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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 2 December 2012
I'm not a big fan of 'Chrsitian' films, but I watched this and never even noticed the time pass by! I don't know hardly anything about American Footbal (I'm British and not sporty) but I found the film great! Some other reviewers have claimed it's about Christian propaganda, but I think they've missed the point. It's not about saying a prayer and suddenly everything works out. The film clearly presents a couple who have faith in God, but for who life is difficult at the time. There comes a point in there life when they decide to stop living by their fears and failures, committing it all to God, and things change.

It's a feel-good movie, sure. And to my mind, it's aimed mainly at a Christian or church-going market. So what? So a certain audience is targeted. If you don't like films which aim to talk about faith and trusting in God, don't go for this film. If you're interested in a sport related film and are open to seeing how God can make a difference in a life, give it a go. There are enough references in the film which also indicate that none of what happens is after one prayer. The family have been struggling for 4 years, the old dude has been praying forever! The film touches on themes of patience, expectancy, struggle, disappointment, fear, determination, courage, commitment, faith . . . and a God who is real and wants to interact with us.

Good stuff :-)
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on 5 October 2007
This is an inspiring movie that should be seen with the whole family. The movie is about a high school football coach with a history of losing games faces not only the pressures from a group of fathers wanting him fired, but also the possibility that his wife can never have children. When he turns to God, will his prayers be answered? Find out and watch, the movie is worth watching.
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on 11 October 2010
I watched this film with my two young sons and I purchased it with my older son in mind. He currently plays football and I thought this would be a good film that would send a good message to him about not giving up and fighting on when things get tough for him to watch as he sometimes gives in too easily. As the film unfolded, I soon found that it was me that seemed to get the most out of the film!

I could relate to the American football coach as he struggled to transform the fortunes of his team on the pitch. It didn't help that the parents had completely lost faith in his abilities as a coach, they were now trying to get his assistant coaches to turn their backs on him too! At home things weren't much better with a house and a car desperately in needs of repairs and a wife who longed fot kids but couldn't conceive. Fortunately for him, she never lost faith in her husband. Against this backdrop it's no surprise, he was soon on his needs in desperation and found salvation when he reordered his priorities and asked God for help. All of a sudden it wasn't about winning games, it was more about the conduct and character of the players. As he remained steadfast in prayer, an amazing transformation occurs in his own life and the lives of the players.

This is a truly inspirational movie that the whole family can enjoy. We did and I ended up on my knees to in prayer too asking God to help me become everything I can be and for him to receive all the glory!
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on 1 October 2010
I'd like to comment on the theology of this film, and respond to the suggestion that the film's message promotes a 'health and wealth' gospel. But first:

I wasn't expecting much from this film in terms of production quality as I'd heard it was produced on a relatively low budget by amateur actors. But then I watched the film, and was both moved and very impressed!

Even judged on purely technical grounds, Facing the Giants is really well made. According to the extras on the DVD, they did recruit some technical help from professionals, although the actors are all amateurs. Perhaps that shows in a few scenes, but there's some really powerful acting too, and overall this doesn't feel like an amateur movie at all.

Especially moving for me is the training scene where the coach has one of his players do the 'death crawl' exercise across the whole pitch. Both actors give their all to the scene, it feels 'real'. The way the coach gets alongside the player and encourages him to carry on, not to give up no matter how much it hurts, no matter what, is really inspiring, and has obvious metaphorical application. The acting in that scene, and the accompanying soundtrack, is worthy of being regarded as thoroughly professional (as are many other powerful moments in the story, but I don't want to offer too many spoilers of what happens!).

About the film's theology. Some people have observed that the film promotes the idea that if you trust God, he will cause you to succeed at everything you do.

I guess on a superficial viewing it could seem that way. But the director's commentary soundtrack makes clear that was not the message the film makers wanted to give (check out the commentary at approx. 1hr 38mins), and I do think there is material in the actual film itself which contradicts the idea that it promotes a 'health and wealth' gospel.

For example, the field goal kicker, David, has a father who suffers from MS and is in a wheel chair. This man is portrayed as being Godly and humble, as someone who trusts God and who truly believes in Him. Yet the film at no point suggests that David's father is healed or is ever going to be healed in this life. He stays in that wheel chair throughout the story, but he's still trusting God, submitting to whatever the Lord's will for him is, even if it means not being healed.

Also, in a small way the film could be seen as echoing the Bible story of Job. Christians often think of Job as an example of a Godly man who suffered innocently. Which he is. But don't forget how the book of Job ends - at the end of the book God greatly blessed Job in this life, in this world, and even blessed him with twice as much as he had before (Job 42:10).

