computer does NOT have a Firewire input socket so I cannot download video from my Video Camera. Apparently it cannot be fitted at rear and it will not work via USB as the video requires constant streaming and USB delivers data in packets. Other than that a first class machine.
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on 17 April 2013
I got this all in one PC for my daughter, she wanted a desktop PC but didn't have much space for a PC tower; so having read lots of reviews I went for this one. The screen support legs take up a bit of space, which is understandable give the whole PC workings sit behind the screen. I really liked the Keyboard. The unit has 8 USB ports in total, plus a CD/ DVD drive on the side. I didn't go for 5 stars because (and I'm being very picky) there is a little bit of noise from the fan. Display, I found to be great. Based upon the level of heat generated after 5 hours of continuous running this unit uses little electricity.
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on 12 October 2013
The cooling fan on this computer is very noisy.

I was surprised by this as at least one other review stated it was a quiet PC. I read all the other reviews quite carefully and this particular review actually swayed me to make the decision to purchase.

If I wanted to listen to a fan, I could have bought a desktop cooling fan for a tenner and saved over 400 quid. I was not prepared to accept this level of noise, so I returned the computer after a few days. Unlike a normal system this all-in-one PC cannot be put under a desk or in a cupboard to mask the noise from the cooling fan. Unfortunately with this lenovo PC the cooling fan noise is literally "in yer face".

Maybe the computer I received had an abnormally noisy fan, or the other reviewer perceives noise in a different way to me.

I connect to the internet via ethernet cable rather than wireless, so I cannot comment on some other reviews which highlight comments on wifi connectivity. (Ethernet beats wifi every time for a PC that does not have to be mobile)

I did not use the DVD drive, so I cannot comment on the problems that some other reviewers had with it.

Several other reviewers were griping about Windows 8. I have been using Win 8 since Consumer Preview in February 2012. Win 8 is an excelent OS that is hobbled by Microsoft's quixotic attempts to create an OS that does both desktop and touch. Most of the complaints about Win 8 should be resolved by the imminent release of Win 8.1 (review written in mid-October 2013). It is important to divorce the complaints about Win 8 from those about the actual Lenovo PC.

Other than the cooling fan noise, this is an excellent computer.

Bad points:
Cooling fan noise.
Wired mouse and keyboard.
Bloatware. 90% of the pre-loaded software is complete crap.

Good points:
Backlit LCD display is excellent. It has high contrast with vivid colours.
Excellent sound card.
The system looks really neat (apart from the wired keyboard and mouse).
The system is really fast (6 GB RAM is enough for anyone who isn't a gamer).

If the cooling fan noise wasn't a consideration, I would give this computer 5 stars. Unfortunately, noise is a problem, so it gets just 2 stars.

I have now decided to go down the route of buying a custom-built quiet PC. A system unit (i.e. just the computer with no monitor) with comparable performance will probably cost me circa £100 more than this Lenovo PC.
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