Of course the gospel does *not* promise that this is always what God will do. But would a Christian suggest that the book of Job has shallow theology because, in that instance, after a man suffered greatly, he learned to trust God, and was ultimately blessed with great success in this life?

I would argue that, correctly understood, the book of Job speaks of what God *can* do, and *sometimes* does, but will *not necessarily do* in every instance. That doesn't invalidate it's theology as shallow, and I think a similar comment could be made about this film.

The DVD of Facing the Giants which I watched was loaned to me by someone. I've now watched it probably a dozen times, and I'm buying my own copy now because the person I borrowed it from is going to be wanting it back soon! I'd highly recommend this film. Truly inspiring.
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Grant Taylor (Alex Kendrick) is the coach at Shiloh Christian Academy in Georgia. Unfortunately, his life just isn't going right. Not only does the team lose their most promising player at the start of the season, but they can't win a game. His home life isn't any better. His house is falling apart, his car only runs when it feels like, and he and his wife (Shannen Fields) can't get pregnant.

Working late one night, he stumbles on a meeting of parents. The group is trying to oust him.

Ironically, this is the turning point in his life. Crying out to God, he discovers what has been missing in his life. Instead of trying to do things on his own strength, he turns everything over to God and vows to praise Him no matter what. He shares his new outlook on life with his team, and the results are almost instantaneous. How far with their new attitude take them?

This is a sports movie. That's all you really need to know about the plot. I guessed at most everything and wasn't surprised when I was right. The movie was made on a low budget with untrained actors. As a result, some of the acting could have been better, especially the scenes between Grant and his wife. Having said all that, I got pulled into the story and was crying at the end.

My bigger complaint is the message it sends. It seems to say, "Turn your life over to God and everything will go your way." Yes, I get the fact that this is an inspiring movie. But that is shallow theology and it really bothered me.

Because the movie pulled me in, I was willing to overlook the poor acting. But the theology really does bother me. 3.5 stars rounded down.
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on 21 January 2012
It makes a change to find a film that I could watch with my 10 year old and know that he was learning so much about God's awesomeness at the same time! Well done to the production company that make these films....I'm fed up of the trashy rubbish out there that leave you feeling inadequate or I know are sending out adult messages to children....this was a brilliant inspiring film that made me just wanna serve God all the more!!!!!
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on 15 July 2007
I was just loaned this film by a friend at church, and although I didn't expect much from it, I was pleasantly surprised! It is an uplifting story of what can happen when you lean on God alone. Although it was made mostly by amateurs, you would never know, and has the production values and acting of any Hollywood blockbuster. This has gone straight into my top ten! I'm buying it now!
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on 27 August 2009
I know on one level this movie is just entertainment and i know that there are some people who will switch off as soon as they realize it has a Christian message in it, but this film deals with some fundamental Christian truths which need to be spoken of more often.
The Christian life is not an easy life (it wasn't easy for Jesus or any of the apostles, so why should we expect it to be easy for us). It's a life filled with trials and troubles, and God designs it so in order to bring us closer to Him and make us more like Him.
Trouble can often come from the most unexpected of sources, including other Christians and even our best friends. We see how this is best dealt with through patience, love and forgiveness.
The things in this world that are given so much hype and attention; in this film, football (but you can name your sport or celebrity) are really not what this world is all about, and we see that dealt with too.
Finally, there truly is nothing impossible for God and those who are absolutely faithful and obedient to His will, will often see that, as we see in the film (one cautionary note here however, unlike the movie, God does not always give us exactly what we hope for, but He will give us what is best for us).
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on 13 November 2007
It was an excellent film on all levels!!! A tremendous and outstanding movie with excellent visual imagery and sound storytelling. The audience I viewed it with were completely rooted to their seats and would not move until the film was finished!! For a movie produced on such a small budget coming out this good is nothing short of a glorious miracle in and of itself. I would encourage anybody to buy it and see their life changed for the better. If anything you will be inspired with a new level of hope and faith in Life again.
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on 8 October 2010

I watched this movie a number of times and I've found it to help people who want to know the Lord. The movie tells the tale of a man who has lost his faith and trust in God. Through a series of trials, tribulations and talks with God he overcomes and teaches some youngsters the meaning of true trust love and being lead by God's Spirit. (No spoilers! Read the word of God and you'll see a similar story)

The movie is well done and a favorite of mine. It measures up to the other works these Spirit-filled folk have been blessed to perform and teach. I would highly recommend this to new comers and also those who's walk with Christ have gone a little astray. Hopefully you'll not only watch this but ask God to reveal the true message behind the movie.

Reshad Hossen.
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